Oct 13, 2015

Some proxy being used as a block

In Saint Laurent Quebec, in front of my building and my parking slot, this old black Mercedez Car has been abondoned since 2011 and no body moved it, it does not have a number plate also, and the landlord does not have any record who owns it, and no body has been paying the parking rent for a long time, :-) but no one dared to remove it or get it towed.

The Red Cross Over is mine, so in winter lot of snow gets accumulated on the black car and as it is not moved it becomes very difficult for us to move in and out of our parking lot and the snow cleaning also becomes very difficult for the bulldozer, but who ever is using it as a political statement is not bothered, it is a Liberal party constituency, both provincial and federal.

And you can see the yellow sign on the building which reads, "vehicles will be towed at your cost if not with a parking permit sticker, so rules are on paper but no one follows.

The car does not have a number plate.

Then the recyclable waste is also a proxy, this is a situation when for four weeks the recyclable garbage was not collected and it was allowed to pile up in Saint Laurent, Quebec, again a Liberal party constituency.


I am not sure who is responsible for it,?

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