Jul 21, 2016

Political Drama USA 2016

Finally, the republicans got together to raise an outsider as their leader, :-)) but Ted Cruz played his part he has been practicing for quite sometime, but on the wrong time, :-)) so now I think we should leave Donald Trump and team to play their game as they want to and see where they will take this party and its members and then USA. :-)) 

 I liked few lines people said in this convention,

1) God has created USA the greatest country on Earth, :-)  Mmmmmm what about Canada?? :-))

2) Ask why? Because America deserves better. :-)

3) Make America first again...:-)

4) Make America safe again,  and the governor of Louisiana said something like, "Violence has no place in our society", and I see it like this....with little bit of exaggeration..:-)

Then there is Mr Donald Trumps line, " make America great again", does he mean USA or North America, If it is North America then even Canada is a part of it and changing Canadian white folks :-)) is like asking the rusted nuts and bolts to change. :-))

So it is America Safe again, America Great again and America number one again, these are three lines that emerge as Donald Trumps quality policy.

Then I am not sure how many people must have observed, the power mongers trying to beat each other, all from Canada, Liberals and Conservatives, played their games under the very nose of the Donald Trump and his team. :-))  for a moment it appeared like Donald Trump and his USA were not important the entire RNC was for power struggle in Canada, Liberals VS Conservatives, :-)) which appeared something like this.

     Both these women were being projected by hundreds of their cowards in Canada and USA, :-)) "Rest Assured", and chewing gum, :-) how stupid, but like I said the nuts and bolts in Canada are so narrow they cannot think beyond these two, who otherwise can not move an inch in any direction, how I know? I worked with them for 4 years. :-))

Leech was brain washed by the Bitch from hell and her team of cowards before she was inducted in to out company, so she started her story from that brain washed beginning, :-)  which was way way away from the truth and she remained stuck in that brain washed game and never tried to even know what was the truth or even my real personality, :-) because she has to read given scripts almost daily and act out stupid games given to her by the various  nuts and bolts of Canada, who in reality were working for the Bitch from hell and her team then and now they must be working for their new genius or for me new nut. :-))

Couple of times in 2002-2004, I tried to tell her few things but the brain washing and ignorance was so sound that she shut me up even before I could say anything, now she is surprised. :-)) she should have at least found out what I did in India, but you know pale folks are so engrossed in their way of living that nothing else is visible to them, they are so blind to the rest of the world. :-) bliss!!

And  Bitch from hell, she spoke with me some ten times in 4 years, 2001 to 2004, which was mostly routine talk, or about few people when ever they were getting fired or promoted, so I know little about her and she had no idea who I was as a person, :-) and she like everyone else never tried to find out because she thought she had a game well scripted and well planned, Once 2001 in a car we were returning from an audit the newly promoted Manager was talking about my experience and she was like my goodness you have so much experience, then suddenly Bitch from hell sitting in the front passengers seat shot back, "That is why we gave him job", :-)) that's all, we stopped, :-) it is now that her games are falling apart because the big mistake is she never considered me in her games, she thought Ah!! an Indian!! the cowards will take care of him, and this opinion also came to her, because of her experience with few other Indians who worked with her, :-)) so she was so sure that cowards would take care of me, so she doesn't have to even deal with me. :-) 

And how long one can hang on to lies, because a lie is like a cloud, it has to fall apart, no matter how many lies one can create, they are not going to stay, so the best thing is to keep your story true to the facts then you don't have to remember them because they are facts. but these two women never learned this simple truth of life.

Actually they had too much confidence on cowards of Canada and their ability to hurt from a remote point, and they underestimated me by my looks, :-)) humility is a virtue which comes after anger is conquered.

Anyway, I am happy for Mr Donald Trump for clinching the nomination of RNC.

Now let us see what Democrats are cooking, :-)) they started with one dish and they are stuck with her, only one stale dish Mrs Hillary Clinton, how boring and how so uninteresting, so it is going to be Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton in Nov 2016, but democrats still have time to rethink about their choice because she will loose to him by miles, with Bernie Sanders at least it would be neck to neck, as both sing similar songs.

If you see Astrology,

Both have Sun, Hillary in Ascendant Libra and Donald Trump in his 10th house Leo, only difference is Hillary Clintons Sun is debilitated (Screwed) in Libra, and Donald Trumps Sun is strong in 10th house and in its own house Leo, and the current planetary period is Sun for both of them.

Debilitated Sun means two things, Sun denotes government, so for Hillary the government is to screw people, If she is in, and government will screw her when she is out, and for Donald trump it is exactly reverse, Government will rule on him, when is out and he will rule the government If he is in, :-))

Best thing for people this season.

Republicans are changing, and credit goes to Mr Donald Trump and his team. and this change is good for the people, as all the rusted nuts and bolts in this party are falling apart.

Democrats will have to change to get rid of their old rusted nuts and bolts, or they will pay the price.

For any country and any political party and any person, the first priority should be

1) Country

2) Their political party,

3) Their career

4) Then their likes and dislikes which also includes their loves and lust, :-)) because currently this appears to be number one......Tch! Tch! Tc! and no single person in a Country or Political party should be more important then the Country or the Political party itself, but unfortunately in this RNC we saw the party nominee for the highest office was shadowed by "REST ASSURED", and Chewing gum and other games with red, blue and yellow colors. :-))

And Mr Ted Cruz said something else, :-))  now it is clear why he lost this election and If he remains with his twisted understanding of his world then he will keep losing. :-))

Bottom Line: No matter what, the Country called USA has a permanent government called the Intelligence agencies and Law enforcement with a permanent agenda, who happen to always run the elected from pillar to post. :-)  or we should say Alkhida to ISIS, :-))).

Your GOD or My GOD, :-)

Suddenly pale folks are feeling the need of a GOD, till now they called each other GOD, :-)) just because they were calling shots not only in their country but also in other countries like India and Pakistan, :-)

But suddenly  a white guy walks up to me and asks me, "Are you Hindu", and then he says, "Lord Shiva it seems came to the Earth once long back", to this I tell him, "Shiva is always there on Mount Kailash", then he asked me about Ardh Nareshwari, half female and half male, :-) to that I explained to him, it is not left is female or right is male, it is Feminine side in Musculine body and Musculine side in Feminine body, and it also depicts Shiva and Parvati,  which is difficult to depict, hence left and right, :-)) then he said, you know your GOD is our GOD also.

I said, "There is only one GOD", he left with some more mixed sentiments....

If you put Shiva on Left, the Liberals and Democrats are happy, and Republicans and Conservatives sad, and If you put Shiva on right, then Liberals and Democrats are sad, and Republicans and Conservatives happy.

This is some nonsense cowards have created for their survival.

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