May 25, 2016

ELECTIONS FEVER 2016 USA- Astro talk

Though my computer is under constant mode of hacking by the curious who cannot wait till I publish my posts, :-)) back in 2002 when I was supposed to give a presentation, someone took a look at my presentation in advance and when I was presenting she acted like she was the one who suggested the topics. :-))

Anyway, I was taking a very general look at the charts of the three people standing at the door step of nominations for 2016 general elections in USA.

Sun and Mars get directional strength in the 10th house.

Astrologically speaking: Donald Trump is in a better position, Bernie Sanders is very close to him but Hillary Clinton is in a bad shape, both her Tannu Bhava (1st house) and 10th House are afflicted and her 3rd, 4th and 7th houses are empty which are more or less houses of relations, only saving grace is Mercury in Libra which is about 20 degree apart from debilitated Sun, and Venus in its oen house which is also away from the debilitated house, but since tey are in one house both Venus and Mercury are subjected to Sun's heat causing disruptions, and when it comes to planetary periods, the Main planetary period for Hillary Clinton is again Sun which is debilitated in her 1st house, and Sub period is Rahu in 8th and Sub Sub is Venus which is 1st house, so If any thing can save her it is Venus, but again both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are having better planetary periods also, for Donald Trump it is Jupiter from his 2nd house, Sub is also Jupiter and Sub Sub is Venus is in 12th house, and Bernie Sanders it is Jupiter in 7th house, Sub is Saturn and Sub Sub is Venus which is debilitated in Virgo his 11th house.

The charts with required data: If the date/time/place of births as available online are correct.

Vedic Astrology, The Ascendant is taken in to consideration and not the Moon or Sun Sign, and out of planetary periods Sub Planetary period is most important as it gives the final results.




I think we need to dig more deeper in to the lives of all three of them to see what they did in their lives, because all of them are around 70 yrs. Hillary is falling apart with her afflicted past, how can she even look in the mirror and say I am a women activist, while in real ife they are so against women, particularly when a 12 yrs old girl child is involved. what ever happened to common sense, and I was surprised to see women on CNN  supporting Hillary Clinton trying to find logic in her actions against that helpless 12 yrs old child, for a moment just imagine what that child must have gone through at that tender age of 12, while someone crushed her dignity in public for her political or criminal lawyers career, very shameful, Hillary clinton very shameful.

This is the best example for a person with afflicted 1st house, they do not see any difference between lies, logic, common sense and career and this is what she did while she was a part of any government and this is what she will do if she is a prt of any government.

Women like these are responsible for turning men into MCP's

Empty houses retain their original properties and the lord of that house kind of dictates the terms for that house.

NAVAMSA Charts, D9 Tobe seen as themain chart is seen.

Donald Trump: D9

Ascendant is Virgo, :-)) with Sun and Rahu present
2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th houses empty
6th house is Aquarius with Mercury
7th house is Pisces with Moon and Ketu,
8th house is empty
9th house is Taurus with Mars,
10th is empty,
11th is Cancer with Satrun and Venus
12th house is Leo and is with Jupiter

Bernie Sanders, D9

Ascendant is Scorpio, Lord of house is Mars, same as main chart, it is considered superior
2nd, is with Rahu
3rd, is empty 
4th is with Saturn
5th houses Moon and Mercury
6th house is with Mars, same as the main chart,
7th house is empty
8th house is with Ketu
9th house & 10th is empty,
11th is with Venus same as main chart & Jupiter
12th house is Libra with Sun

Hillary Clinton D9

Ascendant is Gemini with Moon adn Mercury its own house
2nd, is with Ketu
3rd, is empty
4th is with Jupiter
5th & 6th are empty,
7th house is with Sun
8th house is with Rahu and Mars
9th house is empty,
10th is Pisces with Saturn 
11th is with Venus 
12th house is empty

Similarly the D-10 also needs to be seen for further detail or for further consolidation of judgement.
The most important thing to see is the Tannu Bhava (1st house) which gives details about the persons physical and mental construction and actually it also projects the persons personality as the world sees it and AL (Arudha Lagna) reveals the true self of the person,

It is very rare that AL is present in 1st house of the native, it is always from two different houses.

Donald Trump, Original I have already given, If we see him from AL then he is a:

Scorpio, Lord of house is Mars, Moon is present which is debilitated in Scorpio,
2,3,4,5,6 from AL, all are empty,
7th house is Taurus with Sun and Rahu,
8th house is with Mercury
9th is Cancer with Saturn and Venus
10th is Leo, again with Sun as lord and Mars present
11th is Virgo with Jupiter and 12th is Empty,

Hillary Clinton, Original I have given, If we see her also from AL then she is a:

Cancer, Lord of Cancer is Moon and Moon is in 8th house Aquarius,
2 & 3 rd house are empty
4th house is Libra with Debilitated Sun, and Venus is lord of the house  and Mercury is also present
5th house is Scorpio with Jupiter and Ketu
6th & 7th are Empty
8th house is Aquarius with Moon,
9th and 10th are Empty,
11th House is with Rahu
12th House is also empty

Bernie Sanders, Original I have given, If we see him also from AL then he is a:

Virgo, Lord of Virgo is Mercury lordship, Exalted, in its own house, but Debilitated Venus is also present
2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th houses are empty
6th with Ketu
7th house is Pisces with Moon, Lord ship is Jupiter,
8th house is Aries with Mars retro,
9th house is Taurus with Jupiter and Saturn,
10th house & 11th are both empty.
12th house is Leo with Sun and Rahu

So if AL is also seen Donald Trump is still better off, and only Donald trump's 10th house from AL is highlighted, which means If Donald trump becomes president it will be his and only his steam, but for both Hillary and Bernie they need lot of steam from external sources. :-))

So given the general view, Donal Trump is better matched by Bernie Sanders.

Like this there are many focul points from where the same native can be seen from different points of view, UL is for marriage, SL is for Money, wealth, there is GL, there is HL, etc.

Then Same thing can be seen from Moon as point of reference,

For Donal Trump LEO with SUN lordship is still the 10th house, for Hillary it is Scorpio with Jupiter and Ketu, and for Bernie Sanders 10th house is empty,

Then same thing can be seen from Sun as a point of reference,

For Donald Trump, 10th house is empty, Hillary it is Cancer with Debilitated Mars and Saturn, again afflicted 10th house, for Bernie Sanders it is Taurus with Saturn and Jupiter.

Few properties of planets, then there are properties of each houses and separate properties for 1st to 12 th house.

Jupiter is a benefic, it represents knowledge, teaching, good,
Venus is a benefic, It represents everything beautiful or good,
Sun is malefic, royal, government, authority, political power, temple, luminary
Moon is also royal, luminary,
Mercury is comminications, gift of gab, is Benefic with Jupiter and Moon
Mars is malefic, warrior, general, army, rage, anger,
Saturn is malefic, dirty, slow, painful, lethargy, sick, troublesome, low,
Rahu is shadow planet, if alone is worse then Saturn,
Ketu is shadow planet, If alone depends in which house it is present, it mostly reduced the effects of the house or planet it is present.

8th house is a hole, through which the life force of a native tends to escape, so better if it is empty, but If a benefic is present then there is destiny waiting for him or her.

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