Aug 4, 2015

Current 04 AUG 2015, Temptations are destroying people

Ambitions are personal and can not be forced on to others, :-) and life sometimes can be so short the time available might not be enough to fulfill them particularly when the ambitions are based on someone else's will and fancy.

One should have their own ambitions, dreams and goals in life, just by copying, one will never reach where they are supposed to go, and one thing should be very clear if nothing great has happened in 75 years of your life, why something great will happen after you are 75. :-) 

But there are some people who do not get tired of trying that short cut to reach somewhere they have no idea what they will do after reaching there, :-) but again everyone has a right to try their best irrespective of their age but then one should also understand the logic. :)

Sad news 03 Aug 2015.

Yesterday one of our colleagues passed away in an accident in Gujarat India, so we are off the regular self, an ordinary man who turned 50 this year, his mother still alive at 85, has a good house, working and good wife, grown up daughter going to university, a regular job, and little bit of extra income from travels, good inheritance, a large social and family circle and lately he was slowly slipping into the spiritual world, then all of a sudden he just passed away, a SUV hit their bike and the driver died on the spot and he was riding pillion so he suffered serious injuries and was taken to a nearest hospital in Surat Gujarat, there he passed away and I did warn him to be careful from Mar 2015 to Jan 2016 after reading his chart, but then who keeps in mind things of safety and precautions, people just live their lives on temptations.

Anything he did was always in a hurry, it was his style to do things in a hurry, I never saw him sitting all by himself, every time he came to me he would say I would like to be like you, sit in one place for hours doing nothing, quite, silent and calm, but he could never do it, even on Aug 02 2015 evening, it seems they were rushing to somewhere on the bike and Indian traffic is like a stampede, blink  and you will be stuck, on Tuesday and Wednesday he brought Samosas for the office two days in a row that was kind of surprising but we did not take it seriously, he told us he was going to see his mother.

When ever I used to ride my bike in that rush I would always be in the front, clear of the rush and crowd, even then I had some 4 or 5 small accidents, once I turned left from our plant on to an empty road where an empty overloaded truck appeared from nowhere and I tried to dodge it and in the flash of the headlights I could not see a huge bolder on the side of the road and my bike could not jump the bolder so it fell towards right side on the road and my right feet got entangled in the bike and the bike fell on top of me, I was on the ground on my belly, so I was pinned down under it motionless, and it was getting dark, as it was an industrial area, traffic during 7pm was always very low to nil, only trucks moved in and out to deliver their goods, and people working in that area were out during shift times like 2pm or 11pm, but then someone came and picked the bike off me, there was this huge swelling on my right feet but no fracture then for about three months with a crude bone setter, he would literally stand on my right foot to pull things together. :-)

Even today I fail to understand, how my left leg also came under the bike, :-) it all happened in a flash.

What has changed??

I don't understand what has changed that pale cowards are in a hurry, :-) elections have come and gone three to fours times in the past 10 years or so and Conservatives were in power for the last 10 years and there was no hurry on their part, and Left parties have been out of power for almost 10 years and even them they were not in any hurry in the last 10 years, so what has changed that pale cowards are in such a hurry and it seems they want a closer. :-)

For me nothing has changed, everything around me is more or less same, :-) and as far as closer is concerned it is up to the pale cowards, they started everything so it is only them who can close it, I was just a spectator right from the begining, :-)) and even today I am just a spectator, :-)) so for me nothing has changed. :-)

I was very excited in 2008 US elections and I had spent lot of time , watching, covering that elections and posting on my blog, but the end result is Obama became a millionaire, :-) washington did not change, people remained where ever they were, and my debt has only doubled since 2008. :-))

And Conservatives have been in power for three or four terms, I was here all that time, nothing changed for me, :-) so why now.

Bottom line: What did not happened in 10 years why would it happen now??????????????

What has changed??????????


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