Jun 16, 2016

Astrology Questions and response, Posted from 01 Jan 2015 to Dec 31 2016,

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Following are the Question based on Astrology asked in 2015,

Question 1, Posted 03 Jan 2015

Sir as u said i have combination am virgo ascendant my venus exalted in 7th house and jupiter exalted in 11th house and aspecting venus tell me the effects full moon in leo rasi

Virgo Ascendant, Venus exalted in Pisces i.e. 7th house, Jupiter Exalted in 11th House i.e. Cancer, and Moon in 12th House i.e. Leo, effects?? You have to see what is the degree of Exaltation also, and Lord of the Ascendant is Mercury, and where is Mercury?? and in what status, 7th house is highlghted with Venus, lot of female companionship but since Mercury gets debilitated here in Pisces, communication problems migh tbe the main issue as far as relations are concerned, and Jupiter Exalted in 11th house,  11th house is Labha bhava and house of elders, and Jupiter as elder is the best thing to happen to a native, you have a priest and teacher as your elder, and then 7th house is under 9th house dhristi of Jupiter means Venus will behave and will not go dirty, :-).

Question 2, Posted 13 Jan 2015

I have this MERCURY-JUPITER-VENUS yoga in my fifth house along with Rahu. It is meena rashi. Lagna is scorpion. what happen to the yoga with rahu...?

Rahu is a shadow planet, so it behaves like the lord of the house or like the planet or planets it it present with and will enhance the effects mostly it causes more harm then good.

Question 3, Posted 16 Jan 2015

I have sun,mercury,mars and kedhu in second house.Lagna is Kadagam,Rasi-Magaram,Nakshatram-Thiruvonam. What will be the yoga?

Ascendant is Cancer, Moon in Capricorn, Nakshatram is Shravana, Sun, Mercury and Mars in Second house, with Ketu, 2nd hosuse Dhana Bhava, Inheritance, Money mostly from inheritance, is seen from here, but you will have to see the distance in degrees from Sun and other planets in this house, less then 6 degrees they are bound to be combust, meaning the effects will be not very good or expected, between 6 to 13 it will go down by 50% and above 13 degrees by 25%, and then Ketu is present it will reduce the effects further down, whatever yoga, don't expect toomuch from it, it depends what you are doing, e.g. If there is a dhana yoga for Donal trump, he will get in billions because he is already dealing in billions, and a pauper has the same yoga, pauper is deliang in few cents, or paisa, he will get few dollars or few ruppes more then otherwise what he or she has been getting, so it is very important to see where you are and then measure the effects og Yoga in those terms. thanks!

Question 4, Posted 21 Feb 2015

Sir, I have 4 planets, namely Sun, Venus, Mars, Rahu in my 11th house... i have Moon and Ketu in 5th house... Saturn in 2nd house... Uranus and neptune in 12th house... Mercury and Jupiter in 10th house. what is the prediction in my case?? Thanks in advance!!

Obviously your 11th house, Labha bhava, house of profits or elders, is highlighted and is the most powerful house in your chart, then it is 10th house, Moon is a female planet and Ketu a shadow  planet which reduces the effects, 5th house is putra bhava, you will have to also see which house is your 5thhouse from Ascendant, then you can see first child  is girl or a boy, etc. and Saturn in 2nd house, Saturn slows everything down, so if there is any inheritance it will come to you very slowly and in a very painful manner, :-)) 10th house is Jupiter and Mercury but which one,? because If it is Pisces then Mercury is debilitated, If virgo it is exalted, Gemini is also good, and for Jupiter Cancer is very good, because it gets exalted, and Capricorn is very bad it gets debilitated, etc. so house is also very important, and then you will have see the Nakshatra (Moon ). thanks!

Question 5, Posted 28 Feb  2015

My name is rohit, dob is 3 nov 1989.tme is around 4.00 evening. guru is in 4th house,ketu in 6th house, ravi,mangal and budh in 8th house, shukra,shani and chandra in 10th house, rahu is in 11th house.i want to know about my career, and govt job

Question 6, Posted 08 April  2015

What is the effect of mars-jupitor-rahu-saturn 4 planet in 9th house ?

