Jun 21, 2016

Astrology Questions and response, posted from 01 Jan 2014

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Following are the Questions related to Astrology asked by people in 2014,

Question 1, Posted 07 Jan 2014,

Sir I have Saturn, venus and Jupiter in the ninth house of my kundali my DOB is 24/08/1981 and time is 5.30 pm one astrologer told me that it is an awful combination as I m running through Jupiter mahadasha but u have mentioned its a good combination whom to believe please clear my doubt as I m in my hard phase of life now

Answer: 9th House is Dharma bhava, nothing can be awful then having great expectations and get nothing in return, each planet Saturn, Venus and Jupiter in 9th House have different expecations, Jupiter is natural Dharma Karaka and Saturn is very awful when it comes to Dharma and it is also important to see which house is your 9th house, place of birth is also required to take a look at the chart.

Question 2, Posted 09 Jan 2014,

DOB - 16 July 1992 Place - Mumbai Time - 19:47 is my lagna strong ? lagna is aspected by 3 planets..

Answer: Lagna is Capricorn, with Saturn, and Moon, (Both in Shravana Nakshatra), Sun (0), Venus(9) and Mercury (23 degrees) aspect (7th house dhristi) from Cancer, Lord of Lagna is Saturn in its own house, and Moon 7th house lord also in Lagna, Lagneca and Paka Lagneca are both in Lagna, which makes the house very powerful, similarly 7th house aspect of Moon and Saturn and 4th house aspect of Mars from 4thhouse also make the 7th house even powerful, and power can be both sides, good and evil both can be powerful. :-) because Saturn, Mars, Sun, are all Malefics and Moon, Venus are benefics.

Question 3, Posted  18 Jan 2014,

DOB - 16 July 1992 Time - 19:47 Place - Mumbai sir according to above combinations...i will have 2 or 3 wives... is it true ?

Answer: 7th house is Yuvati bhava, or house of relations, and Venus in House of Moon, with aspect from Moon, Moon controls mind, which makes the native very fickle minded, and might as well lack of committment, yes there is a possibility of multiple partners but mind you ther eis Jupiter in 8th house in Leo, whichmight not allow indescipline in relations, which also means punishment in case you break the promise. :-)

Question 4, Posted 18 Jan 2014,

Ya definitely yes...and you may also raise to a high position. ..For more information contact shashwatprakash96@hotmail.com on Three and more than three Planets in one House at the time of Birth   in response to ihave six planet i.e. sun-mercury-venus-satrn-moon-jupiter in 4th house i.e. libra. what will be the career prediction for me actually i want to be ab IAS. DOB 13/11/1982 TOB 23:30 place hindaun city (raj),

Answer: :-)) Who is Shashwat Prakash,??
Question 5, Posted 15 May 2014,
That goes for me as well. In my chart, venus is exalted in 10th with sun and mercury, while its lord jupiter aspects from 4th house..Gives me a lot of female friendships...Its all for the taking ;)

Answer: :-)) 10th house Exalted Venus means Pisces, with Sun and Mercury, Females ? I think not for fun but for some serious public related work, like social service, or olitical activism etc..
Question 6, Posted 18 May 2014,
DOB: 13 June 1983 Birth time 12.58 pm Place Surendranagar Gujarat My lagna it shows in house no 6 and going by that house no 2 has 3 planets i.e. +Sun +Mars and Mercury. (+ sign shows in front of planet) Can you tell me what it means. Thanks a lot

Answer: Lagna is Virgo (6th from Aries) but as per Vedic astrology this is your first house otherwise called Tanu Bhava, then 2nd from Aries i.e. Taurus has three planets Sun (28 degrees), Mercury 95 degrees)  and Mars (25 degrees), Nakshatra is Punarvasu 3rd Pada, Tithi is Shukla Tritya, I have no idea what + sign means, because + sign was not in use when Vedic astrology came in to existence, it may have been introduced by some modern Astrologer to denote positive or just another planet. :-))
Question 7, Posted 26 May 2014,
Prakash DOB: 23.05.1980 Time of birth 5.58 AM Place : Hosur in Tamilnadu. My lagna is taurus ( sun and mercury in lagna. And in the 4th house moon,mars,saturn,jupiter & rahu were conjucted. Can u please tell me what it means and how my life goes in personal and professional sphere. Thank u

Answer: 4th House is Bandhu bhava, Bandhu means relatives or relations, Mother, Vehicles, Happiness, Real estate- Land and Buildings, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Rahu, in 4th House, all these effect your personal life as well as professional life directly or indirectly, one has to see the status of each planet, their inter relations like If they are friends or enemies, are they exalted, or debilitated, and their relations with Lord of the 4th House also, and then deduce the possible effects, simple too many planets in 4th house would mean too many options, possibilities, at the same time too much interferance or messing by too many cooks, :-) Donald trump the Real Estate king has Moon and Ketu in 4th House and Moon is lord of 12th house for him. :-)
Question 8, Posted 01 July 2014,
hi my date of birth 30.08.1988 Time: 21:52 Place: Delhi Can u please tell me how my life goes in personal and professional sphere. sourabh.bansal@mothersprideonline,com

