May 26, 2015

Shitty Proxy Politics by Shitty Women and Shitty Political parties. Canada

The current norm is cut the branch you are sitting on and blame others, and this norm is being used by most political parties, particularly the Liberals in Canada, any thing from natural calamity to any small injury to anyone is being used by Liberals as a proxy to their party.

Basically it means the Liberals are looking for sympathy, :-))  the joke is it is them who pick all kinds of shit and they want sympathy because they are in a bad shape, :-)) and the so called leaders of their party If can not compete with other leaders from NDP and Conservatives, they need to blame some shit who is on the top in their party. :-)

First thing Liberals are one of the oldest political parties and after so long in the business they do not have a system, to pull people in to their party who could be useful to their party, all they do is pick up any shit that is projected as a genius by some other shit who also wants to be projected as another genius and the result is Liberals are in deep shit. :-)))))))))))))))))

Logic is If you put shit on the top it will reek only shit and spread only shit, does not matter that shit is from Toronto or Montreal or Mexico or Switzerland, Shit is Shit, which should be flushed down the toilet, that is what normal people do, they just flush it down the toilet, but If Liberals want to keep it on their top shelf it is their problem and should not expect sympathy for shit all over their political party or constituency. :-))

And as far as Pale Cowards are concerned they belong to no body and they are not working for anyone, they are just fooling everyone involved or not involved, and living a comfortable life, so If some Shit in your party depends on these bozos for her political career, it is not people's problem and particularly not my problem. :-)) 

Because  I am not related to Liberal Party of Canada or Liberal party of Quebec in any way, at least to my knowledge I hardly or do not know anyone from these parties and more over I am not interested in any shit that has joined some political party. :-)

And I think the shit working from my neighbours apartment Apr no 3, 1480 Rue Crevier, needs to be flushed, but they will be useful in the future, :-)) because they are the loose and untied strings which will be easy to pull to catch the actual culprit. :-)))))

Bottom line is: For one Shitty women from Mexico or Switzerland who wants to consolidate her position and lay her hands on something that was looted by another shitty women from Toronto, hundreds of pale cowards and other innocent people not connected with any of these two shitty women are suffering for nothing. :-) 

Pale cowards, we can understand, they are useless to anyone including Canada, :-) but people who are not aware or connected in any way to these shitty women or their political parties, why they have to suffer for nothing, I do not understand.

Now all old women all over the world are put to hardship and unnecessary pain and sufferings, now what proxy game is this and who is getting benefit, I am not sure.

But one thing is very clear to me, one of these two shitty women will spend their remaining life in a prison, that is the destiny. :-) does not matter how many useless pale cowards are working for them or in their favour.  :-))  Because Crime/Fraud never pays.

I am and always will be standing in their (both of them) opposition.


May 19, 2015

Current 19 MAY 2015, One step forward two step backward. :-))

Cameras on Toronto police: This is the best thing for the people and the police, particularly for the people who are always on the target of any rogue policemen, one rotten apple, and the entire police force is blamed.

I think every policemen should carry a camera on his body and it should be rolling all the time, this will not only help people from wrong allegations or mis behaviour from police also it will stop that one rogue policemen in his tracks before he twists the law and tells a cock and bull story, which has become the norm in North America. :-))

But one important thing is what ever camera captures should be beyond any one's access, and should be tamper proof, then only it will help the society, because given the mentality of visible majority, lack of integrity and free manipulative behaviour even cameras can not help the innocent. :-)

I called police in Saint Laurent more then 6 times, and every time the police behaved like spoiled brats and instead of attending to the call for noise, they tried to show me their intelligence. :-)) and then they appeared at the rental board to help the culprits who were making noise and effected the decision in their favour, which gave the culprits freedom to make noise when ever they wanted, this is Saint Laurent, Mr Stephen Dion's constituency, Liberal strong hold for more then 25 years, here the police is very slack in fact they don't work, here policemen need to carry rolling cameras on their bodies, 24/7.

Same situation If they were carrying cameras on their self, things would have been totally different and when they found strangers in the neighbours apartment they would have captured them in the camera and that would have needed some explanation, that when police finds strangers in an apartment at midnight and there is a complain for noise, police is supposed to act and find out what those strangers are doing in that apartment during mid night, but they never acted. :-)) who is training them. :-))))

Police  men in Canada and Quebec are involved in lots of racial profiling and criminal activities and almost every one freely does what ever they are doing, cameras on their bodies will hold them accountable for every minute of their duty time. :-))  Good idea, Canada should implement it 100% and 24/7.

