Jul 12, 2016

Expectations are the basis of all problems

Past  few weeks has been very hectic for people in USA in particular, because of few black men being shot dead by confused and scared cops with guns, and then few cops were gunned down by an army professional as a payback,  but the ratio is far from equality, :-) last year alone 600 black men were gunned down by cops in USA and only few cops were gunned down in a country where there are about 500 million guns, (all kind) and 3 billion bullets and one can buy them like cabbage.

Note: If you see the incomplete footage of a black man shot in his car with a 4 year old child, the white cops were so emotionally disturbed and they had loaded guns, like I said, the recruitment of cops and who should get a gun and who should not is all biased, a white man walks away with a gun and a cops uniform with out much scrutiny or back ground check, but for a non white man or women, they have to prove that they can do miracles for eligibility and even after miracles the biased white folks are not satisfied. :-)))))))))))

And the elected and nominated power mongers are still holding meetings to discuss gun laws. :-)

I think the elected and nominated power mongers are expecting too much from the cops, first the recruitment process of cops is very biased, for white folks skin color is enough, and for non whites they have to show If they can insert a rod in their ass and bend it, :-) and then expectations that cops will deliver everything from fancy desires of elected and nominated rascals in power to impossible missions.

Cops are already doing more then even criminals would dream of, take for example Saint Laurent,QC, Canada, a Liberal constituency, cops have wired apartments and they have wired all cars in the area, and then they use non whites to scare non whites, :-))  that is a tall order and white folks simply sit on their fat asses and enjoy their lives in their quite localities.

Following things are in place in Saint Laurent, Quebec, Canada for more then 15 years on the name of National Security, :-))) Our foreign minister Mr Stephen Dion gets elected from here decade after decade. :-)) and then some blue eyed white boy on CNN says, " Crime rate is very high in colored cummunities". :-))

1) Wired apartments
2) Wired personal cars,
3) Wired private and public places, even CLSC, Physimed, Pharmaprix, Uniprix,
4) Wired Schools and Hospitals,
5) Development of peadophiles, and their protection,:-)
6) Hacking of all electronic and electrical gadgets in private homes, public places,
7) Hacking cell phones, computers, printers, Ipod's, Play Stations, TV Receivers,
8) Hacking cell phones of teenage girls, and listening to their talk and then they get involved in their private life,  I think white women above 56 yrs are having fun getting involved in private lives of teenage girls, listening to their private conversations and then they get involved playing with their emotions. ( This is also National security) :-))

 9) Making noise to vacate tenants from wired apartments,
10) Manipulating Car showrooms to install tracking devices in Cars, all done illegally
11) Issuing traffic tickets to targets, ( I got a ticket for 675$) :-))
12) Tracking people for racial profiling and radicalization program of Canada/Quebec.
13) Travel to Quebec city, Toronto or Ottawa, then see with in minutes cops will be around you watching, listening, and keeping vigil because non whites have entered their areas, :-) and If few white germans go around fooling in remotes areas of Canada, cops are not worried because they are white.
14) If a non white Canadian citizen raises alarm about a white person that she is an identity thief, cops are least worried, even If they know the truth they would say ok it is a small crime, but If it is otherway around cops are going to screw that non white person with every thing they have at their disposal, why?? skin color is the norm. :-)

14) See in my neighbours apartment 3, 1480 rue crevier Saint Laurnet, QC, following nationals were used by the cops for racial profiling and radiclization program since 2004,

1) Chinese with children as cover,  2004-2005,
2) Angolan family with 5 children, Operator and cover 2005 to 2010,
3) Portuguese family with 2 children, Operator and cover, 2010 to 2011,
4) Algerian family 3 children, Operator and noise making, 2011 to 2012,
5) East european family with 3 grown up children, Operator and noise making, 2012 to 2014,
6) Brazilian family of 6 or 7, Operator and noise making, 2014 to 2016,
7) Algerian Family with 7 children, total 11 or 12 in a 2 bedroom apartment, Operator and noise making 2016 and current, they just moved in two weeks back and the operators are the same people who were with the previous Algerian family in 2011 to 2012.

Note: Quebec has a strict law to protect childrens space in apartments, the rule reads, a family of 4 with two adults and two children should occupy minimum 2 bedroom apartment, and look here in Apt no 3, 1480 Rue Crevier, Ville Saint Laurent, QC, 11 to 12 members with 7 chiildren in 2 bedroom apartment, I think 2 or 3 families are sharing this apartment. :-) and summer vacations.

Cops are also involved in family disputes, and they get involved between husband and wife and then play from both sides, where many women have complained against their husbands as directed by the cops, as a result the men were jailed for flimsy charges, cops are doing all this for protecting the interests of white folks.:-)

So in this situation where all this is a hidden agenda of the cowards in almost all seven continents where majority population is white, they are doing this to keep non whites under pressure so that whites folks can have an easy life, which is fine, that is what animals and birds do, :-)  crows protect crows,

Only exception is India where Brown folks (read cowards) in government are working against their own brown populations for protecting the interests of the white folks in India and in western countries, like Canada/USA/UK etc. and only Mr Modi gets priority in exchange. :-))) of course India is the most racial country in the world, sorry I was born there and lived 34 years before I moved out.

