Jul 17, 2015

Current 17 Jul 2015-What else can be done for the comfort of white man.

Obama goes to jail: :-) At least after 6 years in office Obama felt that he should look into something he should have done at the first place, given his family background and his wife's background, but he is not alone, this is the trend of world leaders all over the world, personal benefit first and then think about the world If you get time, I think Obama's are already millionaires, :-) but there has been hardly any change in the lives of millions of people who had hoped that he will bring some change in their lives, so instead of Obama changing Washington, Washington changed Obama. :-))

And Mr Obama said, this world is safe now, because Iran has been stopped in its tracks, but Mr President what about tons of those things with Russia and they are not listening to you, also President of USA said, "we have stopped Nuclear arms in that region", I think Mr President in that region even Israel, Pakistan and India comes, who are all Nuclear powers in their own rights, who is going to stop them, then US logic might be, "They are all our friends", so it is OK.

What can be worse for USA that it is made to dance to the tunes of some socially sick old women from Canada, :-)) yes! this is the plight of USA, I don't know how it works, how can a Canadian control USA and its elected politicians, this is something I am unable to digest.

Same thing for Quebec, it is controlled by one person from Ontario, :-)

India is controlled by one person from Canada, and that one person ruined Congress-I led India, what ever condition Congress-I is in today, it is the result of direct instructions followed by Cong-I and its cronies and now the same person is instructing BJP, :-)) One should see Rajnath (Home Minister) and his speech, which has changed now a days and will appear lot common to speeches made by George Bush Jr when he was the president of USA. :-))

If BJP does not take precautions and keep its head above water (Trouble and mis directions from puppeteers from west) they are sure to end up where Congress-I is today, because the one person who tries to play around with world leaders is a very sick individual but due to some reason he is on the top (How I am still trying to figure out) and puppets ( All the intelligence agencies) follow him blindly and now he has assistant evil puppeteers, very sick women, these people are not bothered If a child goes hungry or an innocent person ends up in a prison, all they want is leaders world over (mostly elected) dance to their tunes and play their stupid proxy games and those who refuse are isolated and might as well face sanctions, (e.g. Russia, Iran), I think one such leader who refused to dance to their (Puppeteers from west) tunes was Mrs Indira Gandy and as a result India got its Nuclear capabilities, solved Bangladesh problem, and Non Aligned Movement was at its pinnacle which was an object of envy for the NATO, but she bumped into wrong people due to her son, Sanjay Gandy, who wanted to turn India in  to US overnight, as result she got involved in Emergency followed by Punjab Issue as a distraction, otherwise I am sure she would have solved Pakistan problem also. :-))

Because If any leader particularly from east dances to the tunes of puppeteers from the west, they will not be able to do any thing for their country, e.g. Nawaj Shareif of Pakistan, so instead of being a puppet in some anonymous persons hands be a puppeteers of your own destiny or take a good look at Cong-I. :-)))to reach their it takes just one election. :-))

BJP and its elected lot are following some instructions passed by puppeteers from west, but I am sure neither Mr Modi nor his party members have any idea who they are following, because the puppeteer is hidden to general public, so they operate through Intelligence agencies (CSIS-RAW collaboration) and diplomats, :-)) so ask Congress-I did they know whom they were following, I am sure the answer will be no, it was some babu in Delhi who was passing the information, and one of these babus is from Bihar, and this babu wants Nitesh Kumar to get that western support. :-)

How you will get into their games, :-) It is always cock and bull stories, and once you get into them there is no return, the Canadian cowards are good example, once they are engaged into something they never return back, they die with that thing, :-)))))))) the U turn is not taught to these people, they are taught just keep digging in one direction and even though world war was over long back there might be still few Canadian cowards digging in that direction, and once they die they are replaced with new recruits and they are told just dig in that direction and don't look back, :-)) and that Canadian coward digs in that direction with out asking any questions, :-)) and they never stop, If someone stops them today in 2015 and tells them, "Oh! Bozo, world war II was over long back in 1945, he will immediately call you a traitor and will get back to his digging. :-)))))))))

