Aug 31, 2016

Asta Kootas for Match making

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Astha Kootas (Kuta) for match making,

Before checking Asta kootas and other kootas for match making I would suggest check the Astro charts, for Marriage suitability,

1) Lagna and all angles, Suitability, eligibility, dosha, and 8th house for longevity of native.
2) From Moon and all angles, because Moon's placement in constellations is important.
3) From Upa Pada Lagna, for health of Marriage,
4) 4th House for Happiness from Marriage and relations
5) 12th House for Bed pleasures.

Check in Rasi and Navamsa charts, for each negative give -1 and for each positive give +1, and see what is the end result.

Once this is ok, then move to Asta Kootas and their suitability, a score of 18 and above is ok for an average marriage, please don't look for 36 out of 36, it is only possible in movies and mythological stories. :-)

There are main eight kootas,

1) Varna Koota  for maximum score of 1
2) Vashya Koota for maximum score of 2
3) Dina Koota  for maximum score of 3
4) Yoni Koota for maximum score of 4
5) Grah Maitri for maximum score of 5
6) Gana Koota for maximum score of 6
7) Rasi Koota (Bhakut) for maximum score of 7
8) Nadi Koota, for maximum score of 8,

Total; 36

Minor Kootas,

1) Mahendra Koota,
2) Stri Deergha
3) Rajju
4) Vedha

Koota type      Points       Compatibility                       Detail

Varna Koota     1           Compatibility of  Mentality,  Varna actually means caste of the person
                                       Egos.                                      strictly restricted to Astrology for Social

The Varna of the groom should be equal or higher than the Varna of the bride, favorable combinations get 1 point, else 0.

Bride ↓                   Groom
                     Brahmin              Kshattriya         Vaishya            Shudra
Brahmin                             1                      0               0                 0
Kshattriya                             1                      1               0                 0
Vaishya                             1                      1               1                 0
Shudra                             1                      1               1                 1
This Varna Koota can be ignored while match making.

B V Raman: This seems to signify the degree of spiritual or ego development of the marrying partners. 
Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer represent the highest development - Brahmin; 
Leo, Sagittarius and Libra indicate the second grade - or Kshatriya;
Aries, Gemini and Aquarius suggest the third or the Vaisya; 
while Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn indicate the last grade, viz., Sudra.

A girl belonging to a higher grade of spiritual development should not be mated to a boy of lesser development. The vice verse or both belonging to the same grade or degree is allowed.

The unit of agreement is 1. 

Vashya Koota   2           Compatibilty of ability to      Indicates control and amenability and 
                                       dominate.                               dominance.

Vashya Koota is based upon the comparison of 2 types of animals or human beings assigned to the sign of the Moon.  

VashyaMoon Signs
Quadruped (Four legged Animals)             Aries, Taurus, 1st half of Capricorn
Human      (Humans are independant)            Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius
Jalachara (Water based animals are independant)             Cancer, Pisces, 2nd half of Capricorn
Leo           (Lion)            Leo
Scorpio    (Insects)           Scorpio

The matching points are between 0 and 2.

Bride ↓               Groom
                   QuadrupedHuman   Jalachara    Leo     Scorpio
Quadruped                           2                      0        0     0.5           0
Human                           1     2        1     0.5           1
Jalachara                         0.5     1        2       1           1
Leo                           0     0        0       2           0
Scorpio                           1     1        1       0           2

B V Raman:  This is important as suggesting the degree of magnetic control or amenability the wife or husband would be able to exercise on the other. For Aries - Leo and Scorpio are amenable. For Taurus - Cancer and Libra; for Gemini - Virgo; for Cancer - Scorpio and Sagittarius; for Leo - Libra; for Virgo - Pisces and Gemini; for Libra - Capricorn and Virgo; for Scorpio - Cancer; for Sagittarius - Pisces; for Capricorn - Aries and Aquarius; for Aquarius - Aries; arid for Pisces - Capricorn. The unit of agreement is 2.

Example: - ln our illustration, neither the boy's nor the girl's horoscope is subject to the control of the other. 

Dina Koota       3            Compatibility of  Nakshatra  Health, Family Happiness this can be derived
                                                                                       from the chart given above page 2.

Count the constellation of the boy from that of the girl and divide the number by 9. If the remainder is 2, 4, 6, 8 or 0 it is good. The number of units of compatibility assigned to this Kuta is 3 in case agreement is found.