9th house is Dharma bhava, and Higher education, and Fathers house, Faith, Fortune, and natural karaka is Jupiter, and Mars, Jupiter, Rahu and Saturn puts lots of load on the native at the same time it will confuse the native with all that load, because each planet in this house will expect certain qualities from the native and each one will come forth with its expectations during its Mahadhasha and Antara Dasha, 9th house is more giving then taking. thanks!

Question 7, Posted 27 April  2015

Ravi Sankar Hi Thanks for the information, Mine is a combination of Sun-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn placed in Libra, second from Virgo lagna (having moon with lagna). Also Mars-Ketu in Sagittarius and Rahu in Gemini. Please guide me in my career and also help me the remedies for libra house combination. Thanks Ravi grsankar12@gmail.com

Please ask Ravi shankar this question in his platform. :-))

Question 8, Posted 27 April 2015

Hi Guruji, Please help me im in deep trouble, my DOB: 12-Nov-1982, 04:20AM; Longitude: 78 E 10 Latitude: 14 N 7 Kanya Lagna, 1st house-Moon. 2nd house-Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. 4th house-Mars, ketu. 10th house-Rahu. Thanks in advance Ravi grsankar12@gmail.com

Lagna is Libra, With Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Moon in 12th house, Ketu and Mars in 3rd, Rahu in 9th, Tithi-Krishna Dwadashi, Hasta, 1 pada Nakshatra,

Trouble is Saturn is Exalted in Libra, Sun is Debilitated in Libra, Venus belongs here, Mercury is lord of 9th and 12th house, and Jupiter is lord of 3rd and 6th house, and Rahu maha dasha ended Dec 2015, so things should be improving with Jupiter mahadasha which started Jan 2016 and will remain in effect till 20131 dec, and 5th, 9th house are highlighted, 5th house is empty, lord is Saturn, Putra bhava, 9th house is Gemini with Rahu, dharma bhava with 9th house dhristi of Jupiter from Lagna, lot of expectations but very little in return, all morals but no money, :-)) 11th house of profits, lord is Sun and is debilitated in Libra, 2bd house is empty, lord is Mars who is in 3rd house with Ketu, :-) I think every penny you will earn will be under scrutiny like checked under the Microscope of morals. :-)) thanks!

Question 9, Posted 20 May 2015

Dhansthan mein karkesh chandra,Mangal,Budhand ketu are placed please tell its effectscand remedies Regards.

2nd house, Dhana bhava with Moon, Mars, Mercury and Ketu, please see answer to question 3,  Instead of Sun it is Moon for you, I am yet to see any remedy for not having Inheritance. :-) It is still possible in West but India, thoda aur time lagega!! :-)

Question 10, Posted 20 May 2015

Hi Guru hi, For me Rahu and Saturn are placed in 8th house what does it represents ? Thanks, Prabhu

8th House is Randhra bhava, meaning it is a hole through which the life force escapes, Saturn is a Krura graha, Malefic, and Rahu is a shadown planets, 8th house is better if empty and Malefics kind of do benefit in dustahana or bad house, so you are protected by Saturn and Rahu. thanks!

Question 11, Posted 06 June 2015

Sir, How to contact you? can you please drop a mail to raju.kvramesh@gmail.com


Question 12, Posted 21 June 2015

Sir, my kundali is of mean lagna.... And mangal in my 4th house and sun is in my 10th house and guru is in my 7th house .. And shani shukr or moon in 11th house is this combination forms raj yog

Yes it does!!

Question 13, Posted 28 June 2015

Hi, My DOB - 9/12/1991 Time- 5:29 PM Place - Bhubaneswar , Odisha , India. I have SUN-MERCURY-MARS in my 8th house in Lagna Chart.. Can you please look into it and suggest its effects.

Please read Randhra Bhava in my blog, thanks!!

Question 14, Posted 30 June 2015

I have Mercury, venus, sun, saturun and uranus in my 10th house of lagna chart. I think this combination is not present in above analysis. DOB : 14-dec-1985, birth place tirupathi

Uranus and Neptune are not  planets in Vedic astrology, instead we have Rahu and Ketu as two shadow planets, or Head and tail of the demon snake who also comsumed elixir along with the gods.