Simple Logic:

If you find Cameras, hearing devices, wires, every where in private spaces, like Schools, Hospitals, private buildings, homes, your neighbours homes,  then

CSIS/CSE/Police are responsible because they are the one who plant these gadgets,

If they did not plant some other entity did, even then

CSIS/CSE/Police are responsible because they are not doing their job, they are supposed to know about every single incident of surveillance. :-))

 Both ways they are responsible.

Saint Laurent, Quebec

Liberals have been getting elected here for the last 25 years or more, and they are not able to maintain simple law and order as the police does not work here or does not have any jurisdiction here, :-))

Mentally disturbed people living in Toronto keep tabs through neighbours spying 24/7, Liberals are helpless as Conservatives rape this city with all their force, but Liberals get elected.

Liberals are responsible for every thing that happens in this constituency, but they blame Conservatives, :-)

If Conservatives are doing what ever illegal things are happening in Saint Laurent, even then,

Liberals are responsible because it is their constituency and they have been holding it for more then 25 years.

Saint Laurent is one city where, I have written this many times, once again.

Vehicles are given priority over children during school hours by the police trained yellow or orange dress people (mostly women) who manage cross roads near schools, :-))

Huge heavy machinery loaded vehicles are allowed to move back and forth near the school while children are crossing and a women with yellow dress is also waiting for the vehicle to decide which way it wants to go.

Videotron/Bell Canada/Hydro  service men handle heavy metal tools on a high ladder while children walk under them during school hours.

Garbage trucks also ply during school hours moving back and forth collecting garbage, while children are crossing or walking on side walk.

Police cars drive on a high speed in opposite direction on a one way street while children are crossing to school.

Open spaces near the schools are used for growing vegetables and teaching staff of the schools look around on streets for parking spaces.

Traffic/Parking rules are framed based on one government vehicle which appears once in a week or in summer cleaning roads or side walk.

Police keeps tight vigil on parents dropping their kids near the school, :-))  I think Police Quartier Numero 6 should be converted to HRDC centre, because this is one useless police station.

Liberals have been here for more then 25 years and there is no HRDC centre.  :-)

Roads are laid, then pipes are repaired, then pot holes are developed, :-))

People with pets litter their produce everywhere with out any concern for residents,

Garbage floats everywhere and years pass by, though there are so many bylaws, :-))

Surveillance of residents is supreme then the privacy of residents, huge sodium lamps stay on all the night from all directions of apartments that your home in summer is like a street, this gives the illegal uniformed criminals clear vision at night time. :-))) In Saint Laurent, Quebec everything is important except the resident. :-))

There are no bylaws guiding people how to install Air Conditioners on their windows with out causing any trouble to other residents. :-))

There are bylaws against Bell Canada dish antenna, but very few follow,

There are bylaws for keeping balconies free from hurdles, but balconies are used for storage of unwanted stuff. :-))

Pigeons are considered pests here, but the hidden pests the illegal fraudsters are given priority, while they live in Toronto. :-))

I think for now this should be enough, not that someone taking salary every month will suddenly feel that he or she has to do something, :-)) This is a liberal stronghold, but is run by Conservatives. :-))


News on CBC TV:

I am not sure how many people observe these but I guess I have keen sense only to observe them, :-))

Now a days news items are read like these,

"Louis Martin reporting, 8 Year old Martin Richard was standing on the sidewalk with his family on that fateful day when the two brothers from Europe planted bombs right behind him and as a result Martin Richard a 8 year old child got killed among others".

It is so sad that a child whose name was Martin was used in this marathon bombing, and please tell me how these two brothers would know that Martin Richard would be standing on the sidewalk and unless untill someone from the intelligence following both the parties, the victims and the bomb planters arranged the victim, bombers and the bomb.

My conclusion is: It is one person (some numb bastard)  from Intelligence who is responsible for the marathon bombing.

Which means the two brothers were trapped by the intelligence for some other crime and manipulated to carry out this mayhem on its own people.

Where ever any so called terrorist activites or shootings by cops have been reported in Canada, US and Australia, Charlie shootings, some or other way there is a Martin involved, :-))

Someone please tell me Terrorists don't like the word "Martin", or is it the people who are supposed to protect little Martins are using Martins in their terrorist drama.


May 12, 2015

Positive and negative religions of the world and Satan's control.

Before I begin with the nonsense of religion, :-) for which people have been fighting since a long time, first thing we will have to understand is that our universe is taken care by one positive force we call it god and then like us humans there is a larger force which also has a say in this universe due to its own will power, but it is negative, physicists might not understand will power, though they have some understanding of field. :-) 

Positive energy is everywhere, so is negative energy, :-) I am not talking about two charges of an electrical current, which run our electrical and electronic gadgets, I am talking about positive and negative in terms of mind and its actions. :-)

Cosmic mind is positive and it is there since its creation, and was created before everything else, then came the large negative mind, most religions call it "Satan", :-)) and as of today it is ruling our world, then many might say then what is god doing?, god is there, everywhere, but most people are under Satan's control and I wrote about this before also, once under its control it is almost impossible for a human to pull himself or herself away from it, it is like quicksand, :-)) the purpose of Satan having such power is still enigma.