Today the situation of Canadian cowards is they are stuck in a hole they started digging in 2001, and they have dug up such a huge, deep and wide hole it is impossible for them to get out of it, and this hole was dug for me, :-))))))))))))))))))))))))) and situation is they need my help to get out of that hole, meaning I will have to cooperate with the diggers in some concocted lie where I will be the asshole and the diggers (That includes those nasty sick old women) the hero's. :-)))))))))))))))))))  This is white mans logic, white man always thinks like a chicken, "what else can be done for the comfort of a white man", this is his or her simple logic and all the puppeteers and puppets in the west follow this one commandment very religiously, :-) and they want all non white communities that includes Mr Modi, Obama, Rajnath Singh, etc. to work towards this goal, and Terrorism is one channel that goes towards it.

So BJP can take up this issue at their risk, but the benefit of this will only go towards the west, yes, you might end up spending money and expose your security loopholes to the west, :-)) it is like the currency conversion game, the benefit is always towards the chickens, take a good look at chickens they always comb things towards them never away from them, :-)) does not matter the finance minister is UK educated Manmohan Singh or Jaitly from some Indian university, whether the US economy goes up or down, Indian currency will always be devalued, :-)) whether Greece is bankrupt or Russia, Indian currency is always in danger of going down, :-)) but If India just for the sake of discussion goes bankrupt it will not effect US or Canadian currency, even Greece, it will only devalue Indian currency like Zimbabwe.

This is not economics, this is bullshit!!. :-))

Back in 1966's Indian economy was in peanuts, and one US dollar was around 7.8 Rupees and today the Indian economy with a growth of 10% :-)) ok 5% and third largest GDP etc. the one US dollar is around 60 Rs, what does it suggest, Indian economy has gone down 10 times or US economy has grown 10 times with growth rate of 1 or 2 %, ok US is a very large economy some 10 times bigger then India, but Canada, how can Canadian or Australian dollar be at 50 Rs, their GDP is not 10 times of Indian GDP, or they don't hold more gold then India, :-))

So dear economists in India, that includes Noble prize winner in Economics, I am sorry I forgot his name, he said If Mr Modi wins this elections I will do something to myself, :-)) my suggestion to him is please don't do anything to yourself, try to understand how this currency conversion game is played out always in favour of four or five currencies, US$, UK Pound CAN$, AUS$, Japan YEN, and Euro.

One simple question I would like to ask these five or six currencies, what do they have to back the value they carry, what is it, Oil, Gold, Silver, what is it, it is just paper and how can paper currency in US or UK be of more value then paper currency of India or Greece or Zimbabwe. :-))

How long will you be fooled and exploited by the white man, how long??? this is a direct question to people like Mr Modi, three hundred years of British mis- rule in the history books is not enough to open your eyes. :-))

To play this dirty game of currency conversion like chickens, India will have to play like Chinese Yuan or Japanese yen, so India go with your paisa forget about Rupee. :-))

Judgement of Bitch from hell:

It needs some back grounds from the past, because past is very important to understand the present and if you can understand the present then you can plan effectively for the future, so past is very very very important to remember and understand.

When Bitch from hell called me on my cellphone, May 11 or 12th of 2001, around 11:30 pm, I was alone in my home and I had rented an apartment for 800$ a month and was expecting my wife and my daughter on 19 May 2001, as their visa was dated to expire on 19 May 2001, this was a mischief by Canadian High Commission in Chandigarh, they send us Visa papers on Jan 1, 2001 and they were supposed to expire on 19 May 2001, so I had to hurry, resign from my job, get funds consolidated, and come to Canada, get myself a job to start earning and then call my wife and daughter, and luckily it all happened, when they arrived on 19 May 2001, I had one appointment letter in my hand and second one with Bitch from hell and company was in progress. :-))

So Bitch from hell asks me to see her the next day in Markham, so I visit her and she tells me If I would like to see a pharmaceutical plant in Varennes Quebec, and she tells me everyone speaks English there and they will arrange a french tutor for me, and she arranges for a visit to Varennes.

So me and another Indian PhD guy visit Varennes, airfare, limo service to pick up from home to Pearson airport and from Montreal airport to Varennes plant.

So we are greeted by SC, CG, CP and another lady SP, Head of QC-QA, she was CG boss, SP was later fired just before I joined, she worked only for 2 or 3 months, :-) I guess she was the first in the list of employees fired just like that.

