Jul 27, 2015

Current: 27 Jul 2015: Lost or past opportunities go stale

Some people don't change, chickens in uniform also don't want to change, when I gave them many many opportunities to show that they care for the law but they blew those opportunities and instead behaved like local goons in uniform, :-) now the same chickens in uniform are looking for an opportunity to show that they care for the law, :-)) but I am sorry I am not in a mood to even call them Ya!! my neighbour has been acting little strange but nothing out of normal, which has been the norm for the last 10 years and why suddenly few chickens want to show that they care for law. :-))

Once opportunities are lost they don't come again so one should use them to the best of knowledge and ability, but my experience is, till now there has not been one person, women or men, in Canada or in India who had used the opportunity I offered them on a platter, and 100% cases ran after me for years to get those opportunities back and I move very fast away from them.  :-))

As per my experience, I have seen following few types of people, :-))

Ist Category: These people are very good at getting stuck in every possible opportunity and mostly they put their head in wrong places for people who are actually their main enemies.  :-)) I think MLee belongs to this category, it is very frustrating to even talk to them because they just don't get it, even my biological mother belongs to this category, my mothers name means, "Not Jealousy". :-)  Category V type of people are their main enemies.

IInd Category: This is the most successful category of people as far as material benefit is concerned, they trample everyone in front, back and around them for their personal job or financial security and 90% people of this world belong to this category and they are successful in some way or other, nothing special about them they are just opportunistic and self centered, pick up any person from the street 90% of them belong to this category. :-) Swiss Leech Slime is the best example, which ever party she is in that party needs to be very careful. Category V type of people are their main enemies.

IIIrd Category: :-)) This is a special category, very few and rare they are experts in loosing, :-)) one can call them natural losers, people around them loose, country looses, party looses, family looses, any team they belong to, that team also loose, :-)) they create a perfect Loose-Loose situation for everyone directly or indirectly connected to them,  funny thing is after lot of planning for decades, conspiracy, a very high level drama etc. they also loose. :-)))))))))))) Bitch from hell belongs to this category, which ever party she is in that party will always loose some way or other, end of the day they will loose. Category V type of people are their main enemies.

IVth Category, Again very few, these people develope things with their own hardwork and then they bet them all on some annonymous person, expecting political gains, :-))))))) Category V type of people are their main enemies.

Vth Category: This is a very special category of people, a true specimens, they learn very mundane  things in a very hard way and after take a very long time, and ordinary people call these things common sense, :-))) I call these people "Pale Cowards", :-))))))))))) mainly they suffer from ignorance of a very high level, so their ignorance causes them to learn things very slowly, they can not take more then a few bytes every few years and cannot move then few millimeters every year, snails would appear like Usane Bolt compared to these people. :-)) And they don't take U turns, they keep digging till they get stuck, but they never give up, their ignorance never lets them give up. :-))
Category V type of people are thier main enemies, :-)))))))) yes this is true. :-)))))))))))

Tell them a truth: They will take atleast 10 years or more to validate the simple truth, :-) by the time the entire situation would change and such a truth would be useless and redundant. :-)) they are the main hurdle in todays world, I would say get rid of them, terrorism is now a days their main game, they will play it till they get stuck in it very badly, :-)) then they will change, they need some game to play, they can not sit without doing anything they need to poke into something with or with out reason and they call it being smart. :-))

VIth Category: These people don't give a damn about anything, and they are so free willed and so selfless that they would never consider If they will loose or win, so they sometimes win and sometimes loose big time, but over all they do fairly well for themselves and their families, and they are darlings of the supreme power, I think my biological father belonged to this category, yes they loose because of few bad habits or bad cultural influence otherwise they are all right, very few and very rare and mostly are troubled and tormented by the Category II, III, IV and V, even family members are involved.

VIIth: Under this category only one or two come in every era, :-)) These people know things the way they would unfold and they know who will give them benefits yet they go for greater good for the humanity, family, larger groups of people, but they are not stupid, they are very calculative, they can be very good, yet they can cause great damage to the evil, so they are evil for evil and good for the good, they can be very selfless to very selfish depending on situation, as long as someone deserving is winning they will not worry about anything, so they are mostly subjective, mess with them at your own perils :-))

Bottom line: For any culture, country, race, get rid of Category V, in uniform or no uniform, If one wants to grow, live in peace, harmony, and under one large religion called humanity, get rid of these people as soon as possible.
Two miracle this week:

1) I purchased a green shirt from Sears, for 14.99$ liquidation price and washed it with other similar shirts of 5 different colors, while ironing the unwashed soap formed a dagger like image on back of this shirt, right in the centre, :-)) which vanished on second wash. :-))

2) First time in my life I took a spoon of Chawanprash a jam made of natural herbs, spices  and roots from India, I purchased it in an Indan store, Singh Village, first spoon of my life and guess what it contained sand, first bite was like chewing a hard crystal of sand. :-)) it cost me 8.99$, it was sealed.

I think both of them were some proxy game for some annonymous person so they failed. :-)

My wife complained even serials purchased form Maxi Cie or Super C, also contain sand, particularly the one containing raisins.


Matadors in Spain and Pale Cowards in Montreal Canada, :-)

Matadors in Spain prepare their bulls before the fight in such a way that the bulls are subdued and can barely make out what is happening, and then the matador with his fake fight wins the fight and rest is all drama, the matador is like Leech Slime or Bitch from hell,  pale cowards in Montreal are somewhat like matadors of Spain, only difference is they try to subdue the so called nails standing out in the visible minority with their electronic toys and then they loose to them. :-O (this is ass laughing) :-)

This is the speciality of Pale Cowards they get kicked almost every day and night but instead of accepting defeat they tell cock and bull stories and act like they are in control. :-))

When they get kicked badly they run water taps :-OOOO)))))))))))))

That is why I said they belong to Category V type of people, whether they are with Bitch from hell, or Leech Slime or anyone else, they will never let the person get the reality or real picture, they keep everyone busy and upbeat with cock and bull stories. :-)) and in those stories they never tell how they are getting kicked day in day out, :-))

That is why I said they are no 1 enemy of everyone, :-)) but Pale cowards always interpret things in a very special way where the reality never comes out, the real picture is entirely different from what they croon or they scream on top of their voice, :-)) the truth is always under the wraps. :-))

Pale cowards should know that their monopoly no longer exists, :-)) and what they can do, we can do million times better, if they are in large numbers and with proper network and electronic toys, we are more then 30 million in number and with super powers and invisible, :-))  pale cowards stand no chance If we turn offensive from defensive, they should be happy that we are in a defensive position.

And all those who are my family are under our protective shields, touch them and see what happens, I think Pale Cowards already know this, so don't brag and give wrong hope or hype to people like Leech and Bitch from hell, let the reality dawn upon them so that they are grounded and see the real picture this is good for everyone, or else it is your choice. :-))

If people like Leech Slime and Bitch from hell wants to fight with someone including me they will have to do it themselves, and If Pale Cowards fight for them then you know what can happen to Pale Cowards, it is irrelevant where  you hide, we can always reach you. :-)))))))))))))))

Take it as a suggestion, or warning or recommendation it is up to you dim bozos  :-)).

If you want Leech Slime or Bitch from hell, it is your choice, but I will have nothing to do with them, it is you people who wants to kiss their ass, so go kiss, :-)) I would like to kick their arse, If not for me for the world for sure. :-))

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