That is the background, now imagine the first human who had interactions with the nature and god, because god is a much larger and wider power then trillions of Satan's put together, I am using trillions only to get an idea how immense this godly power is, actually it is impossible to gauge or measure this power, :-) but in presence of such godly power, Satan is still very active and has been very successful in creating our current world where everyone has a problem with everyone, be it the religions, be it the material world, be it the fight for dominance of currencies, be it the hate due to skin colors, be it any other creeds that separate us, all these are Satan's tools to keep us busy fighting with each other, which in turn makes the Satan very powerful and god does not interfere here because like us even Satan is also given will power. :-))

First messages from god for the people on earth came through vedas, where people were given tools to live a very pious, clean and good life, and even today in India and few other countries vedas are preached and practised in their purest form, and that religion was/is sanatana dharma, where god was given various names as per his actions and role he was playing, and in this religion there is nothing about pain, or injury or harm to a human body to appease the god or gods.

Yes, there is a talk about how to upgrade yourself to a position of god, etc. through fasting, remaining celibate, sacrificing your comforts, and no where there is a talk about any human or animal sacrifice, because god who has created this universe does not need anything or does not even need to be appeased or offered anything. :-)

Similar messages were given repeatedly to many humans directly or indirectly, and many religions came into existence, purpose was to give them instructions to live a clean, and good pious life.

Read any sacred book, be it Koran, Bible, Torah, they all talk about how humans advanced and how they have to live, no where it is given hurt yourself or cut of your body part or sacrifice an animal or a living thing, these things were added later.

In Sanatan dharma, it got diverted from vedic religion to tantric practises, where spilling of blood, sacrificing animals, even humans, piercing body with sharp objects, or giving pain to oneself, drinking alcohol, smoke, drugs for hallucination were added and today it is very difficult for a follower to find the difference, which one is vedic and which one tantric.

Simple rule: Vedic is all pious, satvic, clean, and deals with human up gradation towards god and it is all mental, and all those practises which involves, blood, alcohol, pain, piercing to give pain, sacrifice of living things is tantric, and satisfies Satan and not the god.

Which means by practising tantric techniques one is worshipping Satan and not the god, and Satan is a big identity thief. :-)) many followers of Shiva, who are called aghoras tie huge rocks to their penis and lift them hurting their private parts, Shiva is no where there, :-) it is Satan who enjoys that show, same thing with tongue piercing, eye popping, etc. etc.

Similar changes took place in Islam also, Koran contain 90% good massages and few were added later, and whatever came later also became the main rules for Islam, which were manipulated by Satan, so when ever and where ever any blood is spilled, body parts are cut off calling it circumcision, are all manipulation of Satan, :-)) and see where is Koran and Allah (name of God in Islam) :-) in today's Islam,  people are given this understanding that cutting of your dick, or mutilation of female genitalia, or keeping beard, or trimming of mustache, and fighting to follow one of the relatives like Ali  or father-in- law of Mohammad is Islam and no body is talking about following Koran or Allah.:-))

So even Islam has positive religion, which is with Koran and Allah, and little with Mohammad and very few follow this positive religion, and the negative religion which is practised by majority in both Shias, Sunni's and other factions, Fitrah talk about keeping your body clean, but a Muslim is given this understanding by religiously corrupt that circumcision is a must to be a Muslim. :-))))))) And now people who do not practise any religion have added, things like Hell, Heaven, Jihad, etc.

Hell is created by man almost every where, go to any butcher, it is your hell that you have created and then similar way you will have to create your own heaven, and see for yourself what did you do to create heaven, I think nothing. :-)) because 99% of your time is wasted in creating hell and satisfying Satan. :-))

Allah has nothing to do with circumcision of penis or mutilation of female genitalia, Satan sure has  lot to do with spilling blood through circumcising or giving immense pain to living things by Halal, etc, I have seen a goat killed by Halal, it goes through so much pain, and it is done only to keep all the parasites in blood away from human consumption and for taste, a pig can not be killed by halal and it might be very difficult to drain all the blood so it is not included.

God (Allah) is not happy because of all these practises, every time a male or female child is circumcised it is god who feels the pain and it is god who weeps and result is instead of blessings your family gets kind of bad vibes from the child, child might not know but it happens, it is a traumatic experience for children who go through circumcision, and Satan sure is enjoying the show.

