Jun 10, 2016

Astrology Questions and response, Posted From 01 Jan 2016

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Following are the question based on Astrology as asked by people from 01 Jan 2016,

Question 1, Posted 06 Jan 2016

Respected Sir, I wanna to know about me, I have sun, mars, jupiter, mercury, venus in 9th house and rahu in 1st house. Please tell me something about my successful field and marriage life. Age:24yrs

Answer: Please read Yuvati Bhava in my blog, and Marriage is not seen from 9th House, for 9th house read Dharma Bhava in my blog, and for 1st house read Tanu bhava in my blog, for field of work or vocation read your 6th house, and for more elaborate field of work or action read 10th house Karma bhava, and for Marriage read, 1st house from Moon, 7th from Moon, Nakshatra, 8th from Moon, UL, 7th from UL, 8th from UL, and 4th house, thanks for your question.

Question 2, Posted 10 Jan 2016

Which profession will be most suitable for me? Is my lagna lord strong? DOB:26-02-1995 17:26,kota(Rajasthan) Please reply... Thank you

Answer: Hello your Lagna lord is Surya, Nakshatra is Uttara Ashadha, Pada 3, Surya is in 7th House, with Saturn, Saturn is lord of 7th house, 7th house is afflicted with 8th house dhristi of Debilitated Mars from Cancer, and as far as vocation, your 6th house is Aquarius, Lord of the house is Saturn and Venus, Moon and Mercury are present in 6th house and your 10th house is Taurus, Lord of Taurus Venus is in 7th house, Multiple vocations are indicated, currently are you with your family business?  for more details please send your queries to Ianala@ hotmail.ca  thanks!!

Question 3, Posted 14 Jan 2016

Pl can helps my name rajesh dob 2 June 1966 10.30am malkapur maharashtra

Answer: Hello Rajesh, Your Lagna is Cancer, Karkatak in Hindi, Lord of Lagna is Moon, which is in Neecha avastha 4 degree in Scorpio which is your 5th house, with Ketu, Nakshatra is Anuradha, Tithi is Shukla Chaturdashi, 9th is Pisces with Saturn, 10th is Aries, with Venus and 11th house labha bhava is loaded and most powerful house of your chart which is Taurus with three planets, Mars 9, Mercury 25, Sun 17 degrees and Rahu is also present, your Dushtanas, 6th and 8th house are empty which is good, and 12th house is with Jupiter, lord of 6th and 9th house, Lord of 10th is Mars and Lord of 11th is Venus and both are in each others house, current Maha dasha is Venus till 2028, and current antara dasha is Rahu till  Aug 2018, So Mars, Mercury and Rahu must be causing havoc in your life they will ease their grip after Aug 2018, Sun is pushing you to achieve something which was your desire, actually you did not ask any question, so for more details please send your query to ianala@hotmail.ca  thanks!!

Question 4, Posted 09 Feb 2016

Hello ,my name pooja .my date of birth is 16 may 1990 kolhapur maharashtra . Want to know about the my career opportunity , marriage life any yoga is there. Hoping for the reply

Answer: Since the Lagna changes every 2 hours please provide the time of birth also, thanks!

Question 5, Posted 19 Feb 2016

I have this combination - Sun Moon Mercury Venus with Ketu can anyone tell what will be the result of this combination Thanks

Answer: 4 planets in one house means multiple opportunities as well as multiple interactions and multiple interferences in your life from time to time, and Ketu is a shadow planet which will behave like the lord of the house but reducing the effects, then you will have to see If Mercury, Venus and Moon are not combust meaning they are not too close to Sun, less then 6 degrees between Sun and these planets will make them combust and during their Antara dasha they will cause the related effects, between 6 to 13 degrees they will be half combust and bove 13 degrees they will be slightly combust but still free enough to deliver their effects.

