May 4, 2015

Current 04 May 2015, Numbness continues, G8 or Numb 8 & Shitler

One Nepali women gets very upset at the attitude of Presstitutes of India, Oh! "Presstitutes" is a new word given to Indian Media by Ex General V .K.Singh of India, while he was in Yemen helping Indians leave Yemen, :-)) but If you ask me, this word "Presstitutes",  suits media all over the world, and the pioneers in this kind of reporting are BBC & CNN, and everyone is following the trend started by these two media giants, :-)) few weeks back we saw how BBC was telecasting "Daughters of India", over and over again with out any respect or concern for the victim or her family's sentiments, :-) it is a cut throat commercial propaganda, and now someone came up with "Daughters of UK", BBC is not telecasting it or the women who made 'daughters of India", is also not talking.

I agree with what ever that Nepali women has written, today the Media all over the world is numb, and very commercial.

Now everyone wants to lay their hand on Nepali soil not for rescue, or to help the people, but to get data, :-) and I think what Nepal government is doing is also not very helpful to people of Nepal, they have turned Everest climbing into a backyard school sport, so every tom, dick and harry packs his bags and is climbing Everest and either leaves trash or leaves his body there or might be conducting mindless experiments to collect data.

Nepal should make Everest climbing very expensive affair, particularly if the climbers are from rich and developed countries like Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and there should be huge penalty for leaving trash or any dead body, and they will have to check each and every baggage to see what is being carried up, then only the things will change not only for Everest also for Nepal and its people.

If Nepal trusts every one blindly, then Everest will turn into another experimental ground for all kinds of experiments, there are so many programs like myth busters etc etc , and many might even try experiments like, "what happens if you explode a bomb on top of Everest", because the numbness is increasing, people are turning into insensitive numb bastards, look at the Indian media, they are like shooting some tele serial, there was this reporter from BBC, he was so excited he could barely speak, his focus was " I am the first reporter reporting this mayhem". :-) may be there is some prize money for reporting first, Numb bastards!!!

Actually the west is in a correction mode, :-)) the western contractors of democracy and world peace have realized that their way of peace keeping (indiscriminate bombing) is not helping their reputation as peace keepers of the world, so they are in a correction mode, :-))) which means they need opportunities to show that they are not numb and insensitive, and opportunities where people can react to help do not wait, so they are creating opportunities so that they can show they are very helping, which means again people all over the world will have to go through another round of sufferings like Nepal, so that few numb, insensitive folks in the west and even India can get an opportunity to show that they are very helpful, does not matter that would involve death of many innocent people.

Look Canada sends one plane after 5 days, US is sending now, :-) UK might not send any, but they sure would be interested in data of the destruction, and other European nations are sitting numb and cold. :-) G8 has turned into Numb-8, :-)

This is the new politic of the rich and developed, actually this is heights of numbness, don't worry as these insensitive and numb folks are looking for opportunities to wash off their stains of numbness, they are desperate to show the world they are very helpful, more such mayhem is on its way.

And the only way one can test the freedom of expression in his country is by drawing cartoons of prophets, particularly of Prophet Mohammad. :-)

In Texas there was some competition for drawing cartoons of prophet Mohammad, it was organised by AFDI (American Freedom Defense Initiative)  :-)) I am not sure if AFDI was so bankrupt with ideas that they thought only way they can safeguard the freedom of expression in US is by conducting a cartoon competition of prophet Mohammad, and look 200 turned out for the competition. :-)))))

Some time back in US someone printed pictures of Indian gods and goddesses on toilet seats, :-) I am not sure even that was for safe guarding freedom of expression in US. :-))

Then If some whistle blower tries to expose the government, that is not considered freedom of expression it is considered being a traitor, :-)) wiki leaks, and few others. :-))

In India, Congress I is going through a cycle of numbness, it is being done very shamelessly, after staying in power for 60 years and recently for 10 years in a row, Cong-I is suddenly feeling that there is no development in India in almost every sector, :-)) and they are very loud about it that BJP is responsible for such non development and particularly it is Modi who is responsible, :-)) and BJP has been in power only for a year now, either they have all gone numb to such a degree that they can not see even a small % of reality or they still think people are dumb, after such a thrashing people gave Cong-I..