Question 15, Posted 04 July 2015

hello i have sun,mercury and venus in 5th position from lagna please assist me about my future my DOB:24-05-1992 time:11:05, Birth place: chennai state of tamilnadu

I assumed your time of birth is 11:00 pm, Tithi is Krishna Ashtami, Nakshatra Satabisha, Lagna is Capricorn, with Saturn, lord of the house, 5th house Taurus is Putra bhava, it is the most powerful house in your chart and it denotes, children, poorva punya, creativity, Intelligence, Education, so Sun is a Male planet, Mercury is a neutral, and Venus is a female planet and owns this house, so your first child might be a girl but then you have to see 5thhouse in your wife's house also to make a prediction about sex of children, etc. Venus is a benefic and in 5thhouse will give good children, good creativity, intelligence, and good effects, but they are less then 13 degrees to Sun, so effects are reduced by 50% due to combustion, when ever their antara dasha will be in effect, Ketu in 6th means normal vocation but with less prospects, others will take away your credits, :-) Jupiter in Leo, 8thhouse, Long life, and Saturn in your Lagna, and it is also your Atmakaraka, Jupiter is  in 12thhouse from Saturn in Navamsa means you have done good work in your past life and Guru is your Ista devata, Saturn in Lagna slows things down and also gives a sickly temperament and little physical impairment or weakness, particularly in Dhanista Nakshatra, Jupiter Mahadasha is ending Oct 2020 and Saturn maha dasha will begin from the same date and will remain till Oct 2039, followed by Mercury for another 17 years, Saturn in Lagna and its own house is little more harsher then other planets, 4th house from Lagna is Aries where Saturn gets debilitated so 4th house real estate investments will not bring any profits, 7th house Cancer from Lagna, relations will cause mental agony, 10th house from Lagna is Libra, where Saturn gets exalted, so power, authority and government is highlighted in this maha dasha, but wil great difficulty, pain, and har work, and results will come very slowly, Saturn maha dasha, first 1/4 is If very good, then remaining three quarters will be towards downfall, other wise reverse, remember Saturn is the highest giver but after a lot of papads, :-)) don't loose hope, put your belt on and get ready for a rollar coaster, don;t invest, save your money, spend as little as possible, keep your mouth as people around you might instigate you to the brink of disaster, keep your cool, do you meditation and practise hanuman chalisa. thanks!

Question 16, Posted 08July 2015

I dont think I am the right person to answer this question... so please correct me if I am wrong... Mercury behaves as a malefic when placed with malefics... Saturn is expected to slow down things... so I believe this result would be a delay in marriage. .. Sir please let me know if I am wrong...

More or less in a very general way YES!! Saturn also causes impotency in its Maha dasha or Antara dasha but need to see where it is present.

Question 17, Posted 10 July 2015

Guruji, I am a mother of child who has been suffering from several health issues from last three years,.. hope you help me/guide me.. my son who was born on 29th December 2009, at 10:07pm, in Barnstaple(Devon) UK., was a lovely boy with beautiful development and all until his 2..9,,(two years and 9 months), suddenly got fits and diagnosed with severe epilespy after medication he is been controlled but the development got struck..he speaks only some words, he cannot remember cannot focus cannot mingle with other children,,and he is so different now..on support as a special child he is in the school at the moment, but seeing our beautiful little child we each and every second weeping my husband totally gone mad..we are just living with a hope that he will be soon or recover soon..as every astrologer we approached said so..we tried so many yogas pooja vratha japa thapas..homa yagnas...he is wearing hanuman kavach, red coral, bear hair in yantra, n trikona silver pendant in his neck...

Please read Epilepsy and Astrology in my blog.

