Mar 1, 2016

Welcome to our wonderful world 3- 2016

Ville Saint Laurent, Quebec Canada

On this street, RUE DECELLES/RUE TAIT, VILLE SAINT LAURENT, QUEBEC, one can take these pictures twice daily, once during morning 8:00 am to 8:30 am when parents arrive here to drop their kids at Ecole Saint Germain, and second time during 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm to pick up their kids, and interesting thing to note is there is hardly any place for the parents to park their cars here, and  daily the traffic gets jammed due to frequent red light on Rue Marcel Lauren, as Rue Marcel Lauren is the main street the green lights are ON for longer durations then for the traffic from Rue Decelles, Rue Tait connects Rue Decelles from Rue Cote vertu.

A "NO PARKING", sign is attached to the electricity pole visible in the first picture, otherwise two more cars can park there, and a cop on 29 Jan 2016 was informing everyone not to park their car after that sign, instead of looking into the issue and moving the sign to its proper place, and as I was trying to move into some place from where my child can get into my car, and somehow my car got placed in front of the parked police car on Rue Tait, :-)) and it seems someone who monitors these dash cams on police cars, found my car in front of it with my registration plate crystal clear, so a traffic ticket for 87$ was sent by Canada post. :-)), then another for 87$ for similar reason, then another for 53$ for the day I took these pictures.

The traffic signs are attached to a electricity pole, :-) and the foolish follow it like Bible, not one cop has common sense that they can fix it and see that it does not cause unnecessary hassel to people who come there, NO, instead they are making rounds when parents come there to pick up their kids. :-), they make a round exactly between 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

Then few days later as I was waiting to get some clear place to park my car, a police car arrived on my left side and as I was ready with my cellphone camera ON taking pictures, I took these pictures whenever the police car stopped due to traffic.

The police car is stopped right in the center of the Intersection Rue Decelles and Rue Tait, and for similar situation I received a traffic ticket for 87$ by Canada post.

This is the situation on this street twice daily, morning 8:00 to 8:30 am and 3:00 to 3:30 pm, when parents compete for a parking spot near the school and the red light on Rue Marcel Lauren goes ON frequently causing traffic jam, many times the school buses are also stuck for 30 minutes due lack of space, and then the local residents park their cars on the left side of the street, and then on top of this the Carnivore appears to cause some more tension or traffic tickets, so on 03 FEB 2016, I just arrived at the school little early and immediately a police car made a round at 2:49 PM and vanished and then I received another Traffic ticket for 87$ the reason, "Parking in a no parking spot on 2000 Decelles", :-)) actually 2000 Rue Decelles is Ecole Cardinal Leger which is a primary school about 100 yards from Ecole Saint Germain, which means the second ticket also was sent by someone monitoring the dash cams of the police car, and since they can not confirm the address in the dash cam, they just assumed it must be 2000 Rue Decelles. :-))

When you are stuck in such a traffic, seen above, and a police car issues tickets for stopping in the intersection or parked on a "NO PARKING", spot then what do you do, almost every car in this picture is breaking some law, all because of bad management.

Few years back, I wrote this to the school authorities and they forwarded my letter to the proper people who are responsible for traffic signs etc. etc. and with in a week I saw all traffic signs on Rue Cardinal and Rue Crevier, replaced with pink temporary signs which read "P" meaning park, and after about a month they were again replaced back by old "NO PARKING", signs which mostly make no sense, which are designed on exceptions and not on general public usage.

And the Saint Laurent Mayor, Mr Alfred Desouza's office is right in front of this school, Ecole Saint Germain, and this school has no Air Conditioning, which means children suffer from heat during summer and Rue Decelles/ Rue Tait is also around the corner from this Mayors office, and he has been the Mayor of Saint Laurent for almost 15 years now. :-))

I am surprised most of the schools in Ville Saint Laurent are ill designed with out proper parking space for the teaching staff , parents are never considered, but the entire street traffic signs are designed based on one Garbage Truck that comes twice a week or a Recyclage Truck that also comes once weekly or a Street mopping or cleaning truck that comes once every 6 months, or Fire trucks, or Police cars or Ambulences but not a single traffic sign is designed keeping the general public in mind, who frequent these street at least twice daily, 5 days a week. :-))

And this  I am not talking about a third world under developed country, but Canada/Quebec, we claim to be developed, Conservatives said, "Take your preaching else where we are developed country", when UNO pointed out that many children in Canada go to sleep with empty or half empty stomachs or most people in lower levels consume substandard food which is sold by grocery stores run by mostly ethinic communities.

So we filed our Income tax returns before 29 Feb 2015 like always, but this year there are some changes in the Solidarity Tax form, people need RL-31 and it seems government of Quebec had set 29 Feb as the last date for landowners to issue RL-31 but I am still waiting for it today is 01 MAR 2016.

It seems solidarity tax is a big bone of contention between Canada and Quebec, but for us it is 80$ every month which is good for my parking.

And then people should be careful with their tax forms, I felt some people this year might get hold of your tax forms and try manipulating them for michief, so I took care of that by not letting any extra space next to net income or taxable income or net tax etc.

People you are in Canada/Quebec, be very meticulous and very very careful.

Strong Passport:

It seems Germany's passport is number one when it comes to easy access to 175 countries, and Afganistan the last with 25 countries, so still there are about 30 countries which would not allow Germans in to their country with out a visa, like China, Russia, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan and there are some 26 countries which allow Pakistani or Afganistan in to their country with out a visa,


The power Struggle 2016

 The political Queue, So many characters, so what is wrong if Donald Trump leads them,


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This is also a form of democratic style democracy in USA, 2016

Why run when you can not compete....................tch! tch! tch!  ladies.....................................

This is Intelligence style democracy for the entire world 2016


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