God is happy if children are taken care off well and given gifts, and not circumcised, let the children grow up in to adults and take their own decisions for any mutilation of the perfect body god has created.

Satan has made his place in Mecca also, where people throw stones at him, Satan loves it. :-)) I am sure anyone who visits Mecca, his or her focus is to throw stones at Satan more then remembering god,  I would say there should not be any place for Satan where god is worshipped, but since human minds are controlled by Satan, humans are helpless, they think whatever way they are worshipping god is appeased, god does not need appeasement, god is always there for one and all, it is Satan who needs regular, continuous appeasement.

Similar changes happened with religion of Jews, I think Jews were first to start the practise of hurting their children, as young as 8 days old are circumcised, what kind of barbarism is that and that is when they distanced themselves from the god, and Satan has been with them and all they got is sufferings, since they are the first to start this practise they should ban circumcision of male or female children.

Then they too treat their women as second class citizens, all these are manipulations of Satan and men follow them because it fuels their desire which are in Satan's control.

Christians are more or less follow Jews and I think majority do not hurt themselves on the name of god, but there has been many news how children are hurt by custodians of church, which is again barbaric, all these happens when men succumb to Satan's desires.

Sikhs, majority do not follow the guru, they live a different life style, and for them hair, turban, comb, underwear and steel kada is important, then they have their scotch, non vegetarian food, etc, :-)), hardly they follow gurugranth which is read twice daily by the Gurudwaras all over the world, so it also has some degree of negativity, If they follow Guru Nanak 100% Sikhism can be 100% positive.

Even Buddhists got effected even they have many Tantric techniques involved in their religion but compared to other religions very small, Buddhism has remained a very positive religion even today.

I think Jainism is one religion which has kept itself some what safe from Satan and see it did not grow, it is limited to a small population in India.

Where ever Satan gets involved that has grown, be it religion, be it power of any country and Satan has one simple policy, spill blood, cause pain and cause mutilation of body etc.

The end result is hardly very few people in this world are able to follow or connect with god, rest every one is connected with Satan. :-))

Solution: How to get away from Satan: Your mind is the key.
Inner Voice:

Inner voice is a very subtle whisper which guides you and every one has it, it is a different thing how many train themselves to listen to it, and inner voice will never force you to hurt yourself or other people it is a divine voice.

Then there is this loud forced voice of Satan, now a days who is using computers and keyboards,
:-))) and the messages are very loud, forced and repeated, like e.g. recently in Delhi a cop hit a women with a brick, she was going to drop her daughter to school, video is available and you can see for yourself. :-))

"Pick up the brick and hit the women",
"Pick up the brick and hit the women",
"pick up the brick and hit the  women",
"Pick up the brick and hit the women", :-))

This repetition continues till the cop picks up a brick and hits the women, :-)) and then he might repent that it is not his culture to hit a women on a street with a brick, and he also might not know his brain was hacked by some sick government agent with a computer and a keyboard, which captures brain waves and is capable of altering it or modifying it etc. :-)) It is no longer science fiction, it is being played out on streets every where.

This is how Satan is working now a days, I know Pale cowards in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, all have this technology and they are using this technology like there is no tomorrow. :-)) and they are not very happy for what I have written here, :-)) because I am sharing knowledge with common people through this blog. :-))

But people will have to learn the difference between inner voice and this forced repeated, loud voice which tells you mostly to hurt someone or hurt yourself or even commit some crime, this is your government which has developed this technology to hack brains of common people and has been experimenting even with cops. :-))

This technology can stimulate your brain with lack of sleep, too much sleep, anger, hate, rage to hurt someone, hyper sexual thoughts, etc all depends on what messages are being pumped into your brain by your government agents, even cops are not free from this forced brain manipulations. :-)) the reason why they are so dangerous with loaded guns.

See whom you will catch, they are everywhere through electronics, schools, hospitals, parliament, police stations, government offices, private buildings, your neighbours, on the streets, every where, :-))  This is Satan's control.

Watch the movie, Oceans 11, 12 and 13 and put yourself in the place of the person being robbed of his privacy, fundamental rights and Oceans 11 or 12 or 13 are these numb bastards from your government agencies like CSIS, CSE, CIA etc.

Where ever you see some unexplained or erratic behaviour in you or some other person, think your brain or that persons brain is hacked by the government agents and pumping messages to alter your behaviour or attitude, If they are also using psychedelic drugs which are being transferred in to your mouth by lasers, possible, and the best time to do that is when you are brushing your teeth, :-)) you might experience sudden change of taste from toothpaste to very bitter taste.

