Apr 28, 2015

Current: 28 APR 2015, Sorry our bombs kill innocent people also so brace

End of April 2015 brought some sad news of disaster in Nepal killing thousands of people, which was an inevitable event, and is beyond human control, such disasters can not be predicted and can not be controlled or can not be avoided.

Sad thing is Nepal is a poor country and people live very simple lives and over that this disaster, I always had great sympathy for Nepali people, most of them worked in India as night watchmen, and are very honest and good people.

It is good to see Indian army helping Nepal in a great way, but it is not enough, the disaster is too huge to be contained by one country, China could help they have such a huge stock of USD, :-)) but China is a country which will not help with out a condition, :-)) they would like to have their military base in Nepal. :-)

No help from NATO, Canada, USA, Europe, but if there was an opportunity to bomb Nepal, all these countries would be in the fore front to bomb for days, months and years and even decades, but ask them for help, no one is ready. :-)

I think China slowly wants to replace US in all spheres, economy, military, etc. etc. :-)) they want the number one position with all those 800 military bases around the world, which is good because Russia is not interested so China should lead, US has been too biased.

If the policy is " it is ok for the friends and not ok for others", it is a bad policy and NATO follows this policy.

And it seems bombers from US & Canada killed some hostages also, :-)) but Canadian pilots bombing Syria/Iraq said that they were very confident that their bombs will not kill innocent people, but it seems the technology has failed, :-)) though I am not aware of such technology, where bombs can differentiate between an innocent person and a terrorist, but it seems that technology has failed, and all we get from the top guys is "sorry".

That's it , sorry!!  but the same "sorry", from them is not acceptable to NATO, imagine who ever was in charge of the terrorist outfit which brought down the twin towers in New york on  9/11 later said "sorry that was a mistake", would that have been acceptable to NATO and pentagon, it is a point to ponder. :-)

Another interesting thing is when European leaders met to deal with the influx of refugees from Africa, Middle east, no one is ready to take the refugees, UK said they will drop them in Italy or other countries but they can not take any refugees, :-)) but the same UK jumps at the drop of a hat to bomb these countries, same thing with other European or NATO countries they are ever ready to bomb, invade or destroy any country but they can not take refugees , these people are outcome of what ever military, or non military or CIA-CSIS etc based activities were taken up in Africa adn Middle east and they can not take refugees created by their actions in Africa and Middle east.

Canada should take all refugees from Syria, Jordan, Iraq, because of our bombing hostages and innocent people are getting killed, or transfer million dollar to each family effected by our bombs.

India and Canada signed a bilateral deal to issue visa on arrival, :-)) If this is true then entire Gujarat, Punjab, and Kerala will be at our door steps asking for visa. :-)) but it is good, If India offers visa on arrival to Canadians, it is our duty to offer same to Indians also, that is how relations grow, good work. :-)) very rare to say good work in Canada, may be it is Modi magic. :-)))

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