So after some initial talks we were taken to old Montreal for a visit, but the actual purpose of the visit was to show us the adopted child of CG, a 3 or 4 year old black girl, :-)) so with all of us in the SUV, CG takes us to her daughters daycare centre and pick her up and then takes us around the old

Helene also had a 3 or 4 years old black child from her black husband,

So the adoption theory Leech tried to tells me is not her original story it was given to her by Bitch from hell and it was taken for granted that I am already into it because of couple of white women with black kids, :-)) some psychology. :-))

Then the second employee gets fired a Romanian Production manager, :-) and like a Mafia, every employee is told to keep away from her, I don't remember her last name, :-) .

The point is Judgement of Bitch from hell:

SP Head QC-QA joins and gets fired with in three months of her joining, I think CG was instrumental in her firing because CG was a hot commodity in Bitch from hell's book, someone who can manipulate and throw things around, this is vocabulary of Bitch from hell, "throw the things around".

CG, her pet, joins 2000, gets promoted in 2001, and gets fired in 2002, thanks to Leech.
Evalina joins in 2000, gets promoted in 2001, and gets fired in 2002, again thanks to Leech.
Helene,  joins 2001, gets promoted in one week, and leaves in 2002.
JS, Joins 1997, a PhD from UK, joins as Supervisor R&D and remains a supervisor till 2005, as far as I know, :-)) and most of the time Bitch from hell called him her teacher who taught her nuances of pharmaceutical industry, but pls note, JS never worked in a pharmaceutical industry before Dimethaid, he worked in a cosmetic company. :-)))))))))))))))))
Head QC-QA joins in 2002, works for three weeks and leaves scared of Leech. :-)
QA Manager Robber forehand, who got fired in his previous three assignments, is given this important position in a sagging company. ;-) I guess only a MBA can do this.
Leech: Joins 2002 as Associate QA, in few months is QC Manager, in few months again is back as specialist R&D-QA and then gets nominated in some political party as a genius. :-))
MLee: Bitch from hell ridicules her for her skin tan and praises CB skin tan in front of her. :-)) and today Bitch from hell is hanging on to this hapless girl for all her political and fraudulent ambitions. :-)) Joins in 2000, gets promoted in 2003, and leaves in 2005.

Myself: I join 2001 July, and gets a 6,000$ increment in early 2002, way before Leech joins, and after Leech joins I am not able to do my work, as per Leech and Bitch from hell, and I remain R&D chemist till Bitch from hell is fired herself, thanks to Leech, :-)) and I am fired in Nov 2004, thanks to Leech again. :-)

Cindy is also promoted in 2002 or 2003 as HR Manager and I think she still works there. :-))

Only people with pale skin were promoted under Bitch from hell, some with in one week, or few months or one year, and colored people like JS and me remained where they were, that is a bad judgement, she is not fit to judge anything.

Bitch from hell: She has a weak ear and greedy mouth, So she will trample those who trust her and she will also loose at the end, and those like me who never trusted her also loose, it is "loose loose situation" for everyone.  :-))

Leech: She has a simple policy, to move up you need to fire those who are above her or might be in contention. :-) but in contrast to Bitch from hell, all those who kissed her ass like Psycho, Malon, she got them promoted and would take care of them, she might treat them like dogs, :-)) because she always preferred Psycho to sit on the floor near her feet, which Psycho did with much enthusiasm.
:-)) Leech in 2004, fought tooth and nail to stop my two years finishing gift, but when I was given, she walked out of the Cafeteria during the gift ceremony. :-)))

Leech: She will trample hundreds under her feet for her personal growth and comfort, I think she is most appropriate for the western world, because it was her who told me, "What can be done for the comfort of white man",  :-))  Enjoy!!!!
Why they know nothing about me?? :-))

The reason why those who worked with me know nothing about me is because they never had time for me, :-)) and it was always some monologue they had to read which was probably given to them by some coward from time to time and whatever and whenever they said had no connection with the situation or the moment, and only person (i.e. Leech)  who sat with me during lunch in 2002 for few months would stop me by saying, "Why are you telling me this", :-)) so I never spoke, I was silent most of the time and some logorrhea would go on and on and on. :-))