I taste gasoline every time I finish my lunch in my home or office, now we don't cook with kerosene or gasoline, we cook on electrical ovens, explain the gasoline taste?.:-) The electronic instrument these pale cowards have can transfer any chemical in to your mouth, nostrils, eyes, or any crevice in your body through lasers, or even into your cooking vessels:-)) now escape from this???  How?? it is always your neighbour, interact with him or her you will get details. :-))

I have seen people suddenly getting angry with out any reason and remain in that mode as long as the electronics are ON, and when the coward switches them off, the person suddenly becomes very normal.

Reason: They have money, support of all the stupid politicians, and fear mongers. :-)) it is your (common people, cops, government employees, school teachers, children)  ass which is in the line of fire, and it is your government which is putting it there and now they have Bill C-51, time will tell us where they will take your ass. :-)))))))))))))))))) 

Now decide for yourself, who are the terrorists????
Blame Game: Not me it is always the other person. :-)

The culprits while continuing with their crime blame someone, :-)) If some body who is responsible for all this then arrest that person and place him or her where ever they belong, like prison, but Naaa these pale cowards just blame and continue. :-) and now they have Bill C-51. :-))
Future Canadian:

Who is a Canadian, If this question will be asked in future, the answer will be,

A Canadian is a person who has no privacy, no rights, his brain is hacked, his car is hacked, his home is hacked, his computer, all his electronic gadgets, cellphones, children toys are hacked by the government, on the name of security. :-))

A Canadian will have no control on his behaviour, actions and attitude, no control on his finances, bank accounts, credit cards, business, family and children, :-))  all will be controlled by the government. :-)

I think even George Orwell's imagination fell short of this kind of government control in his novel 1984, he wrote about thought police, and telescreens in each and every homes, well Bell Canada and Videotron are playing the part of telescreens but thougth police is not yet active, Bill C-51 might give way to thougth police and Canadian children are already known for reporting their parents to police for abuse but not for talking ill about Canadian government, :-))

I think Liberals have used Conservatives in passing Bill C-51 expecting that they will win 2015 elections and they can use Bill C-51 to the max and blame Conservatives for passing it. :-)) If this happens then imagine...................I can only laugh............:-))

Enjoy!! This is also called dig your own grave.
Body mutilation of minors:

Canada should ban any kind of body mutilation, particularly things like circumcisions of children below 18 years.

Any body with OO


May 6, 2015

Current: 06 May 2015, Elections in Alberta, UK

NDP wins in Alberta, it is a welcome results, I am sure lot of people in Alberta must be very happy, and NDP will have its first government in Alberta, hope this is repeated in Oct 2015, and if this happens in Oct 2015 federal elections, :-)) Liberals will have no option but to join Conservatives in opposition. :-)) This is what will happen If you do not respect your constituencies, like Saint Laurent.

Liberals will not join NDP , because NDP is a party of low stature, :-) and Liberals are all Canadian royalty. :-))

Any way congratulations to NDP and particularly to Rachel Notley, who is know for her interests in workers compensation, and safety issues, so I hope she will continue to work for the lower and middle class workers, and reduce the financial gap between the minimum wage and higher executives.

Even now If Conservatives and Liberals do not open their eyes and change their agenda, :-) which is very difficult for people who think they are royalty. :-))

Elections in UK, :-))

Queen country and elections, I don't know it is very awkward, how can a country whose head of state is a self declared queen and elections for parliament are held, :-) may be it is like the Queen might be saying, ok boys!!, you want to play democracy -democracy, ok let us first play elections-elections. :-)
but after we finish playng I will be still the head of everything, UK, Canada, Australia, USA, etc.

But I was surprised to see 650 seats for a population of 64.1 million people, it is really a very good representation, India shold learn from this, for 1.2 billion people India has just 545 seats, which I think is a very poor representation.

I am not sure what are Labour party and Liberal democrats, and there are other 9 parties, Green party we know has the same status like in Canada, not so green. ;-))

I think tomorrow we will see their results. :-)

08 MAY 2015,

Conservatives won majority government and SNP also won 56 out of 59 seats in Scotland, all those who insulted their constituencies and constituents got insulted by the people, :-))

Eventually the Queen in Buckingham palace has been ruling and continue to rule UK, conservatives or Labor or Green, :-)  How does it matter.


Salman Khan and Justice in India,

Salman Khan is know for his brat like behaviour, and today he is a rich man with political connections, but I congratulate the judge of sessions court in Mumbai to keep his sanity and not bog down under pressure from all powerful in Mumbai and elsewhere and he sentenced Salman khan to 5 years of prison time.

Well we know how things move in India, Sessions court took 13 years for this verdict and now High court will take its own sweet time, and then we have Supreme court, :-))

But nothing has been said by the court verdict about any compensation to the people who died or got injured in the mishap, which is sad.