Question 6, Posted 20 Feb 2016

I have twin sons. Both have same planets in all the houses. sun, venus budha in 7th house, moon and saturn in 4th house, Mars and Jupitar in 9th house, kethu in 12th house and raghu in 6th house. i want to know about their career and married life. My email address is geetha.csgk@gmail.com. Thanks

Answer: Incomplete Information, Please provide Time, Date and Place of births of both twins, thanks

Question 7, Posted 23 Feb 2016

I am planning to look for alliances for my sons. It will be very helpful if you can send your predictions as early as possible. Thanks in advance. Geetha Gopal,

Answer: Date of Births: AK, 29 Mar 1989, 7:10 PM, Chennai, India, Second Twin, 7:14 PM,

Tithi: Krishna Saptami, Nakshatra Moola Pada 2, Yoga is Veriyan, Karana is Bava,

Lagna: Virgo, Lord of Virgo is Mercury (9 Degrees)  in 7th house Pisces and Mercury gets debilitated (Neecha Avastha) in Pisces at 15 degrees, with Sun (15 Degrees) and Venus (13 Degrees), and Venus gets exaltation (Uccha Avastha) at 27 Degrees in Pisces, Pisces is a female rasi, Venus is a female planet, 7th House is Yuvati bhava, house of relations and is the most powerful house in their charts, and Jupiter the Lord of 7th house is present in Taurus, Lord of Taurus is Venus, both have exchanged places, this is a yoga in its self, 9th house is Dharma bhava, only problem is Sun it is too close to both Mercury and Venus in Pisces, it is called combustion. Upapada Lagna is also OK, it shows health of the marriage, 8th house from UL Jupiter and Mars are present in Taurus, so boys needs to take precautions to avoid too much confrontation leading to trouble.

The current Mahadasha is Sun, till Sep 2019, and Then Moon Mahadasha will begin and will remain in effect till Sep 2029 (Lahiri)  and the current Antara dasha is Jupiter which will end 24 July and then Saturn July 2016 to July 2017, Mercury July 2017 to May 2018, Ketu from May 2018 till Sep 2018, and then Sep 2018 till Sep 2019 Venus Antara dasha will begin and I think during that time some good matches might come their way, possibility of marraige is good, Nakshatram is Moola,

Moola is not sexually compatible with Jayestha and Anuradha Nakshatra females, and If Gana is taken then look for Krittika, Aslesha, Magha, Chitra, Visakha, Dhanista, Nakshatra females to avoid confrontations, and further to avoid Nadi problems avoid females with following Nakshatras,
Aswini, Ardra, Punarvasu, Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, Jyeshta, Moola, Satabhisha, Poorvabhadra.

You can send me the prospective charts of matches to check If they have Astha Koota scores above 21, and the Charts of the other Twin is same, except, few things like Ghati Lagna is in Scorpio instead of Saggitarius, Prana Pada another special lagna changes its position from Taurus to Gemini, and Sree Lagna in Navamsa Chart also changes its position.

Navamsa Chart Ascendant is Virgo, which is considered uttam, but Shani in Ascendant, Mercury is good in Navamsa, Jupiter is very good in 7thhouse in Navamsa, its own house Pisces,

Dusthanas in Rasi, 6th with Rahu, 8th and 12th with Ketu are empty and in Navamsa chart they are empty which is good sign.

Follow the Antara dasha periods but check every match for Astha koota because boys Nakshatra is Moola, Moola Nakshtra needs special consideration.

All the best, Thanks!!

Question 8, Posted 24 Feb 2016


Answer: Mmmm let me see my crystal ball, Oh!! it needs Time, Date and Place of birth Milind, :-) anyway Sun, Mercury, Mars, Ketu in 10th house, Please read Yuvati bhava in my blog, and Guru, Chandra and Sani in 6th house, please read Ari Bhava in my blog. thanks

Question 9, Posted 25 Feb 2016

After an accident i have an aum mark between my eyes, its an exact replica of original and is at third eyes location. What does it mean? My sixth sense has also improved on

Answer: Good for you, do Pranayama daily it will help you activate your kundalani energy and once the kundalani, the serpentine power will flow through your sushmana nadi it will further activate your 6th chakra (Agneya chakra) which is present at the third eye position that is where the three nadis Sushmana, Ida and Pingala meet, and Aum is pranava, it is the name we call the universe with and probably Nature is asking you to do something for it, find the purpose of your life. 

