May 26, 2015

Shitty Proxy Politics by Shitty Women and Shitty Political parties. Canada

The current norm is cut the branch you are sitting on and blame others, and this norm is being used by most political parties, particularly the Liberals in Canada, any thing from natural calamity to any small injury to anyone is being used by Liberals as a proxy to their party.

Basically it means the Liberals are looking for sympathy, :-))  the joke is it is them who pick all kinds of shit and they want sympathy because they are in a bad shape, :-)) and the so called leaders of their party If can not compete with other leaders from NDP and Conservatives, they need to blame some shit who is on the top in their party. :-)

First thing Liberals are one of the oldest political parties and after so long in the business they do not have a system, to pull people in to their party who could be useful to their party, all they do is pick up any shit that is projected as a genius by some other shit who also wants to be projected as another genius and the result is Liberals are in deep shit. :-)))))))))))))))))

Logic is If you put shit on the top it will reek only shit and spread only shit, does not matter that shit is from Toronto or Montreal or Mexico or Switzerland, Shit is Shit, which should be flushed down the toilet, that is what normal people do, they just flush it down the toilet, but If Liberals want to keep it on their top shelf it is their problem and should not expect sympathy for shit all over their political party or constituency. :-))

And as far as Pale Cowards are concerned they belong to no body and they are not working for anyone, they are just fooling everyone involved or not involved, and living a comfortable life, so If some Shit in your party depends on these bozos for her political career, it is not people's problem and particularly not my problem. :-)) 

Because  I am not related to Liberal Party of Canada or Liberal party of Quebec in any way, at least to my knowledge I hardly or do not know anyone from these parties and more over I am not interested in any shit that has joined some political party. :-)

And I think the shit working from my neighbours apartment Apr no 3, 1480 Rue Crevier, needs to be flushed, but they will be useful in the future, :-)) because they are the loose and untied strings which will be easy to pull to catch the actual culprit. :-)))))

Bottom line is: For one Shitty women from Mexico or Switzerland who wants to consolidate her position and lay her hands on something that was looted by another shitty women from Toronto, hundreds of pale cowards and other innocent people not connected with any of these two shitty women are suffering for nothing. :-) 

Pale cowards, we can understand, they are useless to anyone including Canada, :-) but people who are not aware or connected in any way to these shitty women or their political parties, why they have to suffer for nothing, I do not understand.

Now all old women all over the world are put to hardship and unnecessary pain and sufferings, now what proxy game is this and who is getting benefit, I am not sure.

But one thing is very clear to me, one of these two shitty women will spend their remaining life in a prison, that is the destiny. :-) does not matter how many useless pale cowards are working for them or in their favour.  :-))  Because Crime/Fraud never pays.

I am and always will be standing in their (both of them) opposition.


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