More then jail time to Salman Khan, compensation to the people who were effected should have been given priority, well at least some verdict has come out, which is very rare against the rich, famous and well connected.

See alcohol is so bad, Salman Khan is so stupid, :-) he has so much money why he needs to go to bars or restaurants for a drink, he could have opened his own bar in his home and party every night If he wanted. :-))

But what can one do, when time is not with you. :-)

High Court Judge buckles under pressure: :-))

High court Judge has clearly said that Sessions judge has wastd 13 years for nothing, the decision when money is invovled should be taken in a jiffy. Bravo atleast this Judge of High court is not hypocrite, he is all in favour of money. :-))

Again there is not a word about any compensation to the people who got killed or got injured. :-)
NDP in Alberta:

Well NDP might have won the elections in Alberta and they look very happy and are not able to contain their excitement, why not, but they should remember that Alberta is still a conservative country and in 44 years every stone in Alberta must be conservative. :-))

So for Mrs RACHEL NOTLEY, the walk will not be easy, it will be like a slippery slope and possibility of a fall every nook and turn, so lady take extreme caution and put every step with utmost caution and be very meticulous while weighing down every step.

The only advantage she has is the set of 53 new people, with new ideas and new mindset, and she will have to see that no fear monger or rumour mongers or anyone from old school (born before 1955)  distracts her and her young team.

Problems with oldies like born before 1955 is they have only two talents, Lies and Manipulation, and they depend a lot on pale cowards, for small small things they depend on pale cowards, to show that they are very smart they would hack your computer to get advance information, and to get information in advance they will deploy some 1000 pale cowards all over you, and these pale cowards end up spoiling everything around you for that small tits and bits of information which mostly never work for the oldies. :-))))

For these people who ever lets go like Jim Prentice is a coward, I would say Jim Prentice is a clever man, he knows when to let go, because he knows there is nothing he can do in Alberta in this situation, :-) and I think he was used by PC as a sacrificial goat in this NDP win, he was installed as premiere of Alberta only in Sep 2014. :-))

So all we can say is "All the best", :-)) Because I already see dark shadows looming around Alberta.


May 4, 2015

Current 04 May 2015, Numbness continues, G8 or Numb 8 & Shitler

One Nepali women gets very upset at the attitude of Presstitutes of India, Oh! "Presstitutes" is a new word given to Indian Media by Ex General V .K.Singh of India, while he was in Yemen helping Indians leave Yemen, :-)) but If you ask me, this word "Presstitutes",  suits media all over the world, and the pioneers in this kind of reporting are BBC & CNN, and everyone is following the trend started by these two media giants, :-)) few weeks back we saw how BBC was telecasting "Daughters of India", over and over again with out any respect or concern for the victim or her family's sentiments, :-) it is a cut throat commercial propaganda, and now someone came up with "Daughters of UK", BBC is not telecasting it or the women who made 'daughters of India", is also not talking.

I agree with what ever that Nepali women has written, today the Media all over the world is numb, and very commercial.

Now everyone wants to lay their hand on Nepali soil not for rescue, or to help the people, but to get data, :-) and I think what Nepal government is doing is also not very helpful to people of Nepal, they have turned Everest climbing into a backyard school sport, so every tom, dick and harry packs his bags and is climbing Everest and either leaves trash or leaves his body there or might be conducting mindless experiments to collect data.

Nepal should make Everest climbing very expensive affair, particularly if the climbers are from rich and developed countries like Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and there should be huge penalty for leaving trash or any dead body, and they will have to check each and every baggage to see what is being carried up, then only the things will change not only for Everest also for Nepal and its people.

If Nepal trusts every one blindly, then Everest will turn into another experimental ground for all kinds of experiments, there are so many programs like myth busters etc etc , and many might even try experiments like, "what happens if you explode a bomb on top of Everest", because the numbness is increasing, people are turning into insensitive numb bastards, look at the Indian media, they are like shooting some tele serial, there was this reporter from BBC, he was so excited he could barely speak, his focus was " I am the first reporter reporting this mayhem". :-) may be there is some prize money for reporting first, Numb bastards!!!

Actually the west is in a correction mode, :-)) the western contractors of democracy and world peace have realized that their way of peace keeping (indiscriminate bombing) is not helping their reputation as peace keepers of the world, so they are in a correction mode, :-))) which means they need opportunities to show that they are not numb and insensitive, and opportunities where people can react to help do not wait, so they are creating opportunities so that they can show they are very helping, which means again people all over the world will have to go through another round of sufferings like Nepal, so that few numb, insensitive folks in the west and even India can get an opportunity to show that they are very helpful, does not matter that would involve death of many innocent people.