The problem is with the non white side, "Expectations", the non white populations in all these countries Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Europe, NewZealand, are expecting too much from white folks who happen to control finance, banks, Intelligence, administration, government, mafia, criminals, cops and terrorists also like ISIS, :-) the simple thing the non whites have to understand is the white folks are protecting their interests by running an agenda which is biased and totally against the non white populations, and every few days they kill one black person with or with out reason to keep that pressure on black populations, and they run the propaganda of terrorism alive in all TV channels 24/7 to keep similar pressure on non whites in their countries.

And in presence of such an agenda the non whites in these countries are expecting that the white folks will do something good for them,:-))))))))))) If white folks were supposed to do good thing for non white folks in their countries then why would they need the hidden agenda of apartheid, :-)) or statements like "what else can be done for the comfort of the white man".:-))

So my suggestion to non white folks in these countries is stop expecting that white folks will do something for you or your communities, they have not done in 500 years, :-)) why now in 2016, where ever the white man wnet he destroyed everything there, natives in Canada/USA/Australia are still in deep shit even in 2016 where elected politicians talk talk talk and walk walk walk towards ISIS.

The real situations now is the white folks in these countries ( including India) are lead by women who think " what else can be done for the comfort of the white man", :-)) when such women are leading them they would like to have the same priority in your countries, communities and homes as well, best example is India, white folks have undue priority in India I have seen this in 2010 and 2015, so Cong-I and BJP can not blame each other, :-)) while Indians are treated like shit in India and outside (except Mr MODI). :-))

And then look carefully who is fighting on the ground level for the interests of the white folks in all those countries where majority population is white, it is non whites who are fighting with each other, look at the list of my neighbours who are doing all kind of anti social activities for some white women in Toronto and Montreal, :-)) they were from China, Angola, Algeria, Brazil, Cameroon, even Pakistan, Indians, Punjabi, :-) almost every non white person is ready to fight for the white folks and then only black men in USA get killed. :-)))))))

There is a reason for this, the white folks while protecting their interests run a perfect plan to trap a non white family for their anti social activities in places like Saint Laurent, QC, Canada,

1) The target family is pushed in to poverty,
2) Then the male members of that family are pushed into crime, ( Like stealing 6 years old tyres from my storage room, :-))
3) Once in with a petty crime the non white family is pushed further with threats of jail time etc,
4) Some more petty crimes,
5) Then the family when they are on the brink are offered a spy job, they have to live in an apartment, spy on other neighbours, make noise when ordered, etc. etc. and they are paid rent, grocery, etc.
6) Slowly you can see they buy furniture, cars, TV's, :-) so they turn into perfect family with out any integrity and will do anything for the cowards (cops), which includs hurting children, as young as months old. ( And the cowards want us to show sympathy when such a cop gets killed) :-) I would say good riddance.

I know it is very difficult to survive when the entire government of your country is being used against you, but still integrity is something, If someone offers money to hurt a child, how can someone with children accept such a thing, for white folks it is protecting their interests but for non whites it is fighting with each other.

So there is no use expecting from people who can not or do not have the ability to think good, so expecting that they will do something for you is foolishness.

One of the women leading these white folks in Canada/USA and India :-) is a 75 yrs old white women from Toronto and she calls herself "Bitch from hell", and she has a 65 yrs old white women as pet who was a genius and peer for her and now they are acting enemies, :-)) it is a trap, even by mistake never get in between them because they did everything together.

What do you expect? :-))

Look around yourself, there are lots of trees and see how many trees are fruit givers, :-)) we don't grow fruit giving plants any more, :-)) now the pale cowards in Canada/Quebec are working on women's uterus, so that they can play with their mensural cycles, this is also white mans national security. :-))

Bottom line: White folks to protect their interests can use Algerians (Muslims) for racial profiling and radicalization also, :-)) how low can one stoop only white folks can show you. :-)

Why black people often get shot by white cops??


1)  Canadian Tyre Master card increase the interest rate to 25 from 19.9% (Our PM says it is your personal responsibility If the bank raises the interst rate from 19.9% to 25%) :-) yes after elections, before elections it was , middle class, middle class, middle class. :-)

2) Canadian Tyre Master card then increases the credit limit by another 2000$

3) Then some black guy from Cameroon steals my 6 year old winter tyres from my storage,

4) Then Canadian Tyre comes out with a promotion for Winter Tyres, 750$

5) So I go buy the Winter Tyres on promotion for 750$ with my Canadian Tyre Master card,

6) My debt on that card goes up by another 750$

7) Some pale coward is very happy about all this because he is able to increase my debt by 750$,

8) The black guy who stole my Tyres in in trouble, he can be shot any time If he refuses to obey his white master. :-))

This is how most black men in US get shot, and in Canada they are used in various hidden agendas of the little blue eyed white man trying to decieve the non white folks in Canada and Quebec. :-))

And then some blue eyed white boy on CNN says, " the crime rate among non-white populations is very high". :-))

Black Mayor, Black Police chief, and only black men get shot,

White Mayor, White Police chief, and only black men get shot,

Because all this drama is carried out by the intelligence agencies and cops are the executing end,

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