Sep 8, 2015

Power Struggle 2015, Canada, please don't laugh it is serious..actually laugh very loud.

We all are in a fix in Canada/Quebec due to the forth coming elections, on Oct 19, 2015, the cowards who work for these political parties want everyone to first take a side and then live their lives. :-))

Because almost everyone is a proxy for some politically inclined person or some political party, mostly for the puppeteers.

Following are the main five parties, Bloc Quebecoise is missing in this line up, but they hold 4 seats in the current parliament and Green Party holds 1 seat, but the Canadian media does not want Bloc Quebecoise to be anywhere near this elections, :-)) because of their separation, french language etc, and Green Party is also on teh sidelines because of too much women empowerment or too many people peeing in coffee cups in other peoples kitchens.

Or these are the four main colors which are being used as proxy by almost everyone in Canada/Quebec or even TV programs in India, one might be surprised why India, well read below you will find out.

Blue party has been in power for the last 10 years, Orange party has been in opposition for almost same period or more, Red party was in power for a long time before the Blue party and Green party scored just one seat in the last elections. :-) which also shows how much Canadian care for Green.

But the current situation is something like this:

If you watch the news, be it BBC, CBC it appears like the three parties are being pushed around by a single individual or a single group of people from one issue to another. :-)) and it also appears like these parties do not have any planned agenda for this elections. :-))

Now that someone has told them to appear with out ties, :-)) so you can see them with out any ties.

Whatever we are not bothered about what they are wearing and how they look, we are most interested in what they will do for this hacker ville sorry Canada,  and its people, so this is what happens in almost every country where people are elected and they call it democracy, some form of democracy.

So this is what happens before elections and after elections, because the bureaucracy, and the intelligence agencies simply take over after the elections and they have their own agenda and they don't let go that easily.

Now If I draw a report card of each of these political parties bragging that they will do this or that based on what they have done till now....first we will give one point for every positive issue and 1 negative for every negative issue.....

Blue Party: Positives

 +1 for Universal Child Care up to 5 years
 +1 for Extending this program to kids up to 18 yrs old, after all they are the future.
 +1 for keeping the government stable for 10 years,
 +1 for jumping loony over USD,
 +1 for the reduction in oil prices,
 +1 for new pro society agenda
 +1 for new accreditation loans for new immigrants, promise,

Blue Party Negatives:

-1 for Bill C51 
-1 for limping loony,
-1 for removing the long gun registry
-1 for letting CSIS-CSE-RCMP and Police run the country
-1 for Bombing Syria,
-1 for Spoiling the housing markets for first time buyers by bringing in draconian rules
-1 for EI regulations making them difficult,
-1 for behaving like a child in G8 and isolating a world leader,
-1 for killing 220,000 people in Syria alone,
-1 for creating refugees by indiscriminate bombing
-1 for creating ISIS
-1 for not able to contain ISIS
-1 for not accepting refugees after creating them
-1 for creating no fly zone over Libya or cooperating with NATO in doing so,
-1 for interferring in our business and my earnings, :-)
-1 for extended surveillance in to schools and private home,
-1 for peeing in a coffee cup in other peoples kitchen and even in my Kitchen,
-1 for dancing to the tunes of some hidden puppeteer...

If I have to give points for political will, for Mr S Harper,

0.5 out of 10.

Red Party Positives:

+1 for changing the leadership and showing that they have some democracy,
+1 for giving an opportunity to a young man,
+1 for keeping the hope alive for 10 years as opposition
+1 for pro society agenda

Red Party Negatives

-1, Too much infighting,
-1, Supporting Bill C51
-1  Supporting Blue Party on most negative activities
-1  Did nothing to stop the Blue Party from all the negative activities,
-1 For encouraging a family legacy in politics or making it a family business...
-1 For not clearing recyclable trash on a regular basis in Saint Laurent,
-1 For not able to protect your constituents from government sharks...
-1 For dancing to the tunes of some hidden puppeteer...

And when it comes to political will, I can not give any points to Mr Trudeau, since he has no record.

Orange Party Positives:

+1 For playing an effective opposition for almost 10 years,
+1 For Opposing Bill C51
+1 For opposing indiscriminate bombing of a soverign nation,
+1 For not supporting the Blue Party in their negative activities,
+1 For allowing very young minds and young people with new ideas,
+1 For a pro society agenda,
+1 For winning grand majority in Alberta
+1 For contesting in Quebec federal elections

Orange Party Negatives:

-1 For announcing that 2500 new policemen will be recruited, when the current folks are not doing anything,
-1 For not contesting Quebec provincial elections,
-1 For dancing to the tunes of some hidden puppeteer.

When it comes to political will, Mr Mulcair has shown very strong side particularly when he has to oppose Bill C51, and Syria bombing etc. so I would give him 2 out of 10.

Green Party Positives :

+1 For winning that one intial seat in a country which does not give a damn about environment and nature.
+1 For keeping the entire team together with hopes election after election after election,
+1 For being a women in a country, you know....tch tch tch

Green Party Negatives:

-1 for not appearing enough on national media or not doing enough for the nature.

So Political will, she will get 3 out of 10, because it must be very tough to squeeze into a very conservative political crowd with a Green Badge. :-))

Bloc Quebecoise:

I am wating for them to come out with some agenda and contest in federal elections, but please speak in English, this is just a language it will not take away your whatever is the half baked separation agenda etc.

The real battle is fought by proxies who have no idea they are proxies, :-)) everyone is a proxy of these two and their respective masters......they are hidden from the public, media and the world.

just an e.g.

 The biggest challenge for the world is not people like these two or the political parties which dance to the their tunes, it is the proxy war, anyone and everyone is used in this proxy war, and now who picks proxies and who plays them around, it is the intelligence agencies, police, secret service etc and I think even diplomats.

It is them who want Bill C51, but Blue party could not resist the pressure from these hidden power centers and passed Bill C51. ...........tch tch tch

So it is not important who is holding what proxy or which proxy, end of the day some proxy takes the heat, like Syrian refugees are taking the heat because one of them is looking for sympathy so they are using the refugees, particularly children.
Proxy war, please note proxies mostly are not aware they are being used,

Credit Cards, bank personal accounts and banks are also proxies..

Refugees are also proxies,

Parents, family members are also proxies, most of them have no idea why they are suffering,

Names like Rajesh, Raja, Rani, Rajender, Raj, Rajinder, all means King or Queen, so they are also used as proxies and some times when they become liability, they are killed, I know at least three people who got killed in some road accidents.

Fruits, Vegetables, and food are also proxies,

All vehicles from govt to private are also being used as proxies, :-)

Other Miscellaneous proxies,

 Actually almost everyone is a proxy in some or other form and is used from time to time, :-))  like all Advertisements in TV channels, TV Channels, Sequence of Advertisements, all are also being used as proxies..and the only purpose why I am posting this information is people who are being used a proxies should at least know, because even diseases, ailments, drugs and medicines, bactera, bugs, body parts, hair, hair products, pimples, pimple creams, shaving kits, it seems nothing is left, everything is used as a proxy for the survival of these hidden power mongers.


The humans who are used as proxies are made to say things these power mongers want to say or had said in the past, "What", "Stupid",  or any action or activity which they did in the past, the most common used is pointing your crooked index finger towards your head, or holding your chin, or touching your nose, or scratching your cheeks, or brushing your hair with your fingers or hand, so even mannerisms are also used as proxy. :-))

Funny part of all this madness:  There are actually people in each country who count these political points for these power mongers and they are paid by your governments. :-)))))))))))))))))) and they hide all these activities behind one simple term, i.e. NATIONAL SECURITY. :-)

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