Example: - The constellation of the boy (viz., Mrigasira in Taurus) counted from that of the girl (Dhanishta in Makara) gives 10. This divided by 9 leaves a remainder of 1 and hence there is no agreement, and no units of strength are scored on this account. 

Nakshatra on 3, 5, and 7 Category is considered Malefic, i.e. Vipat, Pratyak and Naidhana or Vedha, and the values can be 0, 1.5 and 3, count the Nakshatra from the Groom's Birth Nakshatra to the Brides Nakshatra and divide it be 9, if the reminder is 3,5 or 7 then award 0, and repeat the same in reverse order.

Yoni Koota       4            Compatibility of Yoni             Physical and sexual compatibility can be
                                                                                      derived from the  chart given in

Graha Koota     5            Compatibility of Planets         Progeny prospects, mutual affection, daily
                                                                                       behavior towards one another.

Planet Relationship                           Points
Mutual Friendship                              5
Friend and Neutral                              4
Both Neutral                              3
Friend and Enemy                              2
Neutral and Enemy                              1
Mutual Enemies                              0

B V Raman: 

Rasyadhipathi or Graha Maitram. - This is the most important Kuta inasmuch as it deals with the psychological dispositions of the Couple. The mental qualities of the parties and their affection for each other are admittedly of vital importance to their happiness. This must be tested before marriage. In Considering Graha Maitram the friendship or otherwise between the lords of the Janma Rasis of the persons concerned is very important. Planetary friendships are given in almost all astrological works. But still I give below a table indicating the relations between the different planets so that the reader may not have to refer to other books.

          Planetary Friendships
          Friend               Neutral           Enemy

The Sun   Moon, Mars, Jupiter  Mercury           Saturn, Venus

The Moon  Sun, Mercury         Mars, Jupiter
                               Venus, Saturn

Mars      Sun, Moon, Jupiter   Venus, Saturn     Mercury

Mercury   Sun, Venus           Mars, Jupiter,    Moon

Jupiter   Sun, Moon, Mars      Saturn            Mercury, Venus

Venus     Mercury, Saturn      Mars, Jupiter     Sun, Moon

Saturn    Mercury, Venus       Jupiter           Sun, Moon, Mars

Some suggest that in considering the planetary relations, the temporary dispositions should also be taken into account. This in my humble opinion is not necessary, because, the entire subject of adaptability hinges on the birth constellations and not on birth charts as a whole.

When the lords of the Janma Rasis of the bride and bridegroom are friends, the Rasi Kuta is said to obtain in full. When one is a friend and the other is a neutral, it is passable. When both are neutral. Rasi Kuta is very ordinary. When both are enemies, Rasi Kuta does not exist.

Exception: - Even when there is no friendship between the Janma Rasi lords of the bridegroom and bride, Rasi Kuta may be said to exist if friendship prevails between the planets owning the Navamsas occupied by the Moon.

The number of units for this Kuta is 5.

Example: - ln our illustration, the Janma Rasi lords are Venus and Saturn. Both are friends. Therefore Rasi Kuta is complete. Supposing the bride and bridegroom are born in Makha 2 (Leo) and Satabhisha 2 (Saturn). 

The lords will be the Sun and Saturn respectively and they are not friends. In such a case if the Navamsa relationship is Considered, then the Moon will be in Taurus (Venus) and Capricorn (Saturn) respectively. Venus and Saturn, are friends and therefore the match is permissible. One will have to be very careful in the assessment of these factors and on superficial grounds no horoscope should be rejected as unsuitable or unfortunate. 

Gana Koota      6            Compatibility of Gana           Character compatibility like Godly
                                                                                       (Deva), Human (Manus), Demon (Rakshasha)
                                                                                       Godly is more spiritual and almost non
                                                                                       Materialistic, Human is a balance between
                                                                                       spiritual and materialistic and Demons are
                                                                                       more materialistic and no spirituality.

Aswini, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Pushyami, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Sravana, RevatiDeva
Bharani, Rohini, Ardra, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni, Poorvashadha, Uttarashadha, Poorvabhadra, UttarabhadraManus
Krittika, Aslesha, Magha, Chitra, Visakha, Jyeshta, Moola, Dhanista, SatabhishaRakshas

Gana Matching 
Bride ↓Groom
Deva           Manushya                 Rakshasa
Deva         6                   6                        0
Manushya    5                   6                        0
Rakshasa    1                   0                        6

B.V Raman: The number of benefic units for agreement is 6.

