Apr 16, 2015

Current: Middle Class is not moving tch tch tch, biased competitions

Dan Price, CEO and founder of Gravity payments in Seattle, felt the difference in financial standards of executives and employees and he woke up and raised the minimum income to 70K, and this change will move the stagnant middle class to upper middle class level, which will allow the lower class which services mostly middle class some air to breathe.

And If you see the minimum wage in USA it is 7$. per hour before tax, :-)) that's because many are still sleeping, and If government rate is 7$ then immigrants from foreign countries who own some business and employee their country men and women, like Chinese, Mexicans, Indians, Pakistani, Arabic, must be paying less then 5$ per hour cash before tax, no one has time to check these culprits, because everyone is sleeping. :-))

Like in Canada, the minimum wage is 10.50$ before tax, and again immigrants from foreign countries who own some business pay around 6 to 8$ per hour, which is mostly cash, and no one in Liberals or Conservatives has any time or interest to catch these culprits and force them to pay at least the government rate of 10.50$, because they are all sleeping. :-)

Australia it seems increased the minimum wage to 16.50$ per hour before tax, at least few are awake there, though they also woke up late but better late then never.

The income of CEO of companies are around 1 million $, and minimum wage is around 7 or 10$ per hour, what a shame, 1 million$ is supposed to be the price money of a lottery and not a salary, but since  it is a salary then minimum wage can not be 7 or 10.50$ or even 16.50$ it has to be around 20$, then the lower class can catch up with the reality.

And the salaries of middle class should be above the national per capita income like for Canada it should be not less then 42,000 per annum, but the reality is the average salaries are around 25 to 30,000$ per annum, :-)) in a short run few individuals on the top make gains, but on a long run middle class becomes a burden on the government.

And the result is economy suffers in a long run, and again only few individuals on the top are well off, and if this trend continues the gap between middle class jobs and executives will continue to increase, till someone like Dan Price wakes up. :-)

 The mantra of good economy is move the middle class to upper middle class, or face stagnation.

Like Canada is facing stagnation, and when stagnation happens the top guys will move their business to elsewhere, like Toyota will, because they are not growing.

We have not grown in past 15 years, in fact we have gone down, :-)) thanks to Liberal and Conservatives subsequent governments from 2001 onwards, yes I am sure like everywhere few individuals must have grown by leaps and bounds. :-))

In 2001, Place Vertu, on Cote Vertu, a Liberal strong hold for last 25 or more years, there used to be Bay, Zellers, Sears, Canadian Tyre, and few other stores, but today only Canadian Tyre is surviving, all other stores could not survive, and Target came and left like a flash, why this is happening, the buying capacity of people in Saint Laurent has gone down in last 15 years, hence the stores suffered.

Another thing is too much interference by the eyes (x ray)  and ears of the various governments, so businesses and people have suffered and they continue to suffer, and this interference continues businesses from Saint Laurent will vanish one by one, while the pale numb bastards sleep.

Not one car in Canada/Quebec is free from these eyes and ears of the local law enforcement departments, :-)) so the automotive industry has also suffered, and will continue to suffer, today Toyota is leaving tomorrow GM and Chrysler and many others might as well leave. :-)) and these changes will not bring happiness, they will bring more misery, for most of the people, few individuals who are well off will remain so. :-))

 Another interesting thing is few pale rascals are working very hard to keep or increase people's debt particularly in Saint Laurent, while the pale numb bastard sleeps, these pale numb bastards think they are causing damage to economy of people living in Saint Laurent, but in a long run it is the country which will suffer.

These pale numb bastards are like those idiots who cut the branch on which they are sitting, :-)) the agenda of pale numb bastards is that If they pull down the currency, economy, not repair roads, turn Quebec and Canada look like trash, then some people might leave Canada forever, because the pale numb bastards can not compete with them fare and square. :-))

At the same time these pale numb bastards must be showing a rosy picture in the country of origin of these immigrants with whom they can not compete and they want them to leave Canada/Quebec, as If Canada is their fathers property :-)) like IMF comments, India is the only bright spot in the world economy, :-)))))))) really, China has 2 trillion USD liquid cash, tell me which country has such stockpile of USD. :-))

Banks in Canada are suffering from over eating, or too much profits, but the government is hell bent on screwing the housing market or they have already screwed it very badly, Credit Card markets, and debt of Canadians is not going down because the pale numb bastards are holding it for some sick person, who thinks If people have debt they will follow her or his dictum's.  :-)

Pale cowards say, "there is no exit", Yes that is right there is no exit for you guys. :-)) the challenge for Canada is how many industries will be screwed to keep one sick person politically happy. :-))

The current logic of Canada and most countries is, let people suffer for one persons comforts, unless this will change nothing will change for the people.

Anyone who can change this will be the real champion in real terms.  any takers???
Scared to compete fare and square.

It seems few people in Canada are scared to compete with immigrants with education like me, because these folks never followed simple rules of competition, and their talent has been lies and manipulation, or hide behind a language, In Quebec it is french and in Canada English. :-)

So my suggestion to such folks is, don't be afraid of competition, we will teach you how to compete fare and square, :-)) because for us fare and square competition is like luxury, we are capable of winning even the biased competitions, so fare and square competition is like cake walk for us. :-))

And obviously people will be scared if they could not pull down one person in 10 years, and their strength is countless, :-)) fear is what seeps in when you can not pull down one man in your country, imagine how tough that person must be, or what kind of tough life that person must have lived, :-))

"Least governed are most governed
Most governed are least governed".

"When the going gets tough the tough gets going".

Second round for Muslims in western countries begins, OK!!

First round we know all Muslims, terrorists or not terrorists, and any person who can look like them in the photo shop also went through some rough time, that includes me, that is almost ending, now the second round has begun.

In second round Muslims travelling or sitting in public places will be harassed by some pale person and others will behave like they are protecting them, :-)) eventually Muslims will have to go through another round of harassment in western countries, because few pale folks want to get some mileage that they are protecting minority rights. OK!!

e.g. Recent video in Australia where one women asks clumsy questions about a Muslim attire and the other women screams on her trying to show that she is protecting Muslims, :-)) OK!!

And another allegation Muslims living in western countries will have to face is why some fundamental Muslims in middle east are hurting Christians, :-)) Is it a plot?.

Or May be this is the new plot, hurt Christians and blame the Muslims, First round was hurt yourself and blame the Muslims. :-))

Another example: Imagine a sick women prepares a plan and creates an artificial situations where few pale folks laugh for no reason, expecting that will cause some psychological problems to the target, that was first round. :-)

Once pale folks realize that that was wrong, which is rare, then what do you expect the pale folks will do, :-)) they will arrange another round of artificial situations where few pale folks will laugh with out any reason, for pale folks this is a way of correction. :-)))))))))))))))))) but for the target it is second round. :-))

Same way First round was on purpose, harassment and now it is harassment but as a correction.

Both way Muslims in western countries are screwed, the second time. :-))))))))))))


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