Oct 19, 2015

19 OCT 2015, Election day Canada


What is in store for them, one day to go and we will all know, and more interesting thing is there are many people who hold on to these visible leaders for their survival (Like parasites) :-) behind the scenes, and they call themselves kings and queens, all the hard work is done by these but before and after the elections they call the shots, as result we see weird legislation's, bills and laws are passed which are not talked about by any of these leaders during the campaigns, because actually even they have no idea which king or queen or which lobby or which corporation will come with a new idea or plan, well this is what happens in a half baked democracy, so just enjoy it......

The main contenders as per their current parliament position, i.e. number of seats they held during the current parliament, and they are contesting this 2015 elections for 338 parliament seats.

Conservatives: Stephen Harper, 133 seats

NDP, T Mulciar, 103 seats

Liberals, Justin Trudeau, 33 Seats

Bloc Quebecoise: Gille Duceppe, 4 Seats

Green Party: Elizabeth May, 1 Seat,


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