Look Canada sends one plane after 5 days, US is sending now, :-) UK might not send any, but they sure would be interested in data of the destruction, and other European nations are sitting numb and cold. :-) G8 has turned into Numb-8, :-)

This is the new politic of the rich and developed, actually this is heights of numbness, don't worry as these insensitive and numb folks are looking for opportunities to wash off their stains of numbness, they are desperate to show the world they are very helpful, more such mayhem is on its way.

And the only way one can test the freedom of expression in his country is by drawing cartoons of prophets, particularly of Prophet Mohammad. :-)

In Texas there was some competition for drawing cartoons of prophet Mohammad, it was organised by AFDI (American Freedom Defense Initiative)  :-)) I am not sure if AFDI was so bankrupt with ideas that they thought only way they can safeguard the freedom of expression in US is by conducting a cartoon competition of prophet Mohammad, and look 200 turned out for the competition. :-)))))

Some time back in US someone printed pictures of Indian gods and goddesses on toilet seats, :-) I am not sure even that was for safe guarding freedom of expression in US. :-))

Then If some whistle blower tries to expose the government, that is not considered freedom of expression it is considered being a traitor, :-)) wiki leaks, and few others. :-))

In India, Congress I is going through a cycle of numbness, it is being done very shamelessly, after staying in power for 60 years and recently for 10 years in a row, Cong-I is suddenly feeling that there is no development in India in almost every sector, :-)) and they are very loud about it that BJP is responsible for such non development and particularly it is Modi who is responsible, :-)) and BJP has been in power only for a year now, either they have all gone numb to such a degree that they can not see even a small % of reality or they still think people are dumb, after such a thrashing people gave Cong-I..

On the other hand BJP is turned greedy, they have got such a majority, but instead of proceeding with developmental projects on a war footing, they are looking at places where there is no BJP, like Telangana, UP, Bihar, etc, :-))

Few months back they showed some footage of Ganga cleaning and people were told that this section will be finished by Mar 2015, May 2015 has come and there is no news of what happened to that section of Ganga, or it seems only Mr Modi will have to take care of every thing small and big, while babu's in government corrupted by 60 years of mis-rule of Cong-I will continue to be numb and dumb.

If BJP does not want India to develop and wants to go Cong-I way, they should engage Cong-I MP'S and MLA's from Andhra Pradesh, they are the best in sycophancy, they stoop so low to kiss, :-)) and now a days they are totally free. :-))

The new international airport could have been named after PV Narshimha Rao, he was PM of India for 5 years, he was with Cong all his life, and he was an intellectual, and was from Andhra pradesh, but the sycophants in Andhra has to name ot after Rajiv Gandy international airport.

Then we also have Mr Kejriwal, :-)) Only news we hear about this party AAP is they kicked us, they slapped us, they pushed us, they have taken supari against us, they, they, they, and they have 68 seats in an assembly of 70 MLS's. :-)) and even they are not talking of any development in Delhi. :-))

Delhi suffers from severe traffic issues, but Mr Kejriwal is looking at PM's chair, which is taken for at least 5 years. :-))

And people said, India is not developing because of hung parliament, or lack of leadership, :-) or lack of political will, there is no money in the coffers, :-) today everything is there, what is lacking is a feeling for your country, and this is what has been lacking right from the beginning.

Cong-I awarded those industrialists who were polluting ground, water, and earth at such a rate, and were so corrupt, they bribed every single government official, but Cong-I gave them awards, :-)) Kya hoga Is Desh Kaa.

Someone asked me how west has developed and India is not developing, at least what meets the eye, nothing has changed in last 40 years, :-)

The difference between west and India is, west is 100% (visible majority) corrupt, and relies 100% on manipulation and lies, and everyone is manipulating and lying, so they don't wait before doing anything or they don't think about consequences, all that matters is reaching the top by any means an din this rush things happen in west, vanity has happened in a big way, where as in India 5% are like west, so they are rich, famous and powerful, where as rest are confused which way to go. :-))

In west, everyone agrees what the puppeteer says, and in India there too many puppeteers.g.

Future shop, which sells electronics and was considered advanced in electronic products is closing, one of the main reason, too many Arabic employees, :-)) so the owner did not loose anything, he took his wine and poured it in a new bottle, called Bestbuy and closed his old bottle future shop, :-)) it is the Arabic employees who were helping each other in future shop lost. :-))

This is how west works with one decision and that one decision always is to help and protect the rights of the visible majority. :-)  and this does not happen in India, as long as Cong-I ruled India, they always screwed the visible majority and appeased minorities for votes, only places of worship which are under government control are temples that belong to the visible majority, no government official can enter any Mosque, Church, or Gurudwara, :-)) temples are treated like government property, and who manages the crowd in temples the police in uniform. :-)))

In west the visible majority rights are protected, only churches are sacred, and Christianity is the only religion which gets any protection from the government, rest all other places of worship are dispensable, governments can shut them down under certain conditions. :-)) and in India it is reverse.

