Oct 15, 2015

Montreal moving towards 19th century

This means with in few years third world countries which are still trying to get toilets for their citizens will look way advance then Montreal, thanks to him.

Anyway the city of Montreal gets its drinking water from the big lakes and the st laurent river, I think they mix in the ratio of 60:40 and all the treated water in Ontario and US is dumped in the big lakes, and st laurent river is untreated water which is mixed into that water from big lakes and the pipes in Montreal are so old they add their flavour, :-)) and now our new Mayor of Liberal party wants to add raw sewage directly into the river, :-)) I think the Hindu temples in Montreal are not aware of this mixutre of various water and they might be using tap water to wash and clean idols, expecting it to be clean fresh water, but it is not anyway the regular drinking water does contain some portion of treated sewage water from Ontario and US and also untreated water from St Laurent river.

I think they should use bottled spring water for all temple and spiritual works.


    In 15 years I have never seen him in Saint Laurent, even during elections and he gets elected election after election after election for the last 30 years or more.


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