May 30, 2016

OLYMPICS- How to stop them--------a Cowards endeavor.

It is not necessary that the cowards would be operating from their office, they must have created  exact replica of their office for all the illegal activities, since they have no problem with money, Sharper has given them enough.


This is in India, Secunderabad, Cantonment and Twin city of Hyderabad, Telangana, India, the locality where my mother used to live, she passed away in 2015 Nov, this was an ex-central government residential area, mostly people retired from defense and other central government services live here, because the area is cheap, backward and under developed, neglected by almost every political party from Congress-I, Telugu Desam, and TRS and BJP is limited mostly to North India.

After this area came in to the attention of COWARDS (CANADA-INDIA) because of me, a new Mosque has come up in this area :-)  which was not there in 2010 ( my last visit) and in 2015 the Mosque started calling for prayers  as early as 3:30 am in competition to few temples which were there since 30 years  or more and slowly Muslims started to move into this cantonment area, this is a small endeavor by INDO-CANADIAN COWARDS  for the drama of TERRORISM, in Secunderabad Telangana India, where 90% population is Hindu. :-))  

In 2011-12 a Punjabi girl who worked in our office in Montreal Quebec/Canada took this information, she asked me how far is Muslim area from your mother's home, I said about 40 km, the Mosque came up after 2012. :-)) so where ever there are no Muslims the COWARDS would try to change that area in to a Muslim area for their not so well doing Terrorism drama. :-))))


These technologies are available with even local police stations, which can stimulate your sinus, lungs and brain to cause irritation, running nose, inflammation of sinus, fever, and from time to time COWARDS change the name of these flu like symptoms to SARS- BIRD FLU- SWINE FLU- :-)) , this mostly comes from the western COWARDS and the COWARDS in target country like India happily participate to scare their public.

My relation with COWARDS is limited to my Signature and an Identity thief, and like always COWARDS have broken all rules in the book to help this Identity thief, but unfortunately for them I am not Nelson Mandela, :-)) but during 2004-2008 I was not aware of this so I gave away my signature where ever someone in government or private offices asked for it, but when the clerk in the Passport Canada took my signature on a transparent sticker and once he got it, he was very happy, kind of eureka moment, same behavior was shown by two women clerks in Mayors office in Saint Laurent, that is when my alarm went off, why are they after my signature ?, so as a precaution I changed it :-)) and I don't give them that signature any more,..................:-))  These are the people who are supposed to guard you and your country...................................Tch!  Tch! Tch!

Very shameful is my own country where I was born and I have lived 34 years, the brown cowards worked for the Canadian COWARDS and the Identity thief... in exchange for some favors....................:-)) 

The identity thief is a 74 years old white half Jewish  women from Toronto, Canada, and she calls herself  Bitch from hell and she has some two legged pets .  :-))
As I am a sports person myself and I like athletics and other sports, I thought I should not stay mum while the COWARDS try to sabotage the Olympics in Brazil.



I think Brazil and world should celebrate Olympics with out giving much attention to the ZIKA scare.

The suppression of nerves and blood vessels are explained by Doctors as Diabetic nerve pain, another excuse to cover up the real cause.
Fort McMURREY Alberta Canada, 

For 40 years Alberta has been a Conservative strong hold and Mr Harper is a product of this culture, :-)) Mr Hapers biography says he suffered a cultural shock when he arrived in Ottawa, a Blue eyed white boy from Alberta suffered cultural shock in Ottawa, |:-)) but he did nothing to change it, and in 2015 NDP has taken over power in Alberta and in 2015 only Oil prices went down, Fort McMurrey is Oil sands Canada.

During this 40 years RCMP must have illegally planted surveillance instruments inside almost every single home and apartment in Fort McMurrey because lots of non white and foreign workers lived and worked in Fort Mcmurrey and now that RCMP is on a run because of numerous issues engulfing this police force of Canada, they took refuge in fire and must have either destroyed all those homes or removed their surveillance equipment under the cover of forest fire as people were busy trying to get out of there.