Question 10, Posted  06 Mars 2016

Please can anyone help what is good or bad for me. my name is Gaurav DOB is 7 October 1984 @19:25am @ Kota Rajasthan.

Answer: Hello Gaurav,

Your Lagna is Aries, and Good thing is your house of loss, 12th house is empty, 7th house is highlighted with Venus present in its own house Libra and Saturn gets exalted (Uchha Avastha) in Libra, 9th house of dharma is also highlighted with Jupiter present in its own house with Mars, Mercury is also exalted in Virgo, its own house and current  Maha Dasha till 2031 is Mercury, Ketu Antara Dasha will end in Sep 2017 and Venus Antara dasha will begin in Sep 2017, so things related with Venus will be projected, Business etc should be good........

Question 11, Posted 13 Mars 2016

In my house saturn is in the first house, i.e. in ascendent, with jupiter and sukra, some of the prediction or the information you given here in the article are mostly true to me. www.yoga2all.com Thanks a lot.

Answer: Thanks!!

Question 12, Posted 13 April 2016

My dob is 25-5-1982 ,11.29 am ,kushinagar ...i want to know that I can do business or not??

Answer: Yes!! you can do business, but invest smll amounts and keep track of what is going and what is coming, all the best. thanks!

Question 13, Posted 03 May 2016,

My DOB 12-04-1979,07:10am .Kolkata...I want to know that I can do business or not ? Which business can I do ?? Pls tell me on Tanu Bhava- First House, Lagna/Ascendent, Signs/Houses
in response to My dob is 25-5-1982 ,11.29 am ,kushinagar ...i want to know that I can do business or not?? , by Unknown.
Answer: Hello, Your Lagna is Aries, Lagna Lord Mars is present in your 12th house of Loss, with Mercury which is debilitated meaning in Neech Avastha, and Sun Lord of 5th House Leo is also present with them, Sun denotes authority, royal, government, Mercury denotes, communication, business, money, greenery, and Mars denotes energy all are present in 12th house Pisces, though 11thhouse is with Lord of 2nd and 7thhouse Venus with Ketu, 12thhouse still weighs everything down, Business is a hard choice but Mercury works wonders in Pisces If the Lord of Pisces Jupiter is in a good position, which is true, your Jupiter is In Cancer where it is in Exalted position or Uchha Avastha, and it is said If Jupiter is good does not matter the rest of the chart can go to hell, it cna do wonders, Try Business it can work, and your current Dasha is Jupiter till 2020 and after that Saturn Maha dasha will start in 2020 and will remain in effect till 2039, and Saturn is with Rahu in 5th house Leo, Lord of 5th house is Sun which is in 12th house, so precaution is the term, and current antara Dasha is Moon is Jupiter, then Mars and then Rahu, don't start anything new.

Question 14, Posted 14 May 2016

Pls help, DOH : 15-07-1988 TOB: 3:30AM POB : BANGALORE Got married in 2014 n divorced, now looking for second Marriage , though my Lagna has guru n Venus I thought I am lucky but turned miserable, how can I fix my life for smooth journey in future,. NOTE: I AM A FEMALE BUT POSTING FROM OTHER'S ID FOR SECURITY GM 

Answer: Taurus and Venus, Lord of Venus in Taurus its own house, with Jupiter, and 7th house is Scorpio, Lord is Mars, and 8th house Saggitarius with Saturn, Jiputer dhristi on 7thhouse from Lagna allowed the marriage but Venus will cause multiple marriages, second one will be good one, Ketu maha dasha till Aug 2021, Then Venus maha dasha will start and will remain in effect till 2041, and Venus antara dasha will begin 2021 to 2024, wait till then something good will come your way, don't be in a hurry, take your time. all the best!! thanks  for match making to check Astha Kootas, you can send me the birth details of grooms at ianala@hotmail.ca thanks!