Answer: Lagna is Aries, Lord of Lagna is Mars which is posited in 12th house Pisces with Moon, Jupiter in 2nd, Venus in 3rd, Sun in Leo its own house with Ketu, Mercury in 6th Virgo 6 degrees, is exalted, Saturn in 9th Capricorn, its own house, and Rahu in 11th, 4th, 7th, 8th and 10th are empty, Tithi is Krishna Chaturthi and Nakshatra is Revati, 4th Pada, personal is ok, Lagna is clean and simple, and 4th and 7th houses, Bandhu and Yuvati bhava are empty, Lordship of Lagna and 7th hosue is Mars, which is in 12th house, so one need to be very careful as 12th house is house of loss (Vayay), otherwise Jupiter aspecting 8th house from Taurus is good for relations and personal level, and prefessional is ghighlighted with partially exalted Mercury in 6th house so no job or business is good with good growth but need to take precautions as Mars and Moon 7th house aspect from 12thhouse and 10 thhouse aspect of Saturn on 6thhouse make this house little uncomfortable so take precautions and Venus Mahadasha is ending 2016 Nov-07, Sun Maha dasha follows till 2022, Nov, and then Moon Maha Dasha till 2032 Nov, and Rahu in 11thhouse is a good position for Rahu as far as Labha bhava effects ar concerned. thanks!
Question 9, Posted  20 Aug 2014,
Dear sir This is the only site where I have found almost all the combinations of planets but still Rahu is left in 4 combinations. My daughter was born on 17-11-2011 , 7:54 am , New Delhi She has ( sun, Rahu, Venus,mercury) in 1st house , please guide us with the right information . She Is suffering a lot and high energy kid and from last 1 year we are just running from One Doctor to other to find the diagnose.
Answer to Q10, Posted  21 Aug 2014,
Rahu is a shadow planet, hence is not considered as a planet in combinations, rahu will enhance the effects of the other planets present with it or the house it is present in, in your daughters case it is scorpio, lord of scorpio is Mars and has a 4th house dhristi on Scorpio, this house is afflicted and Saturn in 12th house, which is exaltation house for saturn, and the current dasha is also Saturn till 2019. Ist house denotes all physical self, does she have any physical problem.

(My recommendation is people should avoid seeing any Astrologer for kids below 21 years, only when there is a serious problem they should consult Astorologers, One general reading immediately after birth to see If the birth needs any special shanti Puja etc, otherwise keep it under wraps till they turn 21 years, and after 21 years for arranged marriage then it is a must.)
Questoin 11, Posted 16 Sep 2014,
Rahu. Jupitr and moon in pisces 5th house how it will effect my life

Answer: Jupiter is Lord of Pisces and is a Male planet, and Rahu is a shadow planet so it enhances the effects of 5th house, which is Putra bhava, Moon is a female planet, 5th House also denotes intelligence, creativity, etc. and then Jupiter from 5th house also aspects, 5th house aspect on Cancer which is your 9th house Dharma bhava, 7thhouse aspect on 11th house Labha bhava and 9th house aspect on Lagna, all are under Jupiters influence, need to see how good your Jupiter is for that Birth time, date and place is required. thanks!!
Question 12, Posted  18 Sep 2014,
Respected Sir, I born in Lucknow at 3:55 am 0n 17-03-1972 I lost my govt. service , can i get back through Court or how i can survive Please give aright path Warm Regards anurag

Answer: Lagna is Capricorn with Rahu, Lord of Capricorn is Saturn, From Sep 2013, Moon Maha Dasha came into effect and will remain till 21 Sep 2023, and Sun maha dasha ended on 21 Sep 2013, Both Sun and Moon are in 3rd house Pisces with Mercury, and all these planets are aspecting 9th house, house of dharma (legal matters) which is Virgo, Lord of Virgo is Mercury in 3rd house, 3rd House is related to siblings, courage, etc. things are in favour of a legal solution only hiccup is Jupiter is in 12th house in Capricorn, to see If you can file a case and grounds for dismissal etc, you need to consult a Lawyer.
Question 13, Posted 25 Oct 2014,
I have sun, mars, mercury, venus combination in birth chart. Thats right I am addicted to women consider my self bad, but not a thief & my limbs are so far okay.....:)

Answer: Need to see where your Jupiter is?
Question 14, Posted 04 Nov 2014,
venus mars ketu at 8th house in simha rasi, u said ketu reduces the effect of the house its posted in, does this mean it reduces the ill effects of 8th house in my case?

