May 12, 2015

Positive and negative religions of the world and Satan's control.

Before I begin with the nonsense of religion, :-) for which people have been fighting since a long time, first thing we will have to understand is that our universe is taken care by one positive force we call it god and then like us humans there is a larger force which also has a say in this universe due to its own will power, but it is negative, physicists might not understand will power, though they have some understanding of field. :-) 

Positive energy is everywhere, so is negative energy, :-) I am not talking about two charges of an electrical current, which run our electrical and electronic gadgets, I am talking about positive and negative in terms of mind and its actions. :-)

Cosmic mind is positive and it is there since its creation, and was created before everything else, then came the large negative mind, most religions call it "Satan", :-)) and as of today it is ruling our world, then many might say then what is god doing?, god is there, everywhere, but most people are under Satan's control and I wrote about this before also, once under its control it is almost impossible for a human to pull himself or herself away from it, it is like quicksand, :-)) the purpose of Satan having such power is still enigma.

That is the background, now imagine the first human who had interactions with the nature and god, because god is a much larger and wider power then trillions of Satan's put together, I am using trillions only to get an idea how immense this godly power is, actually it is impossible to gauge or measure this power, :-) but in presence of such godly power, Satan is still very active and has been very successful in creating our current world where everyone has a problem with everyone, be it the religions, be it the material world, be it the fight for dominance of currencies, be it the hate due to skin colors, be it any other creeds that separate us, all these are Satan's tools to keep us busy fighting with each other, which in turn makes the Satan very powerful and god does not interfere here because like us even Satan is also given will power. :-))

First messages from god for the people on earth came through vedas, where people were given tools to live a very pious, clean and good life, and even today in India and few other countries vedas are preached and practised in their purest form, and that religion was/is sanatana dharma, where god was given various names as per his actions and role he was playing, and in this religion there is nothing about pain, or injury or harm to a human body to appease the god or gods.

Yes, there is a talk about how to upgrade yourself to a position of god, etc. through fasting, remaining celibate, sacrificing your comforts, and no where there is a talk about any human or animal sacrifice, because god who has created this universe does not need anything or does not even need to be appeased or offered anything. :-)

Similar messages were given repeatedly to many humans directly or indirectly, and many religions came into existence, purpose was to give them instructions to live a clean, and good pious life.

Read any sacred book, be it Koran, Bible, Torah, they all talk about how humans advanced and how they have to live, no where it is given hurt yourself or cut of your body part or sacrifice an animal or a living thing, these things were added later.

In Sanatan dharma, it got diverted from vedic religion to tantric practises, where spilling of blood, sacrificing animals, even humans, piercing body with sharp objects, or giving pain to oneself, drinking alcohol, smoke, drugs for hallucination were added and today it is very difficult for a follower to find the difference, which one is vedic and which one tantric.

Simple rule: Vedic is all pious, satvic, clean, and deals with human up gradation towards god and it is all mental, and all those practises which involves, blood, alcohol, pain, piercing to give pain, sacrifice of living things is tantric, and satisfies Satan and not the god.

Which means by practising tantric techniques one is worshipping Satan and not the god, and Satan is a big identity thief. :-)) many followers of Shiva, who are called aghoras tie huge rocks to their penis and lift them hurting their private parts, Shiva is no where there, :-) it is Satan who enjoys that show, same thing with tongue piercing, eye popping, etc. etc.

Similar changes took place in Islam also, Koran contain 90% good massages and few were added later, and whatever came later also became the main rules for Islam, which were manipulated by Satan, so when ever and where ever any blood is spilled, body parts are cut off calling it circumcision, are all manipulation of Satan, :-)) and see where is Koran and Allah (name of God in Islam) :-) in today's Islam,  people are given this understanding that cutting of your dick, or mutilation of female genitalia, or keeping beard, or trimming of mustache, and fighting to follow one of the relatives like Ali  or father-in- law of Mohammad is Islam and no body is talking about following Koran or Allah.:-))

So even Islam has positive religion, which is with Koran and Allah, and little with Mohammad and very few follow this positive religion, and the negative religion which is practised by majority in both Shias, Sunni's and other factions, Fitrah talk about keeping your body clean, but a Muslim is given this understanding by religiously corrupt that circumcision is a must to be a Muslim. :-))))))) And now people who do not practise any religion have added, things like Hell, Heaven, Jihad, etc.

