May 6, 2015

Current: 06 May 2015, Elections in Alberta, UK

NDP wins in Alberta, it is a welcome results, I am sure lot of people in Alberta must be very happy, and NDP will have its first government in Alberta, hope this is repeated in Oct 2015, and if this happens in Oct 2015 federal elections, :-)) Liberals will have no option but to join Conservatives in opposition. :-)) This is what will happen If you do not respect your constituencies, like Saint Laurent.

Liberals will not join NDP , because NDP is a party of low stature, :-) and Liberals are all Canadian royalty. :-))

Any way congratulations to NDP and particularly to Rachel Notley, who is know for her interests in workers compensation, and safety issues, so I hope she will continue to work for the lower and middle class workers, and reduce the financial gap between the minimum wage and higher executives.

Even now If Conservatives and Liberals do not open their eyes and change their agenda, :-) which is very difficult for people who think they are royalty. :-))

Elections in UK, :-))

Queen country and elections, I don't know it is very awkward, how can a country whose head of state is a self declared queen and elections for parliament are held, :-) may be it is like the Queen might be saying, ok boys!!, you want to play democracy -democracy, ok let us first play elections-elections. :-)
but after we finish playng I will be still the head of everything, UK, Canada, Australia, USA, etc.

But I was surprised to see 650 seats for a population of 64.1 million people, it is really a very good representation, India shold learn from this, for 1.2 billion people India has just 545 seats, which I think is a very poor representation.

I am not sure what are Labour party and Liberal democrats, and there are other 9 parties, Green party we know has the same status like in Canada, not so green. ;-))

I think tomorrow we will see their results. :-)

08 MAY 2015,

Conservatives won majority government and SNP also won 56 out of 59 seats in Scotland, all those who insulted their constituencies and constituents got insulted by the people, :-))

Eventually the Queen in Buckingham palace has been ruling and continue to rule UK, conservatives or Labor or Green, :-)  How does it matter.


Salman Khan and Justice in India,

Salman Khan is know for his brat like behaviour, and today he is a rich man with political connections, but I congratulate the judge of sessions court in Mumbai to keep his sanity and not bog down under pressure from all powerful in Mumbai and elsewhere and he sentenced Salman khan to 5 years of prison time.

Well we know how things move in India, Sessions court took 13 years for this verdict and now High court will take its own sweet time, and then we have Supreme court, :-))

But nothing has been said by the court verdict about any compensation to the people who died or got injured in the mishap, which is sad.

More then jail time to Salman Khan, compensation to the people who were effected should have been given priority, well at least some verdict has come out, which is very rare against the rich, famous and well connected.

See alcohol is so bad, Salman Khan is so stupid, :-) he has so much money why he needs to go to bars or restaurants for a drink, he could have opened his own bar in his home and party every night If he wanted. :-))

But what can one do, when time is not with you. :-)

High Court Judge buckles under pressure: :-))

High court Judge has clearly said that Sessions judge has wastd 13 years for nothing, the decision when money is invovled should be taken in a jiffy. Bravo atleast this Judge of High court is not hypocrite, he is all in favour of money. :-))

Again there is not a word about any compensation to the people who got killed or got injured. :-)
NDP in Alberta:

Well NDP might have won the elections in Alberta and they look very happy and are not able to contain their excitement, why not, but they should remember that Alberta is still a conservative country and in 44 years every stone in Alberta must be conservative. :-))

So for Mrs RACHEL NOTLEY, the walk will not be easy, it will be like a slippery slope and possibility of a fall every nook and turn, so lady take extreme caution and put every step with utmost caution and be very meticulous while weighing down every step.

The only advantage she has is the set of 53 new people, with new ideas and new mindset, and she will have to see that no fear monger or rumour mongers or anyone from old school (born before 1955)  distracts her and her young team.

Problems with oldies like born before 1955 is they have only two talents, Lies and Manipulation, and they depend a lot on pale cowards, for small small things they depend on pale cowards, to show that they are very smart they would hack your computer to get advance information, and to get information in advance they will deploy some 1000 pale cowards all over you, and these pale cowards end up spoiling everything around you for that small tits and bits of information which mostly never work for the oldies. :-))))

For these people who ever lets go like Jim Prentice is a coward, I would say Jim Prentice is a clever man, he knows when to let go, because he knows there is nothing he can do in Alberta in this situation, :-) and I think he was used by PC as a sacrificial goat in this NDP win, he was installed as premiere of Alberta only in Sep 2014. :-))

So all we can say is "All the best", :-)) Because I already see dark shadows looming around Alberta.


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