Jun 2, 2015

Current: 02 June 2015- Who stole our summer???

Actually I want to publish only one post every month, but so much is happening and I am forced to publish more then one post every month, :-))  few people suffering from Obsessive compulsory disorder, and also addiction, very chronic addiction are giving me so much data I some times feel I should have my blog connected to my brain and all I had to do is speak my thoughts and they should get published, ya! that also means I am getting very lazy, :-)  and Canadian weather is also responsible for this, every one is lazy in this country no one wants to work, last year and this year also we are heating our apartments in June also, who stole our summer??

Actually to me it appears that the weather of each country somehow got linked with the mentality of the people running it, :-)) and as the mentality in India appears to be too hot, so the weather is very hot there, and in Canada the mentality of these folks is very cold so the weather is getting cold even in June, and another thing is reverse games, few people who were supposed to be responsible since they were directly responsible for how governments should work have been playing reverse games, meaning If some advise was given to them they suggested exactly opposite, :-) particularly the Conservatives did this, also Indian government also did, :-)) even a good advise was reversed, so I think this is also the reason for reverse climatic conditions, like cold in June when people expect summer. :-))

It seems Africans are getting lots of rain, while many parts of California and India are going dry.

Then there are my favourite "pale cowards", :-))  my my my  my what a breed, :-)))))))))))  who take everything very literally, :-) they think If they use cold wavelengths of Infra red rays, the weather of Montreal will be hot, :-)) but it is getting cold, may be they think I am like one of the elements or something, :-)) so these fellows addicted and suffering from obsessive compulsory disorders continuously expose me to cold Infra red rays from my neighbours apartment, forcing me to start heating the apartment when the temperatures are 15 degrees outside and 25 degrees inside. :-)) This is cowards science. :-))

And I did not sign any consent form for this experimentation. :-)) I guess Canadians do not have to sign such forms. :-))

I was also thinking does it work that you expose someone with cold waves or rays of Infra red light and expect the weather to pick up towards summer temperatures, but it is going down :-))

But to my knowledge there are deities who govern elements and various factors of weather, and in olden days in India If the weather got too hot or too cold or too dry, they would try to appease these deities with Yagna and got relief, but now even Indians they look towards London for answers. :-))

There was this guy (Lord something) :-) from England visited India in 1835 and wrote in one of the newspapers, " what morals, what wealth, what a country, I have not seen a single beggar, what ethics etc, and then he added, to truly dominate this country we will have to destroy there culture and replace it with our English culture, and then that is what they did and left with a remark, "Ah!! Country of snake charmers", :-)) and irony is truly dominated snake charmers even today look towards London for all answers, :-)) while they sit on a treasure of well researched wealth of knowledge. :-)))))))))

While Indians are breaking their heads with Germany and French languages, there is no other place on Earth where Vedas are researched more extensively and seriously in London then elsewhere. :-))


Imagine, 50 years back someone would place a TV in front of people and switch it ON and OFF from a remote point, people watching it would say, magic!!! but today ask a kid 2 years old, the answer is where is my remote. :-)

I think there is nothing called magic and anything that people are not able to explain, it was/is called magic!! :-)) I guess "magic", is a layman's term. :-)

Another situation, Imagine, 50 years back If you took people from middle Earth taken to north pole and just before the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) appear, wave a magic wand and said, "abracadabra", and zoom, northern lights would appear, people would be just stunned with that magic. :-)))

So when there is nothing called magic then it being white or black does not make any sense, recently my kids talked about some game called "charlie charlie are you there", :-)) on a piece of paper, draw a square and write "yes", on two opposite corners and "No", on the other two opposite corners, place two pencils on top of each other like on X and Y coordinates, and ask, Charlie Charlie are you there, the pencil would move sometimes for YES and even for No, :-)) I said OK If Charlie was present then he can answer YES, but how can he answer NO, :-))

My suggestion: say Charlie Charlie are you there, If you get the answer YES, then ask him to go to hell. :-))))))))

Then there is this Ouija board to call spirits, :-)) one can see the demo on you tube, :-))) I was thinking how people find so much time and money to do all these stupid things.


555 Chabanel Ouest, it is a huge building and most of the drama also happens here, ;-) mostly around 10 am and 3pm, one can see long queues of people smoking and  flinging the ugly cigarette butts everywhere, once it hit me on my body,  :-)))))))  but that is not the issue, the issue is national bank has kept a small board on which it is written, " ZONE NON FUME", meaning smoke free zone, and every day one can see folks standing next to it smoking and all these folks are pale. :-))))))

I was surprised to note that people in Quebec had filed a class action suit years back against three tobacco giants, and this week they got a multi billion $ decision from a court, and it seems the plea was they were not aware that cigarettes were injurious to health, :-)))))))) and they want compensation for smoking them. :-))

I think manufacturers clearly inform through printing on their packs that "Cigarette smoking is injurious to health", If people don't read this then it is their problem, one can not expect the manufacturer to go to each and every smoker and tell him, "that ugly thing in your mouth can kill you". :-))

If someone comes to you and says, what should people do to avoid smoke related ailments, "just don't smoke", but I have no answer if it is related to second hand smoke from people standing near a non smoking zone, :-)) I guess governments will have to issue tickets for smoking in public and exposing people to second hand smoke, I think China did a wonderful thing but to put such a law in force is a challenge, but it is better to have a law in place then nothing.

Thanks to my father I hate that thing called cigarette and  the smoke.

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