Mar 22, 2016

Welcome to our WONDERFUL WORLD Mar 2016

Few more vehicles which are used by cowards in Canada to communicate their misinformation or misguidance, mostly they are always to misguide but still for information purpose. People who are not aware of this proxy games, might find these little awkward, it is like watching Lord of the rings III and trying to understand from where the ring came from, :-) this is also someting like that, those who are neck deep in this understand everything well and good. :-)

Another pathetic display of cowardice by few people who are so desperate to keep the power,

This is how I see it, hundreds of people got killed because few people thought it was the best way to distract the world from USA Primaries.

This is our situation, general public is this vulnerable, meaning the BAD GUYS have the option and choice to strike anywhere and anytime they choose, and the big reason why not a single intelligence agency of any country, USA, CANADA,UK, FRANCE, RUSSIA, CHINA, INDIA, BELGIUM are able to stop the carnage is, because it is the intelligence agencies of these countries who manage the entire thing, and even after billions of dollars are spent by each country for national security, the bad guys have a record of 100% success.

This is an open joke, where general public is used over and over again as a distraction from some other event which has become too hot or too difficult to handle by the Intelligence agencies and the political parties.

What a shame, Intelligence agencies have failed again in Brussels, and we are still spedning billions on national security, and they are not able to stop one signle terrorist attack.

The reason is the Intelligence agencies are more busy collecting data for all kind of stupid reasons like, to spark a brawl between two family members, among various communities, between political foes, between various governments and extremists hence they fail every time their other counterpart strikes.
I wanted to write about something which people are mostly misguided by various interest groups,

The reason why many youngsters are misguided to take up self destruction for some stupid reason, and more then the Islamic traditions, it is the Intelligence agencies which has made Jihad a household name, and so many people from governments, Media, TV Channels, Papers, are involved in promoting terrorism and so called terrorist organizations namely Alkida, ISIS, Taliban, and I think BBC, CNN, CBC are few TV Channels which are invovled in 24/7 free promotion of these terrorist organizations.

I think any living thing has a certain expiry date and before that date it can not perish naturally, but now lot of people on the name of religion or some other stupid reason are blowing themselves up, which means they are just destroying their body in that cowardly act, the soul still remains trapped in that time and space, and it has to wait for the natural expiry date to move out of the Earth plane, till then it has to go through the event every 24 hours like a clock work, meaning it goes through the same pain and destruction every 24 hours till it reaches its actual expiry date.

I think people who take up such cowardly acts as Jihad should think about this consequences of destroying their body, they are not going to get any thing that is promised, and I am sure GOD does not feel any thing great about when someone destroys their body or causes pain to his or her body on name of religion, or spirituality, because a human body is the only way through which a soul can get all its past bad karms resolved or released, so the idea should be to keep it as long as possible.

So no body means no salvation, and on top of that the soul remains trapped in that cycle of destruction for years and decades till the natural expiry date arrives.

Imagine a 20 years old blows his body, and his natural expiry date is 85 years, just imagine, for some stupid reason that boy of 20 blows up his body and remains in a cycle of that destruction, which plays out every 24 hours causing same pain and discomfort for aother 65 years, why give yourself such pain and dismay, when one can actually reach the all mighty with the body intact by just taking his name.

And spiritual progress is an individual experience, it can not be achieved by a group or a community as a whole, so think guys think before you listen to some distorted, twisted soul and give up your life for a cause which has no meaning and no purpose.

Don't be a puppet in the hands of some sick distorted, twisted mind.

      And no one can get you spiritual progress  


no one stuffing his or her face three times a day and dumping daily 

                               can be a god :-)

If one understands this simple fact, life will become simple, well at least one can sit in one place and brood, vulnerability will not change as long as the Intelligence agencies process hay and let go the needle to strike.

I think the Intelligence agencies are using news media to communicate their next target, and as per the news,  CSIS AND RCMP were in brussels, and might have well played a role in the attacks and it appears the Intelligence agencies are in trouble and they are being mobbed by some very sick people,

So as per the news media the next target might be Istanbul Turkey, and it also appears few people who got trapped in this gambit also got killed.


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