If people were/are like "Me Moi and Myself", all the time how they will know about others, other cultures, other countries, other religions, other civilizations, :-)))  and few who wanted to talk but were scared of the people like Leech. :-)))))))))))

So the end result is other then lies and rumours no one knows anything about me or they never tried to find out about me, I guess someone assured them that is not needed, the pale cowards would take care if it. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Yes! Pale Cowards are sure taking care of it, they are playing their own game, :-))  I am not sure why they are obsessed with my left arm, shoulder, elbow, palm and fingers, and as usual my groin and both feet., even sole of the feet. :-)

:-))  And now who is who, meaning what is proxy for whom I have no idea. :-)) probably they expect little pain would move me, :-)))))))) so they try to damage, I repair, they damage and I repair, this goes on and on and on.
What can be done for the comfort of the white man??

It seems pale cowards are not getting, If I had to work for the comfort of the white man, I would have been born in some pale family but look at me do I look pale from any angle, :-)) so my dear pale cowards, I suggested that only person who can do something more for already comfortable white man and women is Leech Slime, because "what else can be done for the comfort of white man", is a thought that came from her and she is very pale from all angles. :-))

But she has one problem, she can be a subordinate but not a leader even that for destructive cause not for any thing constructive, and anyway she needs a leader who has a weak ear and greedy mouth, like Bitch from hell, so put together, these two women can do wonders as far as manipulation and creating mess is concerned but at the end, only Leech might get some benefit, rest assured everyone else will have to satisfy with almost nothing. :-))

This is the hard truth, look at every single employee of Dimethaid from 1995 to 2005, except Leech no one even from the pale employees has got maximum benefit, she got both financial and political, irrespective of who was with Bitch from hell or not, :-)) so folks just kiss Leech Slime's ass and behave like dogs, she might throw some crumbs at you. :-)))))))))))))) but Dimethaid as a company is no longer there which is again the hard truth. :-)))))

I think by now it should be clear to "the pale cowards" like them I am also fooling around with their emotions and feeling etc. :-)))) and like them I am also going round round round without any purpose, agenda or focus or idea etc.

So don't mess with me!!!!

White people impersonating Black people for political purpose:

If I had to work for the upliftment of black people, then I would have taken birth in some black family, but I did not, :-)) and as far as white people impersonating black people for political gain are concerned, helping them is a non existent dream.

Bottom line: I am neither white nor black or Latino and neither Punjabi nor Gujarati. :-))

Past catching up!!

2003, Leech Slime got nominated in some political party, ( How I know, the day every one came to kiss her, someone kept a note in the cafeteria in french which read, " Elle Ete Elu", so dictionary meaning says "She got elected", :-)) Anyway, the issue was how to replace the CEO ( With CEO cooperation)  and Leech came to me and asked me how to do this, and I innocently said, it is the share holders who hold the power to replace her, i.e. Leech came back after few days with a web address, where few employees like MC were already members, that web address was for share holders discussing various things about the company, and CEO was a big topic, how she was not able to function properly, and few employees either were holding shares or just impersonated someone to add comments, like how she needs to be replaced, and Leech wanted me to join them, :-)) I was not that fool to get into it, :-)) so when they did not see me in the forum, she was very upset, and said something like, you are like my father, useless etc. etc. :-))))))))))

Question for Bitch from hell??  Why would a below supervisor employee (not holding a single share) get involved in something like replacing CEO and what could be the interest??? :-)) Bitch from hell was the director operations then. :-)) but she also got replaced with the CEO in Aug 2004.

Actually Leech was so badly stuck in 2004 :-), only option she and her evil friends saw was to get rid of me, because Leech had failed on all fronts as far as I was concerned, so my very presence was like standing near a volcano for Leech. :-))))))))

Bottom line: If you touch the past with twisted lies then I will post them as they happened and my facts are not twisted or lies, they are as they happened, because I don't suffer from ego.
Weak Ears:

It means two things, one you don't listen very well, and second it means you believe anything that is told to you, any cock and bull stories. :-))

Greedy Mouth:

You bite more then you can chew and yet your sights are on other peoples food, :-))


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