The money donated by devotees in temples is taken away by the endowments department of the government and an official maintains the hundi wunder lock and key, and donations in other places of worship are private property of the people who manage them. :-)) and we call India secular. :-)))

How India will develop when visible majority is divided on the name of caste, creed and even color, it is very difficult, even 1000 Modi's can not change India, for India to change people will have to change, and for the people to change, the government will have to change, and for the government to change, so many divisive policies created by Cong-I will have to go. :-))) Dreaming!!!!! :-))

In west, have you eer heard about A Lincoln program for the deaf and blind, or G Washington program for the girl child, but in India every program has to be either Jawahar, Indiar or Rajiv, :-)) even in 10 years of Man mohan Singh's government every program has to be Jawahar, Indira or Rajiv. (Rajiv Gandy was PM for 5 years and he won the elections after his mother Indira Gandy was assasinated)

Rajiv Gandy, CONG-I,  PM for 5 years, some 150 programs on his name,
PV Narshima Rao, a senior Cong-I, PM for 5 years not a single program on his name, now after 10 years of death, Cong-I woke up and is planning to construct a memorial.
Man Mohan Singh, Cong-I,  PM for 10 years not a single program on his name, :-))
Atal Bihari Vajpaye, BJP, may be one or two programs on his name or nil.

And If by any chance Rahul Gandy, s/o Rajiv Gandy, Grand son of Indiar Gandy, Great grand son of Jawahar Lal Nehru, becomes PM of India, which is remote, :-) but in India anything is possible, :-)) then again every program irrespective for whom it is meant will be on his name, "Rahul Gandy program for poor children, who do not understand poverty is a state of mind". :-))

I think Canada also should follow this system, :-) like,

S Harper's program of universal child fund for 17 and under, and also
S Harper's program of bombing in Syria and Iraq

Trudeau's program for UK's rich and famous, :-)) or
Trudeaus program to support Conservatives in 2015, may be Mr Trudeau thinks that If Mr Harper wins his third term, he might get Deputy PM position, other wise there is no scope as Mr Mulcair looks very strong.

or Obama's "OOPS', program to kill hostages, :-)

There is no shortage of material for numbness and insensitivity, one needs to just sit and look around.

And Trust on fellow party men and people is so high in India, that everyone is handing over their political party power to their children, leading are:

Cong-I, Sonia Gandy planning to hand over Cong-I to her son Rahul Gandy
Mulayam Singh, Handed over UP to his son, and planning to take over India, :-) once he becomes PM of India, all boys in India will be free to make mistakes. :-))
Lallu Prasad Yadav is planning to hand over his party to his son, and may be he too wants PM seat.
KCR of Telangana also has his son as most important member of his party,
DMK chief is also planning to hand over DMK to Stalin,
CB Naidu of Telugu desam, ???? no sons and daughters???
Jaya lalitha has a son, but where is he??
Mamtha Benerjee no sons and daughters???
Nitish Kumar, Bitua nahin hain?? :-))
Modi, No children, Oh! what will happen to BJP,

What is wrong is this, Ambani handed over ambani industries to his sons, it is like that.
Will Liberals in Canada merge with Conservatives?

The way Liberals are sharing everything with Conservatives and also twisting their arm from behind, it seems Liberals in Canada are very much intrested in Conservative ideas and policies, :-)) so in that case Liberals of Canada should merge with Conservatives and save Canadians from some hardship.

Canadians in such a situation will have two parties to vote for, Conservatives with their military based solutions and NDP with their soft approach, because today we don't need military based solutions, what we need is a healing touch, which NDP is showing they have it.

If this is true, Liberals should hurry up and do the needful, Canadians will rejoice. :-))

And once inside they can directly twist whatever they want and I am sure Conservatives will oblige, because they must be having some secrets, which Liberals know.

Like I said, In Canada, only blackmailing works...........:-))
Quebec- Online insulting of Police,

It seems some town in Quebec has a bylaw, where citizens of that town can not insult any police men or women online, if they do, first offence will cost them 2000$.

OK, I was thinking why are the councillors hiding behind police and trying to use them as shield, are they neck deep in some criminal activities or scam or fraud. :-)

Because If you are free from any vice, then you don't need police or government to hide behind.

Or is it again an opportunity created for some proxy to show that She-Hitler, "Shitler", has also some concern for freedom of expression. :-))

Shitler is very frustrated and desperate for popularity, but she does not have support of SS and Nazi forces.