Answer to Q15, Posted 05 Nov 2014,
Ketu is a shadow planet, 8th house is like a hole in your life through which all the positive energy or life force is being sucked out, and this house has Venus, Venus which provides the best possible energy to facilitate your life with goodies, is wasted here, meaning it is doing the job of a door keeper and protecting you from loosing the life force, Mars is a planet which gives passion, and is also in 8th house, and ketu will mimic Venus, Mars and lord of the 8th house, but at a reduced level. 8th house open and blank, people could die by falling from stairs, 8th house is protected by Venus, might survive the worse accidents, so Ketu is working in opposition, you should also see, which house is your 8th house, Capricorn Mars is exalted, and in Cancer it is debilitated, Venus is exalted in Pisces, and debilitated in Virgo. Hope it is clear.
Question 16, Posted 02 Dec 2014,
hi, pls explain the effect of 4 planet sun,moon,mars,venus in 3 house in my carrer. name-ajay singh dob-14-10-1974 place-samba (jammu & kashmir) time-00:20 .

Answer: 3rd house is Shahaj bhava, house of siblings, courage, and Career is seen from 1st, 6th and 10th house, then 4th and 7th house, your 6th house is empty, but Saturn is having 7th house dhristi (aspect) from 12thhouse so it is afflicted and slow moving, and 10th house (Career advancement)  is Aries, empty, lord is Mars in 3rd house, 3rd house lord Mercury and 4th house lord Venus exchange places forms a Kalaha yoga, which means you will overcome the worse. Thanks!!
Question 17, Posted 10 Dec 2014,
Hi Sir, My name is Siva narayana born on 3rd july 1983(2:50 AM). SUN+RAHU+Mercuty+MARS are in my second house. Please let me know due to these planets what is impact in my life.

Answer: Place of birth is required, 2nd House denotes wealth mostly by inheritance, Gemini lord Mercury is present with Sun, Mars and Rahu, all are Krura Grahas, Malefics kill wealth, and allthese planets aspect 8th house (Randhara) it means you need to be careful with wealth and try to keep it as far as possible, from 2017 untill 2037 Venus Maha Dasha begins and it is in 4th house Leo, Venus is well placed in 4th house and free from any afflictions, so make most out of it, Real estate is a good area for Investment but take precautions during Antara Dasha periods of Sun, Mercury, Mars and Rahu, i.e. 2020-2021 Sep, 2023 May to 2024, 2024 to 2027 May, 2033 to 2036, Thanks!!
Question 18, Posted 12 Dec 2014,
I have sun venus mercury mars in 11th house and cancer ascendant is it bad????? please tell

Answer: 11th House is a Subha Sthana (Auspicious house) and Sun, Mercury, Mars are Krura Graha (Malefics) and Venus is a Benefic, understand like this, During the Maha Dasha of Venus, Antara Dasha of Sun, Mars and Mercury will be negative, and During Maha Dasha of Sun, Venus Antara Dasha will be positive, and Mars willbe negative, thanks!
Question 19, Posted  12 Dec 2014,
I have rahu, mercury, venus, Jupiter in 11th house(libra) dob:14/10/1994 Time: 11:35 Bangalore so how dis impacts my life

Answer: Your 11th house is Libra, with Jupiter, Venus and Mercury and Rahu, so Mercury also behaves like a benefic with Jupiter and Venus and Venus belongs to Libra, Rahu will ape them, so it is a very powerful house all Auspicious Labha, :-)  and lord of the house Venus is also very well placed so good gains in Maha Dasha and Antara Dasha of Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury and even Rahu, :-)) you need more hands, but there is a 4th house aspect of Mars from Cancer where Mars is debilitated, so during Antara Dasha of Mars don't invest, take utmost precautions, otherwise everything is good.

11th house also means, Elders, Mentors, Elder Sbilings, Friends, etc. all are in your favour. thanks!!
Question 20, Posted 29 Dec 2014,
My DOB is 1st Nov 1974 @ Deganga, West Bengal on 4:50 am, India. I have Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Uranus in Lagna. Ra in 2nd, Jup in 5th, Saturn in 9th House. Till now, nobody predicted my destiny perfectly regarding my job change. Every time they predict, my job change occurs in the same company. Can you please tell me when I shall get a job in new company? Regards

Answer: Lagna is Libra, Lord of Libra is Venus and is present here, which is good, but it is 1 degree away from Sun so badly combust, and Sun, Mars are Krura Grahas, Mercury is neutral, 6th house is Pisces, where Mercury gets debilitation and Venus exaltation, and Saturn has a 10th house dhristi from Gemini, this house is also afflicted and is a dusthana already, and 10th house (Career Advancement) is Cancer, Lord is Moon in Aries 7th house, 6th,8th and 12th are empty, which is also good, and  Jupiter is in 5th house and aspects Lagna with 9thhosue dhristi, which is relatively good, Moon in 7th house, and Rahu dasha ends 2017 Jan 18, and Jupiter Maha dhasha begins from 18 Jan 2017 and will remain untill 2033 Jan, Jupiter will bring stability in your life and Jupiter is also the lord of Pisces 6th house, so things are going to improve in your job. thanks!!

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala Montreal, 21 june 2016, ianala@hotmail.ca

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