Apr 29, 2015

Draconian rules inspired by Greedy people

Once a group of villagers visit a city and they stand in a queue to watch a movie, and due to their clumsyness they attract the attention of some policemen and the policemen with out saying anything slap the head of the village, and ask others to fall in line, the head of the village thinks that once these people will go back to the village they are going to make fun of me, so he tells the policemen to slap every single villager, so no one talks about the incident once they are back in the village. :-)

This is a small joke, but it seems people in Canada/Quebec are following this policy, like If a women who lived a life of a nymphomaniac, now in her sixties thinks that she kind of wasted her life and could have lived a better decent and dignified life, which is impossible for her now, so she plans to turn every women, incouding teenage girls into nymphomaniacs, well the pale cowards have technology to pump dirty thoughts in peoples brains and stimulate the sexual thoughts to a very dirty level.

The technology is used to such an extent that the very thought of sex is revolting, but pale cowards have no morals, they are like filthy numb animals, and they have only one agenda turn every women, girls into nymphomaniac just because someone among them lived a bad life and that can not be corrected.

Another one a thief a fraudster from toronto is trying the same policy , turn everyone in to thiefs.


Then there is TD Bank, which has joined the list of organizations in Canada/Quebec which are managed and run like grocery stores.

TD Bank has sent me three set of terms and conditions for one card in four months and it is like TD Bank is managed by some grocery store owner, :-))

The new policy of TD bank for all cards is If you miss a payment for 30 days the new interest rate will be 25% for balance and 27% for cash.

Let me remind people, TD bank has made huge profits last year and this quarter also, and they have turned greedy and we know what happens to greedy people, they bite dust.

I am thinking can we file a law suit against TD Bank in small court for draconian rules and regulations with out any time limit or respect for its own laws.

Funny part is they are making all the draconian  rules and the government of Canada/Quebec are sleeping or they are blackmailed by someone to carry out these illegal activities.

This is a Canadian national bank, which is being run like a grocery store, :-)) See where we are going..................................tch tch tch

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