Question 18, Posted 05 Aug 2015

Respected sir i vandna from haryana want to ask a question regarding my career and monetary prospect as well as my personal life as per the siuation of my planets . i had to face so many problems in my past currently i am unemployed please tell whrther any good prospect in my life for future as per planets situation in my horoscope details are as under : name: VANDNA DOB :27 MAY 1979 PLACE OF BIRTH: MANAWAR M.P TIME OF BIRTH : 3:35 P.M MY MAIL ID IS: vandna888@gmail.com please give response as soon as possible thanx

Lagna is Virgo, Ketu in Aquarius 6th house, yes you should not have problem in getting job but growth in jobs will be restricted because of Saturn lordship and Ketu, and 8th house Venus and Mars, it is protected and long life, 9th house is loaded and most powerful house in your chart, Moon is exalted in Taurus, NAKSHATRA is Mrigasira 2nd pada, Sun is 11 degrees in Taurus, Mercury is 8 degrees and Moon is 29 degrees and is also your Atma Karaka, so lot of expectations from you as far as 9th house is concerned, dharma bhava, 11th house is you best house, house of profits, Jupiter the professor of knowledge, morals and education is present here and is exalted, lord of this house Moon is also exalted, so 11th house is thebest house, profits in any thing you do should come your way, particularly mind related, elders are good with you, elder siblings also good with you, what else one needs when Jupiter is in such a good position, Jupiter is also your 7th house of relations lord, and it is also your current maha dasha lord, till 2017 May, then Saturn will begin and will remain till May 2036 followed by Mercury, Your current Antara dasha is Rahu, 2014 till May 2017, and Rahu is with Saturn in 12th house, Leo, hence the problems, will go away temporarily but reduce after 2017 May but not completely, from 16 May 2020 there will be some relief but keep in mind Saturn lord of your 6th, 5th house will be in effect for 19 years and Saturn is in 12th house with Rahu, Dont worry If not Material benefit, you are going to get huge spiritual benefits, so invest carefully.

Question 19, Posted 21 Aug 2015

Sir, I have sun,mars,mercury,saturn and ketu in 12th house..Can you please tell me its effects ? My D.O.B : 27/3/1996..Time : 6:50 a.m.. My name is Kamalika Dey

I assumed your place of birth as Kolkata, Lagna is Aries with Venus, Moon in Gemini 4th, Rahu in 7th, Jupiter in its won house Saggitarius, and Pisces your 12th house is loaded with Sun, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and Ketu, 12 house is house if loss, Moksha, Final emancipation, Tithi Shukla Ashtami, Nakshatra Ardra 2 pada, Venus is your Atam Karaka, Lord of 12th house is Jupiter.

12th House is very important when seen from spirituality, Moksha point of view, but the worst house when it comes to material living, it is opposite of 11th house, loss, depletion, erosion, of everything, as well as benefits towards leaving the cycle of births and deaths, and then all the mystic belongs here, please read Vyaya bhava in my blog to understand this house better, simple terms, Sun denotes, power, authority, government, Mars is energy, Mercury is communications, business acumen, Saturn is everything slow, painful, dirty, Ketu is shadow planet, so reduces everything, Lord of this house is Jupiter, which is in 9th house dharma bhava, and it is its own house Saggitarius, so lot of expectations but nothing in return, thanks!!

Question 20, Posted 30 Aug 2015

I have Sun Venus Saturn Rahu in Capricon 10th house. 7th house has no planets. When will I get married or a loving girl. And will she be beautiful? DOB: 23/01/1991 Time: 11:43AM Place: 19.12N, 73.58E

Marriage?? Please read Yuvati bhava in my blog, your chart Moon is in Lagna, Shri Ram has Moon and Jupiter in Lagna, and 7th house is Libra, Lord of Libra is Venus, which is present in 10th house, and Lord of Lagna is Mars which is present in 2nd house, Lord of 2nd house is Venus, Venus is the natural Dara karaka, or Yuvati Karaka, so no problems, Venus aha dasha ends 2015, followed by Ssun till 2021, then Moon maha dasha will begin and will remain till 2031, Tithi is Shukla Ashtami, check with your local priest If you need any shanti puja or with your parentsIf they already did some shanti puja, only problem is health of marriage, there is Mars in 7th house from UL, Mars denotes seperation, like Shri Ram had Mars in his 7th house from Mars, and we all know he got separated from Mata Sita for 14 years, all the best, thanks!!