On the other hand BJP is turned greedy, they have got such a majority, but instead of proceeding with developmental projects on a war footing, they are looking at places where there is no BJP, like Telangana, UP, Bihar, etc, :-))

Few months back they showed some footage of Ganga cleaning and people were told that this section will be finished by Mar 2015, May 2015 has come and there is no news of what happened to that section of Ganga, or it seems only Mr Modi will have to take care of every thing small and big, while babu's in government corrupted by 60 years of mis-rule of Cong-I will continue to be numb and dumb.

If BJP does not want India to develop and wants to go Cong-I way, they should engage Cong-I MP'S and MLA's from Andhra Pradesh, they are the best in sycophancy, they stoop so low to kiss, :-)) and now a days they are totally free. :-))

The new international airport could have been named after PV Narshimha Rao, he was PM of India for 5 years, he was with Cong all his life, and he was an intellectual, and was from Andhra pradesh, but the sycophants in Andhra has to name ot after Rajiv Gandy international airport.

Then we also have Mr Kejriwal, :-)) Only news we hear about this party AAP is they kicked us, they slapped us, they pushed us, they have taken supari against us, they, they, they, and they have 68 seats in an assembly of 70 MLS's. :-)) and even they are not talking of any development in Delhi. :-))

Delhi suffers from severe traffic issues, but Mr Kejriwal is looking at PM's chair, which is taken for at least 5 years. :-))

And people said, India is not developing because of hung parliament, or lack of leadership, :-) or lack of political will, there is no money in the coffers, :-) today everything is there, what is lacking is a feeling for your country, and this is what has been lacking right from the beginning.

Cong-I awarded those industrialists who were polluting ground, water, and earth at such a rate, and were so corrupt, they bribed every single government official, but Cong-I gave them awards, :-)) Kya hoga Is Desh Kaa.

Someone asked me how west has developed and India is not developing, at least what meets the eye, nothing has changed in last 40 years, :-)

The difference between west and India is, west is 100% (visible majority) corrupt, and relies 100% on manipulation and lies, and everyone is manipulating and lying, so they don't wait before doing anything or they don't think about consequences, all that matters is reaching the top by any means an din this rush things happen in west, vanity has happened in a big way, where as in India 5% are like west, so they are rich, famous and powerful, where as rest are confused which way to go. :-))

In west, everyone agrees what the puppeteer says, and in India there too many puppeteers.g.

Future shop, which sells electronics and was considered advanced in electronic products is closing, one of the main reason, too many Arabic employees, :-)) so the owner did not loose anything, he took his wine and poured it in a new bottle, called Bestbuy and closed his old bottle future shop, :-)) it is the Arabic employees who were helping each other in future shop lost. :-))

This is how west works with one decision and that one decision always is to help and protect the rights of the visible majority. :-)  and this does not happen in India, as long as Cong-I ruled India, they always screwed the visible majority and appeased minorities for votes, only places of worship which are under government control are temples that belong to the visible majority, no government official can enter any Mosque, Church, or Gurudwara, :-)) temples are treated like government property, and who manages the crowd in temples the police in uniform. :-)))

In west the visible majority rights are protected, only churches are sacred, and Christianity is the only religion which gets any protection from the government, rest all other places of worship are dispensable, governments can shut them down under certain conditions. :-)) and in India it is reverse.