Hell is created by man almost every where, go to any butcher, it is your hell that you have created and then similar way you will have to create your own heaven, and see for yourself what did you do to create heaven, I think nothing. :-)) because 99% of your time is wasted in creating hell and satisfying Satan. :-))

Allah has nothing to do with circumcision of penis or mutilation of female genitalia, Satan sure has  lot to do with spilling blood through circumcising or giving immense pain to living things by Halal, etc, I have seen a goat killed by Halal, it goes through so much pain, and it is done only to keep all the parasites in blood away from human consumption and for taste, a pig can not be killed by halal and it might be very difficult to drain all the blood so it is not included.

God (Allah) is not happy because of all these practises, every time a male or female child is circumcised it is god who feels the pain and it is god who weeps and result is instead of blessings your family gets kind of bad vibes from the child, child might not know but it happens, it is a traumatic experience for children who go through circumcision, and Satan sure is enjoying the show.

God is happy if children are taken care off well and given gifts, and not circumcised, let the children grow up in to adults and take their own decisions for any mutilation of the perfect body god has created.

Satan has made his place in Mecca also, where people throw stones at him, Satan loves it. :-)) I am sure anyone who visits Mecca, his or her focus is to throw stones at Satan more then remembering god,  I would say there should not be any place for Satan where god is worshipped, but since human minds are controlled by Satan, humans are helpless, they think whatever way they are worshipping god is appeased, god does not need appeasement, god is always there for one and all, it is Satan who needs regular, continuous appeasement.

Similar changes happened with religion of Jews, I think Jews were first to start the practise of hurting their children, as young as 8 days old are circumcised, what kind of barbarism is that and that is when they distanced themselves from the god, and Satan has been with them and all they got is sufferings, since they are the first to start this practise they should ban circumcision of male or female children.

Then they too treat their women as second class citizens, all these are manipulations of Satan and men follow them because it fuels their desire which are in Satan's control.

Christians are more or less follow Jews and I think majority do not hurt themselves on the name of god, but there has been many news how children are hurt by custodians of church, which is again barbaric, all these happens when men succumb to Satan's desires.

Sikhs, majority do not follow the guru, they live a different life style, and for them hair, turban, comb, underwear and steel kada is important, then they have their scotch, non vegetarian food, etc, :-)), hardly they follow gurugranth which is read twice daily by the Gurudwaras all over the world, so it also has some degree of negativity, If they follow Guru Nanak 100% Sikhism can be 100% positive.

Even Buddhists got effected even they have many Tantric techniques involved in their religion but compared to other religions very small, Buddhism has remained a very positive religion even today.

I think Jainism is one religion which has kept itself some what safe from Satan and see it did not grow, it is limited to a small population in India.

Where ever Satan gets involved that has grown, be it religion, be it power of any country and Satan has one simple policy, spill blood, cause pain and cause mutilation of body etc.

The end result is hardly very few people in this world are able to follow or connect with god, rest every one is connected with Satan. :-))

Solution: How to get away from Satan: Your mind is the key.
Inner Voice:

Inner voice is a very subtle whisper which guides you and every one has it, it is a different thing how many train themselves to listen to it, and inner voice will never force you to hurt yourself or other people it is a divine voice.

Then there is this loud forced voice of Satan, now a days who is using computers and keyboards,
:-))) and the messages are very loud, forced and repeated, like e.g. recently in Delhi a cop hit a women with a brick, she was going to drop her daughter to school, video is available and you can see for yourself. :-))

"Pick up the brick and hit the women",
"Pick up the brick and hit the women",
"pick up the brick and hit the  women",
"Pick up the brick and hit the women", :-))

This repetition continues till the cop picks up a brick and hits the women, :-)) and then he might repent that it is not his culture to hit a women on a street with a brick, and he also might not know his brain was hacked by some sick government agent with a computer and a keyboard, which captures brain waves and is capable of altering it or modifying it etc. :-)) It is no longer science fiction, it is being played out on streets every where.

