Jul 13, 2015

Current 13 JUL 2015-Lessons to Learn

Lesson to learn:  Never dig a hole so deep and wide that it becomes difficult for the digger to come out of it and might need the help to climb out of it. :-))

This is a lesson for Leech Slime and bunch of cowards over enthusiastically working for her for the last 10 years or more. :-)) There is this pale coward in Saint Laurent he has been banging his head against the floor for last 10 years or more.

Leech has to run now, may be to Mexico, or Cuba or Luxembourg or Switzerland or even Egypt, because Canada is going to become a very dangerous place for her, like I said there are too many people thirsty of her blood, :-)) so Leech run, :-) the pale cowards who have been very supportive of you have no where to go, they have sealed their fate with their stupid games.

So she has made so many enemies for herself that I need to do nothing, I will sit and watch the rat run for its life. :-))

I remember James Coburn was Leech Slime's favourite Hollywood hero, :-))

Another movie, Good, Bad and The Ugly, Leech Slime gave me a copy of this movie back in 2003, and this weekend it was screened on some channel, I think this movie in a way depicts the three parties involved in the Canadian Monkey Business.

1) Bitch from hell (Blondy)
2) Leech Slime      (Mexican)
3) The pale cowards (The Bad)

:-)) The bad gets killed first, who is in a blue uniform and has a large following of soldiers, and then the Blondy and the Mexican betray each other, in this story also we have Bitch from hell who is a Blondy and Leech Slime is a Mexican, :-))))))))))))

So as per this movie, Blondy, The good and the Mexican, the Ugly share the loot 50-50, but in the current Canadian story, Bitch from hell is not as good as Blondy from the movie, she is very greedy, so Leech Slime, "the mean", will have to forget about the loot and run for her life. :-))

Pale cowards think, like movies, in real life there are no escape roots once anyone is trapped, :-)) and I think unlike movies, real life has 100 options always available, it is only the parties involved need to forgo their ego and grudges. :-))

NDP and Finance Minister,

It seems NDP is looking for a finance ministerial candidate, they should take a look at Amanda Lang of CBC TV, she talks so much about finance all the time and even O'leary can not match her acumen, so they should consider her as a serious candidate for the finance ministry, If they win.
My Gujarati Friend:

One of my Gujarati friend, who is around 50, has been very vocal about few pale folks and their kids taking up Sanatana dharma ( wrongly called Hindus) and dress up like renounced sadhus in Orange clothes and they distribute bhagavad gita to strangers in Montreal in a ISKON temple, yes i.e Hare Rama Hare Krishna cult, and this man from India believes that these pale folks have balls to take a foreign religion and learn Sanskrit and also teach Sanskrit to people and he felt that Indians have no such balls and including him do not talk about their culture and see these people they are talking about a different religion and culture. :-))

"Balls or no Balls", I felt everyone involved are either too free to do this or are so misguided that they have no idea what they are doing that includes my Gujarati friend, he donated 2000$ for construction of a temple here in Montreal, while they already had a temple and can barely say few lines of Hanuman Chalisa. :-))

The Orange clothes or Kashaya Vastra are worn by people who renounce the world and it is a symbol that they need to be left alone because they have nothing to do with the world, but these pale folks at ISKON temple have their children wear them. :-)

Children need to grow up like any other children and attend school and play, Spirituality and religion should begin after they turn 40, and they distribute Bhagavad Gita booklets to strangers, :-) instead of wasting their money on small booklets of Bhagavad Gita, you never know where they end up, someone gave a similar copy to my wife few years back and I never saw her reading it, :-) they should conduct satsang where people who can not read or understand  Sanskrit should be preached, discussed the essence of Gita, because Gita is the only scripture which tells about what to do with that one god, "the final message", or the bottom line all other scriptures stop at.

More then distributing, reading, and even understanding any scripture, and how you dress, most important thing is what you implement from any scripture, other wise every thing you do is a waste, someone said, knowledge is useless If it does not translate in to Bhakti, or devotion, mere perfecting the Sanskrit  grammar or learning a liturgian language will not do any good in terms of spirituality.

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