The money donated by devotees in temples is taken away by the endowments department of the government and an official maintains the hundi wunder lock and key, and donations in other places of worship are private property of the people who manage them. :-)) and we call India secular. :-)))

How India will develop when visible majority is divided on the name of caste, creed and even color, it is very difficult, even 1000 Modi's can not change India, for India to change people will have to change, and for the people to change, the government will have to change, and for the government to change, so many divisive policies created by Cong-I will have to go. :-))) Dreaming!!!!! :-))

In west, have you eer heard about A Lincoln program for the deaf and blind, or G Washington program for the girl child, but in India every program has to be either Jawahar, Indiar or Rajiv, :-)) even in 10 years of Man mohan Singh's government every program has to be Jawahar, Indira or Rajiv. (Rajiv Gandy was PM for 5 years and he won the elections after his mother Indira Gandy was assasinated)

Rajiv Gandy, CONG-I,  PM for 5 years, some 150 programs on his name,
PV Narshima Rao, a senior Cong-I, PM for 5 years not a single program on his name, now after 10 years of death, Cong-I woke up and is planning to construct a memorial.
Man Mohan Singh, Cong-I,  PM for 10 years not a single program on his name, :-))
Atal Bihari Vajpaye, BJP, may be one or two programs on his name or nil.

And If by any chance Rahul Gandy, s/o Rajiv Gandy, Grand son of Indiar Gandy, Great grand son of Jawahar Lal Nehru, becomes PM of India, which is remote, :-) but in India anything is possible, :-)) then again every program irrespective for whom it is meant will be on his name, "Rahul Gandy program for poor children, who do not understand poverty is a state of mind". :-))

I think Canada also should follow this system, :-) like,

S Harper's program of universal child fund for 17 and under, and also
S Harper's program of bombing in Syria and Iraq

Trudeau's program for UK's rich and famous, :-)) or
Trudeaus program to support Conservatives in 2015, may be Mr Trudeau thinks that If Mr Harper wins his third term, he might get Deputy PM position, other wise there is no scope as Mr Mulcair looks very strong.

or Obama's "OOPS', program to kill hostages, :-)

There is no shortage of material for numbness and insensitivity, one needs to just sit and look around.

And Trust on fellow party men and people is so high in India, that everyone is handing over their political party power to their children, leading are:

Cong-I, Sonia Gandy planning to hand over Cong-I to her son Rahul Gandy
Mulayam Singh, Handed over UP to his son, and planning to take over India, :-) once he becomes PM of India, all boys in India will be free to make mistakes. :-))
Lallu Prasad Yadav is planning to hand over his party to his son, and may be he too wants PM seat.
KCR of Telangana also has his son as most important member of his party,
DMK chief is also planning to hand over DMK to Stalin,
CB Naidu of Telugu desam, ???? no sons and daughters???
Jaya lalitha has a son, but where is he??
Mamtha Benerjee no sons and daughters???
Nitish Kumar, Bitua nahin hain?? :-))
Modi, No children, Oh! what will happen to BJP,

What is wrong is this, Ambani handed over ambani industries to his sons, it is like that.
Will Liberals in Canada merge with Conservatives?

The way Liberals are sharing everything with Conservatives and also twisting their arm from behind, it seems Liberals in Canada are very much intrested in Conservative ideas and policies, :-)) so in that case Liberals of Canada should merge with Conservatives and save Canadians from some hardship.

Canadians in such a situation will have two parties to vote for, Conservatives with their military based solutions and NDP with their soft approach, because today we don't need military based solutions, what we need is a healing touch, which NDP is showing they have it.

If this is true, Liberals should hurry up and do the needful, Canadians will rejoice. :-))

And once inside they can directly twist whatever they want and I am sure Conservatives will oblige, because they must be having some secrets, which Liberals know.

Like I said, In Canada, only blackmailing works...........:-))
Quebec- Online insulting of Police,

It seems some town in Quebec has a bylaw, where citizens of that town can not insult any police men or women online, if they do, first offence will cost them 2000$.

OK, I was thinking why are the councillors hiding behind police and trying to use them as shield, are they neck deep in some criminal activities or scam or fraud. :-)

Because If you are free from any vice, then you don't need police or government to hide behind.

Or is it again an opportunity created for some proxy to show that She-Hitler, "Shitler", has also some concern for freedom of expression. :-))

Shitler is very frustrated and desperate for popularity, but she does not have support of SS and Nazi forces.

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