Question 15, Posted 15 May 2016

Pls help Doh : 15-07-88 TOB :3:30am Pob:Bangalore I got married in 2014 but divorced by six months, I was at husband's place for just 2 months, I thought I am lucky having guru n Venus in mesh Lagna, now looking for second Marriage but scared of what's in store for me, the guy who I am getting engaged is also divorced. What should l do to make my life go smooth further... Would-be details is DOB :17-01-1980 TOB : 6:15 PM POB : BANGALORE.

Answer: Read Question no 14, thanks!! Ketu Maha dasha started Aug 2014  and remains till Aug 2021.

Question 16, Posted 25 May 2016

Dear Sir, My DOB is : 10 - 01 -1980. Time : 23:20 PM Place : Khurai, Sagar , MP. How is my future, espacially my Job ? Thanks in advance.

Answer: Lagna is Virgo, with Saturn and Moon, Saturn maha dasha will start Feb 2018 and will remain in effect till 2037, and Saturn antara dasha will start 2018 Feb till Feb 2021, Saturn slows down everything it controls and since it is in Lagna, so all physical, Mental, etc will be effected, Saturn has drishti on 3rd house, Scorpio, 7th house and 10th house so all these houses will be effected, this future, and Ketu in 6th house Aquarius, Lord of 6th house is also Saturn, so things are going to get very slow, take precautions and don't make big investments or plans, take upmost care of yourself. All the best!! thanks! 

Question 17, Posted 26 May 2016,

Sir, you have given the information regarding special lagnas. ok. the yogas and aspects of planets are there in your special lagna charts?reading of chart is it the same manner as reading from lagna through clock wise?. are there any special rules regarding readng of chart, planets aspects, yogas. whaT I MEAN AFTER GOING THROUGH THE INFORMATIO GIVEN BY YOU IS, THAT, FIRST WE HAVE TO DRAW NIRAYANA CHART WITH LAGNA, THEN SPECIAL LAGNA IS TO BE NOTED WHILE IGNORING THE FIRST NIOTED LAGNA,. PL.CLARIFY. MVRAO,26/5/2016

Answer: As far as I know everything goes in a clockwise motion except Rahu and Ketu, so all the special Lagnas are reference points and all need to be seen like a Rasi chart, purpose is to see what is strong indicator and what is indicating bad or good, and count positive points and negative points to consolidate a judgement, thanks!!

Question 18, Posted 28 May 2016,

Sir my name is nitin and i was born in muzaffarnagar (u.p) dob: 6-1-1994 time-between 18:50 -18:55 i want to travel abroad for job,is there are chances or something which i have to do..to create one.Help me please.

Answer: Hello Nitin,  Your Ascendant Cancer is a Chara Rasi, which means you can move anywhere you like, your 6th house is a Dual Rasi, which means you can earn your livelihood anywhere in your country as well as outside your country, Your 4th, 7th house are also Chara Rasi, Your 10th House Aries is also a Chara Rasi, so I don't see any reason why you can not travel abroad for Job, and your 6th house which is a Chara Rasi has Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, multiple oppurtunities, will present themselves, and Saturn is in 8th house, and Saturn Mahadasha will begin Dec 2019, and will remain in effect till Dec 2038, and Mercury your 12th house lord in 6th house, Antara Dasha will begin 2022 Dec till 2025 Aug, there is a very high possibility you can find work abroad during this period, All the best, Thanks!!

Question 19, Posted May 2016,

In my 1st house of my Lagna chart I've Saturn, mars, Jupiter and also rahu. Is this good or bad? Please kindly explain thank you.