This is how Satan is working now a days, I know Pale cowards in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, all have this technology and they are using this technology like there is no tomorrow. :-)) and they are not very happy for what I have written here, :-)) because I am sharing knowledge with common people through this blog. :-))

But people will have to learn the difference between inner voice and this forced repeated, loud voice which tells you mostly to hurt someone or hurt yourself or even commit some crime, this is your government which has developed this technology to hack brains of common people and has been experimenting even with cops. :-))

This technology can stimulate your brain with lack of sleep, too much sleep, anger, hate, rage to hurt someone, hyper sexual thoughts, etc all depends on what messages are being pumped into your brain by your government agents, even cops are not free from this forced brain manipulations. :-)) the reason why they are so dangerous with loaded guns.

See whom you will catch, they are everywhere through electronics, schools, hospitals, parliament, police stations, government offices, private buildings, your neighbours, on the streets, every where, :-))  This is Satan's control.

Watch the movie, Oceans 11, 12 and 13 and put yourself in the place of the person being robbed of his privacy, fundamental rights and Oceans 11 or 12 or 13 are these numb bastards from your government agencies like CSIS, CSE, CIA etc.

Where ever you see some unexplained or erratic behaviour in you or some other person, think your brain or that persons brain is hacked by the government agents and pumping messages to alter your behaviour or attitude, If they are also using psychedelic drugs which are being transferred in to your mouth by lasers, possible, and the best time to do that is when you are brushing your teeth, :-)) you might experience sudden change of taste from toothpaste to very bitter taste.

I taste gasoline every time I finish my lunch in my home or office, now we don't cook with kerosene or gasoline, we cook on electrical ovens, explain the gasoline taste?.:-) The electronic instrument these pale cowards have can transfer any chemical in to your mouth, nostrils, eyes, or any crevice in your body through lasers, or even into your cooking vessels:-)) now escape from this???  How?? it is always your neighbour, interact with him or her you will get details. :-))

I have seen people suddenly getting angry with out any reason and remain in that mode as long as the electronics are ON, and when the coward switches them off, the person suddenly becomes very normal.

Reason: They have money, support of all the stupid politicians, and fear mongers. :-)) it is your (common people, cops, government employees, school teachers, children)  ass which is in the line of fire, and it is your government which is putting it there and now they have Bill C-51, time will tell us where they will take your ass. :-)))))))))))))))))) 

Now decide for yourself, who are the terrorists????
Blame Game: Not me it is always the other person. :-)

The culprits while continuing with their crime blame someone, :-)) If some body who is responsible for all this then arrest that person and place him or her where ever they belong, like prison, but Naaa these pale cowards just blame and continue. :-) and now they have Bill C-51. :-))
Future Canadian:

Who is a Canadian, If this question will be asked in future, the answer will be,

A Canadian is a person who has no privacy, no rights, his brain is hacked, his car is hacked, his home is hacked, his computer, all his electronic gadgets, cellphones, children toys are hacked by the government, on the name of security. :-))

A Canadian will have no control on his behaviour, actions and attitude, no control on his finances, bank accounts, credit cards, business, family and children, :-))  all will be controlled by the government. :-)

I think even George Orwell's imagination fell short of this kind of government control in his novel 1984, he wrote about thought police, and telescreens in each and every homes, well Bell Canada and Videotron are playing the part of telescreens but thougth police is not yet active, Bill C-51 might give way to thougth police and Canadian children are already known for reporting their parents to police for abuse but not for talking ill about Canadian government, :-))

I think Liberals have used Conservatives in passing Bill C-51 expecting that they will win 2015 elections and they can use Bill C-51 to the max and blame Conservatives for passing it. :-)) If this happens then imagine...................I can only laugh............:-))

Enjoy!! This is also called dig your own grave.
Body mutilation of minors:

Canada should ban any kind of body mutilation, particularly things like circumcisions of children below 18 years.

Any body with OO


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