May 19, 2015

Current 19 MAY 2015, One step forward two step backward. :-))

Cameras on Toronto police: This is the best thing for the people and the police, particularly for the people who are always on the target of any rogue policemen, one rotten apple, and the entire police force is blamed.

I think every policemen should carry a camera on his body and it should be rolling all the time, this will not only help people from wrong allegations or mis behaviour from police also it will stop that one rogue policemen in his tracks before he twists the law and tells a cock and bull story, which has become the norm in North America. :-))

But one important thing is what ever camera captures should be beyond any one's access, and should be tamper proof, then only it will help the society, because given the mentality of visible majority, lack of integrity and free manipulative behaviour even cameras can not help the innocent. :-)

I called police in Saint Laurent more then 6 times, and every time the police behaved like spoiled brats and instead of attending to the call for noise, they tried to show me their intelligence. :-)) and then they appeared at the rental board to help the culprits who were making noise and effected the decision in their favour, which gave the culprits freedom to make noise when ever they wanted, this is Saint Laurent, Mr Stephen Dion's constituency, Liberal strong hold for more then 25 years, here the police is very slack in fact they don't work, here policemen need to carry rolling cameras on their bodies, 24/7.

Same situation If they were carrying cameras on their self, things would have been totally different and when they found strangers in the neighbours apartment they would have captured them in the camera and that would have needed some explanation, that when police finds strangers in an apartment at midnight and there is a complain for noise, police is supposed to act and find out what those strangers are doing in that apartment during mid night, but they never acted. :-)) who is training them. :-))))

Police  men in Canada and Quebec are involved in lots of racial profiling and criminal activities and almost every one freely does what ever they are doing, cameras on their bodies will hold them accountable for every minute of their duty time. :-))  Good idea, Canada should implement it 100% and 24/7.

Simple Logic:

If you find Cameras, hearing devices, wires, every where in private spaces, like Schools, Hospitals, private buildings, homes, your neighbours homes,  then

CSIS/CSE/Police are responsible because they are the one who plant these gadgets,

If they did not plant some other entity did, even then

CSIS/CSE/Police are responsible because they are not doing their job, they are supposed to know about every single incident of surveillance. :-))

 Both ways they are responsible.

Saint Laurent, Quebec

Liberals have been getting elected here for the last 25 years or more, and they are not able to maintain simple law and order as the police does not work here or does not have any jurisdiction here, :-))

Mentally disturbed people living in Toronto keep tabs through neighbours spying 24/7, Liberals are helpless as Conservatives rape this city with all their force, but Liberals get elected.

Liberals are responsible for every thing that happens in this constituency, but they blame Conservatives, :-)

If Conservatives are doing what ever illegal things are happening in Saint Laurent, even then,

Liberals are responsible because it is their constituency and they have been holding it for more then 25 years.

Saint Laurent is one city where, I have written this many times, once again.

Vehicles are given priority over children during school hours by the police trained yellow or orange dress people (mostly women) who manage cross roads near schools, :-))

Huge heavy machinery loaded vehicles are allowed to move back and forth near the school while children are crossing and a women with yellow dress is also waiting for the vehicle to decide which way it wants to go.

Videotron/Bell Canada/Hydro  service men handle heavy metal tools on a high ladder while children walk under them during school hours.

Garbage trucks also ply during school hours moving back and forth collecting garbage, while children are crossing or walking on side walk.

Police cars drive on a high speed in opposite direction on a one way street while children are crossing to school.

Open spaces near the schools are used for growing vegetables and teaching staff of the schools look around on streets for parking spaces.

Traffic/Parking rules are framed based on one government vehicle which appears once in a week or in summer cleaning roads or side walk.

Police keeps tight vigil on parents dropping their kids near the school, :-))  I think Police Quartier Numero 6 should be converted to HRDC centre, because this is one useless police station.

Liberals have been here for more then 25 years and there is no HRDC centre.  :-)

Roads are laid, then pipes are repaired, then pot holes are developed, :-))

People with pets litter their produce everywhere with out any concern for residents,

Garbage floats everywhere and years pass by, though there are so many bylaws, :-))

Surveillance of residents is supreme then the privacy of residents, huge sodium lamps stay on all the night from all directions of apartments that your home in summer is like a street, this gives the illegal uniformed criminals clear vision at night time. :-))) In Saint Laurent, Quebec everything is important except the resident. :-))

There are no bylaws guiding people how to install Air Conditioners on their windows with out causing any trouble to other residents. :-))

There are bylaws against Bell Canada dish antenna, but very few follow,

There are bylaws for keeping balconies free from hurdles, but balconies are used for storage of unwanted stuff. :-))

Pigeons are considered pests here, but the hidden pests the illegal fraudsters are given priority, while they live in Toronto. :-))

I think for now this should be enough, not that someone taking salary every month will suddenly feel that he or she has to do something, :-)) This is a liberal stronghold, but is run by Conservatives. :-))


News on CBC TV:

I am not sure how many people observe these but I guess I have keen sense only to observe them, :-))

Now a days news items are read like these,

"Louis Martin reporting, 8 Year old Martin Richard was standing on the sidewalk with his family on that fateful day when the two brothers from Europe planted bombs right behind him and as a result Martin Richard a 8 year old child got killed among others".

It is so sad that a child whose name was Martin was used in this marathon bombing, and please tell me how these two brothers would know that Martin Richard would be standing on the sidewalk and unless untill someone from the intelligence following both the parties, the victims and the bomb planters arranged the victim, bombers and the bomb.

My conclusion is: It is one person (some numb bastard)  from Intelligence who is responsible for the marathon bombing.

Which means the two brothers were trapped by the intelligence for some other crime and manipulated to carry out this mayhem on its own people.

Where ever any so called terrorist activites or shootings by cops have been reported in Canada, US and Australia, Charlie shootings, some or other way there is a Martin involved, :-))

Someone please tell me Terrorists don't like the word "Martin", or is it the people who are supposed to protect little Martins are using Martins in their terrorist drama.


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