Oct 30, 2015

Gallery of Numb and Insensitive

For quite sometime I have been thinking that there shold be a gallery where one can see our Numb and Insensitive people, they could be kings, queens, politicians, sports persons, celebrities etc. instead of writting about them it would be better If I can post their sketch or caricature.

And in this gallery only living and popular will be added.....

Manmohan Singh, Ex Prime Minister of India for 10 years and so much happened around him and he barely said anything, and first time he was given a back door entry in to the office of PM, but he continued as PM in his second term also with out contesting any elections, so he joins as the first member of this club.


Stephen Harper, Ex Prime Minister of Canada, 9 years and three terms, he took Canada back to a period where anarchy rules, all he could think as a prime minister was Bill C51, which gives draconian powers to already corrupt and powerful Intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and he was ready to bomb other nations but was not ready to accept refugees created by his bombings, he is a very numb and insensitive guy.


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