Question 21, Posted 03 Sep 2015

Please tell me about my life, profession , marriage life .my DOB 31/08/1991 time 11.20am at haora WB 

Tithi: Krishna Shasti, Bharani Nakshatra,pada 4, Lagna is Scorpio,
2nd Rahu
3rd, Saturn retro,
6th Moon
8th Ketu, 9th Mercury
10th Sun, Jupiter, Venus,, Jupiter in 10th Navamsa chart also,  
11th Mars,

Life is good, with all its ups and downs, Profession, Jobs are good and growth is short but good, Profession is also good, little combustion effects due close proximity of Sun in 10th house, Rahu maha dasha starting 2018 to 2036, Marriage is prospects is good, health of marraige is little as Rahu in 7th from UL and Saturn in 8th from UL,

Mars in 11th house is good for wealth, I have not seen any chart where not even one planet is Obstacles, or Danger or Death to thenative, all your planets are good to you in one way or another.


Question 22, Posted 30 Sep 2015

Sir Please advise Scorpio Lagna, Moon, Rahu , Venus and Merc in Lagna. Obstacles at every point in life. wants to go abroad for further studies. will he succeed in admission in good University, and by when. My e mail id is --- neelima61@ yahoo.com

Please provide Birth details, thanks!

Question 23, Posted 09 Oct 2015

As per this analysis my son has takshak Kaal Sarp Dosha once predicted by astrologer in Chennai. Am following remedies from many years and we are expecting good results

As long as good results trickle in it is good.

Question 24, Posted 16 Nov 2015

Hi There I was going through pages on google search and found you!! I really seek your help as I am very confused regarding my personal and professional paths in life. No astrologer till date has been able to give me any concrete advice or direction regarding my life as I have 5 planets in my 10th house in my birth chart. I have Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Rahu in my 10th house. Could you please get intouch and guide me if you can. I would highly apperciate your help. Kind Regards Gaurav M Sharma Perth, Australia Gmsharma555@gmail.com

Hi Gaurav, Birth details are needed, thanks!!

Question 25, Posted 16 Nov 2015

Respected Sir My daughter have a combination of sun+jupiter+venus in simha lagna, mesha rasi. She is currently looking for jobs. I would like to know how this combination will help her in career and in marriage. I read somewhere that combination of sun+jupiter+venus is not lucky. Is it true. I would like to know more about this combination. Please provide how this would in simha lagna. I have sent you an email as well. Thanks and I hope you reply me.

Please provide birth details, thanks!!

Question 26, Posted 30 Nov 2015

Dear Astrologer, Give your Family and career Predictions for Chitra Nakshatra/ Pada - 2 Simha Lagna Born 11.07.89 , Pondicherry, South India Sun/Mercury/Jupiter in Gemini Venus/Mars in Cancer Ketu in Leo Moon in Virgo Saturn in Sagittarius Rahu in Pisces

Hello!! Please provide time of Birth also, thanks!!

Question 27, Posted 30 Nov 2015

Give your career suggestion Born 11.07.89 , Pondicherry, South India Sun/Mercury/Jupiter in Gemini Venus/Mars in Cancer Ketu in Leo Moon in Virgo Saturn in Sagittarius Rahu in Pisces

Hello!! Please provide time of birth also, thanks!!

Question 28, Posted 04 Dec 2015 Paresh Joshi said...........

You have to wear Grah Sukra Rajyog karta is vakri you have good fortune in Film industries go ahead and wear more then 5 carate of Dimond original or stone. And do fasting on Saturday.

Wear on first finger more then 5 carate of Diamon(Sukra Grah)origina You have good fortune in Film line go ahead bright future is waiting for you on


Question 29, Posted 11 Dec 2015,


Hello! Please provide with Birth details, Date, time and place, thanks!! also pls read Randhra bhava inmy blog for 8th house.

Question 30, Posted 13 Dec 2015,

Hi there, I have SUN, MARS, MERC and RAHU in 2nd house. May 30th 1966, 3:58AM, DST, -8GMT. Please let me know the effects regarding the money and the lawsuit. Thank you!

 Hello!! DST-8GMT east or west?? thanks!!! simply you could have written the name of place of birth why the riddle. thanks!!

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala Montreal, 16 June 2016, ianala@hotmail.ca

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Nitish kumar said...

Nitish Kumar
Mercury & Venus - 1st house
Sun & moon. - 2nd house
Ketu -3
Shani---12th house

Sir when I will get job