Oct 22, 2015

Black Car in front of my building

This is the black car, with out any number plate, it has been there since 2011, rusted, worth 50$, it is a paid parking and a complain is in place, a final notice has been placed in the car some three weeks back and still it remains there, because Leech has to move it, :-)) who is Leech, oh! the same specialist depicted above. :-))

This car is a best example how S Harper ran this country for the last 10 years, actually she was running it as per her wim and fancy and all cowards crawling on their fours spent time playing small sma
ll stupid meaningles games.

The red cross over is mine, and you can see Apt no 3, 1480 Rue Crevier also in the backdrop, it is like a army bunker with all the electronic gadgets and surveillance equipment.

Apt No 3, in the backdrop next to  the yellow board, which says, Unpaid parked cars will be towed away. :-))))) 

This car sure represents some political proxy

This final notice was placed three weeks back and the car still stays, this also shows how much time and money is wasted by political parties on these stupid small small insignificant games.

After two months with the notice (AVIS) One rainy day a tow truck arrives and lifts the car and is about to leave and guess what, from no where a tall black guy arrives and stops the process, the black car is parked back in its place........:-)),

And after few minutes of polite talks, the Car is back in its place, :-)) and the winter came and is almost leaving the Car remains untouched, unused, unpaid, in Mr Dion's constituency.

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