Jun 29, 2015

Current 29 2015: Twisted and Perverted folks are responsible

I am not sure why people are attracted towards their destruction, more then towards better life, I think genetically everyone is inclined towards destruction, look at twisted Leech Slime (65 yrs old), I have warned her so many times in past 10 or more years and yet she wants to die in my hands. :-)) Leech has to understand this simple thing, I am her "death", in waiting, in Hindi we call "I am her Yama". :-)) actually she should run as far as possible from me, may be to Mexico or Cuba, but "Vinasha kaale Viparita Buddhi", meaning when destruction is near the mind also does not work in your favour. :-)) And I did dissect Leech in our biology class. :-)

And the other perverted S#!t (75 yrs old) is playing some game which benefits no one, same thing with the pale cowards I don't have any idea for whom they are playing, even with them no one is benefiting, even they themselves are in such deep S#!t, yet they continue to play their shitty games.

And Bitch from hell, I would like to see her spend her life in a prison, counting bars, that would be a fitting reply to a fraudulent character who plays with new immigrants.
David Cameroon:  He said it is not Islamic terrorists who are killing people it is some twisted and perverted characters, and Islam is a peaceful religion. :-)) he is absolutely right, it is the twisted and the perverted who are responsible for all the mayhem.

But David Cameroon did not clarify whom were they bombing for the last 20 years then, and a religion which begins with blood and pain (mutilation of private parts), how can that be a peaceful religion. :-)

And he also did not tell who are responsible for creating characters so twisted and perverted, may be he should ask MI5 or MI6. :-)))

Equality: LGBT??

It is so funny how people lost their common sense and are dancing like puppets, they say and do anything when told with a little money to go with it, I am talking about the gay pride parade, they are talking about equality, there was this bollywood heroin, S Jaitly, :-)) she said, there is no equality between LGBT and normal people. :-))

I think she does know, in this world (her own country India)  we have yet to achieve equality for:

Men and Women,
White and Black,
Visible majority and Visible minority,
Higher caste and Lower caste,
Rich and Poor,
Politically connected and politically not interested,
Liberals and Conservatives and other types, :-))

and many more are there and look where her priority lies, "equality for LGBT and normal people".

I am not being homophobic, but the way LGBT is being put as a major distraction by all political parties, :-)) it would not be long when normal people will be prosecuted for having normal sexual relations, i.e. Men with Women ( Read 1984 by George Orwell). :-))

Like I said, for personal political reasons people will make this such a priority that only LGBT will be tolerated and normal people will have to find nooks and corners away from eyes and ears of all the intelligence communities to engage in sex, :-)) it is not a joke, this will happen not very far from now, and this will happen more among the pale communities then non pale communities. :-))

Nip it in the bud or :-)) this will be the major reason why one will not see any pale folks after 2060 on this earth.

All the best, because that is one direction I would not take.

Air India Bombing: 1985 Canada

Air India flight Kanishka was blown in midair in 1985 just outside Canadian border, the flight departed from Toronto and transited in montreal and left for London.

It seems the investigation by RCMP is still open and ongoing since 1985, which is kind of a surprise for me, because in Canada the police does not look into cases more then 6 months old. :-)

Anyway I think too many people were involved in this bombing, hence the truth remained hidden, it is like Sep 9/11 too many people when involved the truth take a long time to come out and now it has been 30 years since the flight went down.

My opinion is, given the parties which were then charged so got involved, there was a mass international cooperation to pull this flight down and that cooperation one can see even today in Canada, when uniformed policemen escort rally's with pictures of terrorist who assasinated a prime  minister of a foreign country or pulled down an Air India flight, are taken out openly in Toronto and Vancouver and elsewhere in Canada, and the Candian government does not even raise their eyebrow, and RCMP says they are investigating for 30 years. :-))

I think everyone from, Indian government, Canadian government, RCMP, local Police, CSIS, and few paid Sikh, everyone who could contribute to this tragedy using their not so august offices, like Sep 9/11, did with out any shame, and poor innocent 320 people on board got killed for nothing.

I think the families of those who perished should sue Canadian government, RCMP, Air Port authority of Toronto, Montreal, Indian Government, Air India to get the truth out.

There will be another day when the Canadian government will ask for an apology for this also, not to the Sikh Community but to the families of these 320 people who got killed.

Investigating for 30 years, what a joke..................................tch tch tch
Alberta and minimum wage to 15$ by 2018:

At least someone felt the need that even people in the bottom rung need some raise, 10 years of Conservative rule and Ukrain, Ukrain, Ukrain, or Russia Russia Russia, people of Canada were never a priority of Harper, :-))

15$ minimum wage should have been 5 years back every where in Canada, and at least Alberta will do it for their 35,000 minimum wage people, but by 2018.

When it is the turn of bottom rung people, even a $ is seen like a fortune, and a million for the top rung folks is like ah!! peanuts, :-)) I think NDP will bring lot of changes in this country, good for the people of Canada.