Answer; Please read Tanu bhava in my blog, Saturn in Ist house depends in which house, and which Nakshatra it is present in, Mars in 1st house is considered Manglik, and Jupiter in 1st house is very good but which house, because Jupiter gets debilitated, Neecha avastha in Capricorn, rahu is a shadow planet it increases the effects of the hosue, lord of the house and the planets it is present with,  birth details are required to take a good look, thanks!!

Question 20, Posted 01 June 2016,

My dob 28 Nov 1995 tob 7:20 am place of birth Faizabad up India how is my ascendant want to become IAS officer should I pursue for it?

Answer: Hello Your Ascendant is Scorpio, and is the most powerful house in your chart with Sun, Mercury and Jupiter, Saturnin 4th, 7th and 9th are under Jupiters influence, Yes please pursue your goal with dedication, Jupiter Maha dhasha is begining from 2019 May till 2035 May, All the best, thanks!

Question 21, Posted 07 June 2016

Sir my name is sharonjit kaur I have 4 planets in my 1st house Saturn mars rahu Jupiter Please explain?

Answer: Please read Tanu bhava (1st house) in my blog, and for details send me your birth details to ianala@hotmail.ca. thanks

Question 22, Posted 09 June 2016

Did you say that generally 5 planets and more like 6,etc, these people tend to live penniless life? Also I wanted to understand my horoscope more. I appreciate your Web page showing all the conjunctions. So I am sun mercury venus mars jupiter in 5th. My name is Christian Suarez. Thanks for everything, your time and your Web page. I am lucky to be a westerner who has a great living guru and I've heard him say that any negative impact of the horoscope when guru is around, all the negative impact come and touch Guru's feet and do not disturb devotee/disciple. Anyway I feel so lucky in this life, thanks for your time.  Christian
Answer: Your chart attachment is not correct, it is South Indian Style but incorrect. If your date of Birth is 19 Aug 1991, 1:07 PM Haileah Gardens USA, coordinates, 25 N 8651, 80 W 3245, Lagna is Libra, Lord of Libra is Venus, which is in Leo and 5 degrees away from Sun.
2nd, 5th, 6th,7th,8th,10th and 12th house are all empty,
3rd house is Saggitarius, Dhanur, with Moon and Rahu,
4th House is with Saturn Aquarius,
9th house is Gemini with Ketu
11th House is Leo with Sun, (Its own house 2 degrees) Jupiter 1 degree, Mercury 6 Degrees, and Venus 7 degrees, Mars is 28 degrees, and all have 7th hosue dhristi on 5th house, wihch also highlights your 5th house which is house for children, but all tehse planets are in your 10th house, :-)) and If you carefully all the planets except Mars are cooked being so close to Sun in its own house, they burn so you burn when ever they are in their Antara dasha, and this shows how the world looks at you, and the reality is you are a Gemini with Ketu and then your 10th house becomes your 3rd house, :-)) which is house of communications.......
and see you have taken a direction where you have a spiritual guru, tell me your spiritual guru will help you accumulate spiritual bank balance and not US dollars, :-))

There is this Mantra which says,

Vinaykam Gurum Bhanum Brahma Vishnu Maheshwaran!!!
Saraswatim Pranamyadau Sarvakaryarthe Shiddaye!!!!!
Meaning, when you surrender yourself to Vinaykam ( Ganesha) Guru, Bhanu (Sun) and the trinity Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh, Goddess Saraswati is automatically appeased and all your works go well or as planned, so Guru is one of them. All the best. Thanks!!

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala Montreal, 10 June 2016, ianala@hotmail.ca

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Unknown said...

My date of birth is 15 December 1969 time 21.40 place nangal dam. I have karaka lagna the stars are as follows
2nd house ketu of leo
4th house Jupiter of tula
5th house venus of scorpio
8th house mecury and sun of dhanu
8th house mar moon rahu of kumbha
10th house sat aries retrograde

at present going through ketu mahadasha since july 2015
in bhave chalet chart the only change is jupitor in 3rd house of kanya and mars in 7th house of Capricorn

kindly tell how will be my ketu dasha