Jun 4, 2015

Current 04 JUNE 2015, Cowards running out of ideas

I am surprised to note that FIFA actually allowed one person to hold their top office for 5 terms and that person claims he is clean, :) while everyone else are neck deep in corruption and fraud, I think no public office should be allowed for more then two terms for any one person, it should be mandatory to leave any public office after two terms, I think US has this system for the office of President, which is very good.

And Canada has put turf on all 6 venues for FIFA women's football, and I think that is not fare, If men play on grass then women should also play on grass, when everyone is objecting particularly those who play on it then it should have been considered, but how can one tell people who have no idea about the field they are managing.

FIFA has officials I am sure they never played football in their life,
Cricket Board is managed by people who never played Cricket,
Pharmaceutical companies are managed by people who either left Science after high school or never liked Science, :-))

My experience is most pharmaceutical companies are managed by receptionists who have more say and power then the scientists working in the lab, I thought this was only in India but even here in Canada/Quebec this is the norm, scientists are treated like doormat by these receptionists and other administrative staff which is very sick.

Like this If you take any organization, people who have nothing to do with the line are actually on the top positions. :-))

RCMP: Now they say because of lack of training, funds and guns the RCMP officers could not enter the parliament and stop the shooter, :-)) which clearly tells how dangerous are these RCMP officers with loaded guns and no training, :-)) Canadians need to save their ass.
Actually the problem with RCMP is not because of lack of funds or guns, it is the following two issues,
1) Recruitment policy
2) Training after recruitment
Like any other government office, or even any private place of work in Canada and Quebec like Tim Hortons, the recruitment policy is based on skin color, pale skin in Canada/Quebec is a qualification and personality is not given any value, and this is the main reason why incompetence has creeped in almost every department of Canadian government, and this has not happened recently, this has been the norm since a long time, the policy is
Pale on top, Brown in middle and black in bottom, :-)) In a way it is apartheid.
If you take a look at the courses in Cegep in Quebec that lead to the recruitment of police officers, you will find only pale skin students in those programs others are either discouraged or not allowed to join them, there might be exceptions one or two, I am talking about general policy.

I think most non pale applicants are rejected how they handle the gun even before they are recruited, which is absurd, and If one can take a look at the recent parliament hill shooting not one RCMP officer looked like he had any minimum training to handle guns and they shot 56 bullets to kill a single man, and some 35 bullets hit the man but he kept fighting, that shows the level of training imparted to these officers.

The police officers in Canada/Quebec start their day with a huge breakfast and then they go around the streets making some noise, and then retire in their shells watching locals living their life through so called illegal surveillance, and they are so addicted to this racial profiling and watching people in their homes that running after the shooter mus t have been like a herculean task and out of the normal.

The funny part was, when the shooter stops his car and takes few moments to get down from the car with this long gun, while three officers in plain clothes are watching him with pistols in their hands, and once the shooter is out of his car and is walking towards the gate, the three guys with pistols in their hands run helter skelter to save their lives, :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))  they had pistols in their hands and they were about 10 feet's away from the car. :-)) now tell me what they would do If they had more money or bigger guns they still be running away. :-))

I think Government of Canada should dismantle RCMP and put it to rest in some museum, like CIA, RCMP has lost its significance in current era, so when something looses its significance that should be dismantled and placed in a museum, otherwise to keep their importance they end up committing illegal things.
First Nations: Cultural Genocide.

I think where ever the English went, they committed "Cultural Genocide".

It was very sad to note how their children were taken away and treated like animals by Canadians, some 7 generations of children were taken away and we talk about Hitler and his evil ways with children and Jews etc but nothing about Canadians and English men doing this.

I think it is very shameful that we have people among us who might have been part of that, and no one is talking about any punishment to them, few words of sympathy and then back to your life, have a donut and cappuccino and that is it. :-))

Like Nazi's were pursued and punished over a long time, every single person responsible for the cultural genocide of first nations should be pursued, found and punished in court of law.

After all it is a question of 6000 or more children.

It is also very sad to note that some 15,000 first nations children are still in foster care, foster care system has actually failed big time in US and Canada and now India is talking about foster care system.

I am not sure how long children around the world will be subjected to all these inhuman conditions to settle personal scores and proxy wars, people have no guts and courage to settle personal scores face to face.

In this regard pale folks not just in Canada or Quebec, every where around the world have been the worst offenders.
9 Senators down: :-) Ottawa

It seems 9 Senators in Ottawa got stuck in the net of Auditor general and one of them is threatening that "If you wash dirty linen in the public then this is what happens and then you will have to pay the price also", I am not sure whom he is threatening but folks take cover, they might as well behave like terrorists. :-)) See FIFA "If I am going down I will take everyone with me", is the norm.

Long time back in one company in India,  few huge milk tankers vanished in the middle of the night never to be found, though there was two tier security present, and after few years the estate manager who managed the security then also, constructed a huge big house beyond his means of earning and everyone (except me, he did not invite me) had a sumptuous lunch and congratulated him, and he did not loose his respect any where, his children were sent to US for higher education and what not. :-))

In the same company an honest employee one day lost control on his ethics and mis appropriated 8 Rs, :-)) yes this is really laughable, just 8Rs, which in Canadian funds is 10 cents, :-)) he was caught by the accounts for mis appropriating 10 cents and poor fellow under pressure pleaded guilty and he lost his reputation in the company as a thief who tried to steal 10 cents, :-))) and he also lost his opportunities to climb up the corporate ladder. :-)))))))))))))))))

And his name was Ramachander, :-)))))))))) I guess parents should name their children very carefully, like when people listen to this story they laugh but when you tell them the the name of the person, then the reaction is, Oh!! he should be hanged for that, after all his name is Ramachander.

When petty cash runs in millions of dollars in Ottawa, few Senators must have taken 10,000$ or more thinking no one will ask or say anything after all they are the ruling class. :-)))  They should be careful now the thinking is changing, the people who swindle huge milk tankers and will not let others steal 8Rs are fighting tooth and nail to reach the top. :-)))

The Evil five are here and they would say "Cover your ass".
Conservatives-S Harper,

It is sad to know that after 10 years in power Conservatives are in such a situation they have to dance to the tunes of someone in the Liberals camp, :-)) and fortunate thing for Harper is Liberals do not have enough seats in the parliament, :-)) NDP has some seats but again NDP is not the party of choice for these folks who control Democracy in Canada. :-)))))))))))

What ever I write here somone is following it word by word and is using to distribute the bad ideas to people like Harper ( Train Ukrain police) :-))  and Conservatives and good ideas are kept for future use for Liberals or democrats under Hillary Clinton etc, even Obama did not get them because he is black and these people are keeping the ideas for Hillary Clinton, again they waited almost 8 years for this, :-)) now I get it why pale cowards just fooled around for the last 8 years, they just wanted these 8 years to pass.  

But they failed to understand one thing, what was good 8 years back might not be even significant now, so what a waste of time.

Someone from Liberals camp has promised Hillary Clinton that they will make her the next president of USA. wow!!  what a confidence.

Don't you think first you have to wash your ass first with whatever water you have and then wash others asses. :-)))))))))))

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