Or they will have to break their head with Harper or Liberals for another 5 years or so, all we will hear is Ukrain, Ukrain, Ukrain, or Russia Russia Russia. :-)

My estimate is the minimum wage by 2018 should be 21$ and illegal immigrants will then be paid at least 12$ per hour, now they must be getting 6 or 8$ per hour cash.

Actually Quebec used to be in the forefront in such issues, but this time Alberta took lead.

If they lead what happens,

If "Bitch from hell",  leads, then everyone will be screwing each other for 5$ worth of donuts,

If "Leech Slime", leads, then everyone will be screwing each other for no reason and nothing. :-)))

If pale Cowards lead, which they are doing now, everyone will screw each other with no end in sight.

If a pale man or women (white person) leads, only white people will benefit, which has been the case for the last 100 years :-)) others are screwed for no reason or for nothing.:-)))))))))))

If a Punjab man or women leads, only Punjabi close to him or her will benefit, :-)) and everything has to be Punjabi, food, furniture, clothes, religion, music and every where you will have Gurudwaras. 

If a Gujarati Man or women leads, then only few Gujju folks will benefit, :-))

If a black man or women leads, only white people will get benefit, e.g. South Africa, Obama :-)) I don't know what is wrong with them, they suffer from some kind of slave genes, or they have suffered so long they might have a slave gene which does not allow them to stand up to those people who torment them. :-))))))))

If a Jew leads, everyone dies.    :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))  ??????? :-))

If a Muslim leads, everyone will have to get their private parts mutilated, and convert to Islam, :-))

If a Christian leads, then all Native people, Children, women and non Christians are in trouble. :-)

If a Frenchman or women leads, then English will takeover and french will leave. :-)))))))))))

If a English man or women leads then, Only the Queen in Bukingham palace is rich, Scotts, Irish, all loose in a big way, then what will happen to Indians and Pakistani? :-)) they clean toilets in London Airport. :-)))))))))))) and we have already seen this, they looted 160 countries for 400 years or more and they still have a Veto in Security council of UNO. :-))))))))))))))

If an American Leads, we have seen this since 1950 onwards, :-)) it is very tough for countries which do not follow their dictum.

If a Spanish leads, it is mayhem of all kinds, it is chaos, It is noise, and what not.

If a Canadian (born in Canada and pale)leads,  Everyone will loose their privacy, confidentiality, and will be under surveillance 24/7 and will be subjected to various government sponsored illegal medical research, like brain research, nothing will be free from tracking devices, homes, cars, schools, hospitals, government offices, private property, shopping malls, dentists office, airports, flights, taxi, :-)) and for small small health problems one will have to look for help outside. :-)))))))))))

Native people, Children, New Immigrants, Visible minority everyone will be subjected to racial profiling 24/7.

If a Mexican leads, then every where you will have drug cartels, and only white people will benefit, others will screw each other for nothing. :-)) scary, how people in Mexico even sleep.

If a Swiss leads, Only Swiss will benefit, others will screw themselves, :-))))))))))))))) but others can always save their illegal wealth in Switzerland so that Swiss remains filthy rich.

If a Greek leads, :-))))))))))))))))))))))))  Everyone will default and live on 60$ per day wage or pension. Scary situation.

If a German leads, Then USA and Russia will be in cold war for ever, and others will screw each other, they are the smart folks always they have the upper hand. :-))

If Chinese leads, :-))  They have the Intelligence, Mullah, Liquid Cash and determination and Buddhist culture, only problem is they consume anything that moves and they occupy any land and claim it is theirs. :[

If an Indian leads, which Indian??? big question, Punjabi, Gujurati, Malayali, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Oriyya, Tamil, Kanada, Rajasthani, Pahadi, Bihari, Gorakha, Assamese, Kashmiri, :-) then the other things come like, religion, caste, rich or pauper.  :-)) but who ever leads, white people will benefit, black will suffer, poor will suffer, rich will be filthy rich, lower caste will suffer, higher caste will rule, :[

If a Pakistani leads, :[[[[   Nothing can scare the hell out of you.........:-)) Nightmarish :[[[[[[ and either China or USA, UK, Canada might be dealing for smallsmall things or taking control.

If a French Quebecoise leads, :-) Everyone will have to talk quebec french, walk quebec french, la la la la la la la la and some Bitch from hell from Ontario will call all the shots. :-))

If a Native Indian leads??  We have no idea, poor folks have been in trouble since a long time, so I have no idea how they govern ? their situation is worse then refugees in their own motherland, first the French and English took away what they deserve, then the impersonators from Canada took away what ever they deserve, and now there is a new breed of impersonators, pale folks from Switzerland, Mexico, Cuba, and even Jews wants to lick away whatever is sticking to their mouths. :-))

Joe Norton has come back, instead of selling Lakota, he should consolidate all true Native folks and try to form a political party, my heart bleeds for the native people of Canada and USA. :-(

And see where they are suffering, in Canada and USA, two most vocal or audacious countries which preach human rights all over the world. :-)))

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