Warning: As this endeavor is successful as far as RCMP is concerned, RCMP might try this method of burning down the area and the buildings to secure their surveillance equipment or to destroy it before it becomes a pain in the RCMP's donkey. :-))))

This includes my building because even my building is heavily wired, of course illegally, this was done at least 15 or 20 years back, just before Sep 9/11, when the planning to raise the Drama of Terrorism to a new level by self inflicting was ON.

So people protect your buildings from RCMP fires..........................

Biggest RCMP joke of the century: RCMP planted illegal surveillance on two Journalists of La Presse from Quebec, they did this only for 9 days, ................................yes you can laugh with your donkey.


Again COWARDS have developed a technology which can induce giddiness and sedation like symptoms and this is done wireless, certain part of the brain is stimulated to cause this giddiness and sedation, I have been dealing with this since a long time, particularly on Mondays, :-)))  

Experimented for confirmation by me, :-))  in Canada and India, It is being used in both these countries.. not only Doctors and medical staff are manipulated, even gadgets used to measure blood pressure, Diabetic sugar are also manipulated wireless to show wrong elevated reading to match the Doctors claim Diabetic nerve pain or Diabetes. :-)) 

Canada we can understand, it is a Monarchy meaning folks from UK control it, USA is the only but powerful neighbor, they always try to control, Then half baked democracy with ignorant fools as political leaders they all try to take a portion of the Canadian pie, :-)) Canada is a political mess and all If all this is not enough we have CSIS and RCMP, two powerful terrorist organizations, what do you expect. it is pure mayhem.................but all is quite and hidden, :-)) the targets silently suffer and wither away here......................:-)) 

but India?? what is wrong with this is money and few Haram ke zane who sell the country for few peanuts and screw their own people, they are in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Amritsar, they are everywhere.

Now Native people in Canada are at the mercy of RCMP and they have been in that situation of quite sometime, so Native girls brains are subjected to regular stimulation with these instruments till they fall in a flash, and then they are taken to an isolated location where ordinary people can not venture, they are raped and murdered all by white custodians of law, of course there is always an insider involved who sells  his or her integrity for few dollars. 

Have you seen the fortress of RCMP in Montreal, :-)) so much security and so many eyes mostly white and old, :-) why the fear, :-)) it is mountain of illegal activities and debauchery.

All this goes on while the numb and insensitive continue to satisfy their senses...................What a country and it wants a place in Security council. :-)))

Instead of blaming CSIS and other similar intelligence organizations directly, let us see what they have, remember sometime back when Mr Obama and party killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, :-) they showed us a video of Osama Bin Laden walking in an open space in Pakistan, actually it was a white dot pacing up and down an open corridor, :-)) my point is If CSIS and US based intelligence can pick one person walking in open space in Pakistan using their spy satellite, then the Boko Haram abducted girls are 200 in number and they are all sitting together in open space somewhere in Nigeria.

So If CSIS or similar Intelligence agencies in USA or Europe are pro humanity they would have traced these 200 white dots in Nigeria and helped them get freedom from the captors, and If I am right CSIS and other similar intelligence agencies might have already traced them using their spy satellites, BUT since they are pro-terrorism, they will not release that information to help the helpless girls, never. Ask them to hack some computer for sme Identity thief, Voila!!! there you go. :-)

For them these girls are just another News item or a reason to screw Nigeria.


Apology running very late................................Tch! Tch! Tch!

While few are apolozising for the past sins, the Sorry is running very late.  :-)))))))))))))

Solution: It is time RCMP is moved in to a Museum.

Already the post is too long to read, it is difficult to draw all this, I need a cartoon movie maker, so rest in next, and the purpose of writing all this information is not to scare already scared folks, knowledge helps to take proper precautions. :-))

Don't worry, 

The Lord is with us.


Snakes Cooperative...........Hsssssssssssssssss!
This brew has been boiling for quite some time, they are just not able to get an handle to execute it, otherwise scores of pale folks (The Target) are visiting Northern India, people who would connect the entire thing to Indo-Canadian cooperation are in place, only problem is they are not able to find a reason to tie me to this planning. :-))  all this hardwork by two countries for a signature that is badly needed by the Identity thief. :-))

                                    Accomplice or Pet                                                 Identity Thief




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