Jun 18, 2015

Current 18 June 2015, Hackerville's government websites hacked

Our top soldier, tries to speak some truth about behaviour in armed forces of Canada, and even before he could say anything he was shushed by almost everyone from Conservatives to Media and even people, and everyone is saying it is not acceptable. :-))

I fail to understand what is not acceptable, Lawson speaking truth about the sexual behaviour in Armed forces of Canada or the sexual behaviour in Armed forces of Canada as told by Lawson, I think he should have been asked the details what happens to women when they are surrounded by men 80 to 20 ratio in Canadian armed forces. :-))

Media should have asked about the details, Peter Manbridge of CBC TV who interviewed Lawson should have tried to get details what happens, when he said "we are biologically wired", but every one shushed him and apology for what?? :-)

I don't understand apology for what? for speaking the truth or trying to expose some behaviour which is not acceptable. Lawson has again proved that it is so difficult to speak truth in Canada, and may be this is the reason why no one comes forward to speak the truth, every one is happy living in a shell made of lies.

In Telugu there is a saying for this, "Musuku Lo Guddhulata", meaning boxing inside a shroud, but if it comes out it is not acceptable.

Native Indians in Canada had suffered and continue to suffer so much at the hands of pale folks from Europe, and this has remained under wraps for so long and today it is in open, and see who has to apologise, Pope.

If Lawson's of then governments were allowed to speak the truth, then Native kids would not have suffered all that they have gone through for nothing, just because some sick numb fellow on the top wanted to control this part of the world, which was never his world to begin with.

Point is everyone seems to be OK to keep the bad behaviour of men in armed forces/RCMP or towards the women soldiers under wraps but no one wants to deal with it and address it, it is like women are being told by everyone this is your problem and you have to deal with it your way, but the government or media or even people are not ready to deal with it or even address it as a problem, because it undermines Canadian forces. :-))

When such problems surface I don't what happens to all the so called development. :-))

Governments websites hacked in Hackerville (Canada) :

I think in Canada there are five major hackers who have ability, facility, means and funds to hack servers with such precision,

1) CSIS it self, This is a Canadian screwing agency paid by our tax dollars and now they have Bill C51, so what do you expect. :-)) and recently on national TV the Assistant director of CSIS said, they hack.

2) RCMP, RCMP is like the logistics and executing manager, even they have all those capacities like CSIS to hack anything electronic with such precision.

3) Local police stations: They have everything like RCMP and they hack every single electronic gadget in their jurisdiction, that includes teen kids cell phones and  ipods of children.

4) Armed forces, but they are not insane to hack government websites, I am sure they are very disciplined.

5) USA & UK agencies like NSA, CIA, FBI, MI5 or MI6 and other 16 intelligence agencies all have the ability to hack with precision. :-))

One location where these hacking gadgets are kept and used is Apt no 3,( 5&7 also might be keeping them), 1480 Rue Crevier Saint Laurent, Quebec H4L2X3. and Police Quartier numero 6 is loaning the gadgets to this apartment and they might be working for Liberal Party of Canada, it is in Liberal constituency of Mr Stephen Dion MP. :-))

This is same as residential school thing, today they are doing it, tomorrow they will apologise.

I think this has become the nature of pale folks, do it now and ask for an apology in future. :-))

Vote for NDP:

1) They want to abolish the corrupt senate.
2) They are against bill C 51
3) They have never managed Ottawa
4) They are with new ideas and new mindset, only problem is they might be armtwisted by Democrats of USA. :-)

So Vote for NDP or is there any other party good enough to try this elections.

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