Jun 15, 2015

Current 15 JUNE 2015- G7 or Grocery stores 7.

The best news we heard last week was from NDP leader Mr Thomas Mulcair, "Abolish Senate", :-) this will not only reduce burden on the government and it will also curb the illegal activities these folks do for themselves or for the elected representatives, :-) I think there should be no place for any nominated position in the government, but unfortunate things is almost every country which boasts of some form of democracy has a house full of nominated people who are mostly burden on the exchequer.

Other things NDP can do are,

1 Ban all kinds of fire arms on the streets, which means even police , RCMP or any other security outfit should not be allowed with guns on the streets, they can carry batons. :-)
2) There should be some form of mid day eals for all children in Canada/Quebec, which will reduce lot of stress on the part of parents, and they can be stress free what their kid will eat in the lunch time, but the food YMCA is catering in many schools in Quebec, is substandard and kids have been complaining of many foreign material in the food, like human hair, rotten items etc.  I think this is a shameful thing for Canada, which boasts of being a member of G7. :-))
3) Education from Pre Scolaire to University should be free for people who pay Income Tax and Sales Tax federal and Provincial. or
4) There should be no Income Tax, and only Sales Tax or purchase tax and then people would not mind paying for education and health, but current situation is they have to pay income tax, sales tax, and many other taxes, and forced contributions and also they have to pay for education and health, which is too much.
5) Private Doctors should be the norm and doctors should not  be on government pay scale.
6) Roads should be of top notch from coast to coast, I think roads are what people need more then twice daily, and look at the roads in G7 country, :-))  Indian roads appear much better.

CAA has conducted a contest " Hall of Shame', for Quebec roads, after few roads were nominated the repair work were taken up like near Sauve and Hubert.
:-))) If one can open their eyes, ears and brain they can see millions of things which are yet to be done, but people from all political parties are shut and open to only one or two puppeteers.

Schools in Quebec are with out proper parking facilities for teaching staff, asking for parents would be like day dreaming.

I should say Conservatives have been in power for more then 10 years now with out any proper policy change from Liberals, except for few things, in fact they have policy like, no long gun registry and at the same time they also have a terror attack in the parliament, a long gun was used by the so called terrorist, :-) ( I am sure no one saw the 35 bullets ridden dead body of the the so called terrorist. :-)) and Canadian media so loyal to the government they don't ask a question, they just jot it down word by word and print what ever is given to them, good boys and girls. :-) 

What else Canada needs to become "Marche Canada", Monarchy is there, half baked democracy is also there, nominated senate is also there, and loyal media is there, only we have to borrow clergy from Italy or Vatican city for apologies, :-)))

(Note: Many might not know "Marche", is a french word for Grocery or convenience store. :-)

And to fight this kind of terror Conservatives have passed bill no 51, and at the same time they have warned anyone registering long guns in Canada. :-))

I think only some kind of genius can run a party like this, other wise with such policies no party can hold power for more then one term, or it is the dumb opposition which has no ideas what to do which gave advantage to Conservatives.

The Liberals are focused on my left arm, they think this is it, :-) I think they have come to a conclusion that the best proxy for "Bitch from hell", is pain in the left arm, what else one can expect from a women (75 yrs) who calls herself "bitch from hell", :-)) the queen of lies. :-)

Indian Marines adventure in Myanmar, :-)) Bravo!!

That is the spirit, learn from China and NATO, just invade, :-)) and claim it is ours, do it with Pakistan also, that would be appreciated by even nature,. :-))

Canada or Marche Canada. :-))

Yes that is right Canada a member of G7 is fast becoming a grocery store, :-)) any thing is available  you should know the right person, better If you know the genius. :-)

RCMP is to begin with some time back I read some one called them, "Registered collectors of Members of Parliament", but I think they are "Rascals collaborating with Mean people", :-)) this suits them better.

Then we have CSIS and ISIS, difference is :

CSIS is Canadian, and it screws Canadians in Canada and abroad, so they can be called "Canadians screwed internationally and in society", and now they have bill 51, thanks to some genius. :-)))))

ISIS is Islamic from Middle east, they screw Muslims in particular and everyone in general in Middle east, thanks to few misadventures of NATO, which I think can stand for "North Atlantic Terrorist organization". :-) But it seems Canada is very eager to import it in to Canada, :-))

Please use your indigenous shit that should be enough. :-))))))))))
How do you move from point X to Z,

Normal people would go or take the shortest route to reach point Z via Y or even direct to Z, but I have seen a shit in Toronto who started from point "X"  way back around 1993 and then went through point q, t, p, l, n, o, u, r, v, to b and c and then y and from y, she is going to k and this took her 22 years and still they have to reach point "Z", :-)) by the way they have run out of time but they prefer one baby step at a time. :-)) and If I read pale cowards messages correctly she is managing Liberal party of Canada. :-))))))))))

Now it makes sense why Liberals are in Deep Shit.

I bumped in to this shit in 2001, as If the shit herself was not enough, she brought another shit as a genius or peer in 2002 and both these shitty women won't just go away and mind their business, It seems I have become their bread and butter, other then me they have no other agenda. :-))

Another point to note is, they have Plan A to Z and the first plans is "Screw and Control" and the last plan also is  Screw and Control. :-)))

I know lot of people,  including some 4 to 5 PhD's are waiting for some returns for all the cooperation they extended to these shitty women in pulling down a small pharmaceutical company from 7$ to 0.1 cents worth, but that is their fate and I would say bad judgment, even I left the good one and took the bad one.

If it is possible, someone should invent a"Time Machine", so that I can go back in 2001 and take one of the other options which were in my hand, then at least politicians and political parties would not be weighing their political future on my personal life. :-)

Bad or Poor Judgment:

If there are two separate Vehicle identification numbers, it means there are two separate cars, but If some genius thinks it is one car, that is very poor judgment.

If You think a person is a genius or a peer and after few years your thinking changes to an idiot, that is very poor judgment.

If you think you can fool everyone always, it is a poor judgment.

If you think you can fool someone with cock and bull stories, it is a poor judgment.

If you think Immigrants come to Canada because they are desperate, your judgment is very poor.

If you think everyone is a refugee in Canada and they are looking for heaven, very poor judgment.

If you build castles on lies or cock and bull stories, very poor judgment.

If you think life is ike a movie, very poor judgment.

If you think people will fight for you with your enemies, very poor Judgment.

If you think people will forgive you after you tormented them for 10 years, very poor judgment, I would say you should rather keep your neck safe.

If you think people forget things after few years so you can build a new story with lies, :-)) there are people who don't forget things, unfortunately for you I am one of them. :-))))))))))))))))

People with poor judgment should not try to show their intelligence, again that would be poor judgment.

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