Example: - Mrigasira comes under Deva Gana while Dhanishta comes under Rakshasa. Hence, Gana Kuta is absent.

If the asterism of the bride is beyond the 14th from that of the bridegroom the evil may be ignored.

Rasi Koota       7             Compatibility of Bhakut        Family growth, Family welfare and economic
                                                                                       property after marriage
Rasi Koota is the relationship of the Rasis occupied by the Moon in the charts of the groom and bride if the relationship is 5/9, 6/8 or 2/12 they get no points else they get 7 points.

Quality                          Points                                      Mutual Rasi Positions
Benefic                             7                                   1st, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 10th, 11th
Malefic                             0                                   2nd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 12th
B V Raman: lf the Rasi of the boy happens to be the 2nd from that of the girl and if the Rasi of the girl happens to be the 12th from that of the boy, evil results will follow.

But if, on the other hand, the Rasi of the boy falls in the 12th from the girl's or the Rasi of the girl is in the 2nd from that of the boy astrology predicts longevity for the couple.

If the Rasi of the boy is the 3rd from that of the girl. there will be misery and sorrow. But if the Rasi of the girl is the 3rd from that of the boy, there will be happiness. 

If the boy's falls in the 4th from that of the girl's, then there will be great poverty; but if the. Rasi of the girl happens to fall in the 4th from the boy's there will be great wealth. 

If the boy's Rasi falls in the 5th from that of the girl, there will be unhappiness. But if the girl's Rasi falls in the 5th from that of the boy, there will be enjoyment and prosperity.

But where the Rasis of the boy and the girl are in the 7th houses mutually, then there will be health, agreement and happiness. 

If the boy's Rasi falls in the 6th from the girl's there will be loss of children, but if the girl's is the 6th from the boy's, then the progeny will prosper.

The number of units for Rasi Kuta is 7.

Exception: - When both the Rasis are owned by one planet or if the lords of the two Rasis happen to be friends, the evil attributed above to the inauspicious disposition of Rasis gets cancelled.

Nadi Koota      8             Compatibility of Nadi types,  Physiological matching and for health of the
                                                                                       children, There are three types of people based
                                                                                       on Nadi dosha, Adi (Ayurveda name is Vata)
                                                                                       which is wind type, Madhya ( Ayurveda name
                                                                                       is Pitta) Bile type, Antya ( Ayurveda name is
                                                                                       Kapha) Phlegm type, it has maximum value of 8, and most important out of all the 8 Kootas, Nadi type is derived from Nakshtra and Moon as the reference point from the time of birth, following is the list of Nakshtra and Nadi type they belong.

AdiAswini, Ardra, Punarvasu, Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, Jyeshta, Moola, Satabhisha, Poorvabhadra
MadhyaBharani, Mrigasira, Pushyami, Poorvaphalguni, Chitra, Anuradha, Poorvashadha, Dhanista, Uttarabhadra
AntyaKrittika, Rohini, Aslesha, Magha, Swati, Visakha, Uttarashadha, Sravana, Revati
        B V Raman: This is considered to be the most important and at the same time the most significant Kuta. 

In Sanskrit, Nadi means several things but in reference to astrology, it signifies pulse or nervous energy indicating the physiological and to a certain extent hereditary factors. 

The Hindu medical works enumerate three Nadis or humours, viz., Vatha (wind), Pitha (bile) and Sleshma (phlegm). A boy with a predominantly windy or phlegmatic or bilious constitution should not marry a girl of the same type. The girl should belong to a different temperament.

The three Nadis are ruled by the different constellations as follows: -

Vata          Pitha         Sleshma
Aswini        Bharani       Krittika
Aridra        Mrigasira     Rohini
Punarvasu     Pushyami      Aslesha
Uttara        Pubba         Makha
Hasta         Chitta        Swati
Jyeshta       Anuradha      Visakha
Moola         Poorvashadha  Uttarasnadha
Satabhisha    Dhanishta     Sravana
Poorvabhadra  Uttarabhadra  Revati

If the constellation of the boy and girl fall in different rows, then agreement between the couple will be good. They should not fall in the middle. Stars of the couple may fall in the first and the last line under certain circumstances.

If Nadi Kuta is not present on the basis of the Nakshatras, then the same may be reckoned taking into account the Nakshatra Padas. Thus, the different quarters will be governed by the three humours (Nadis) thus:

  Aswini 1    Aswini 2    Aswini 3
  Bharani 2   Bharani 1   Aswini 4
  Bharani 3   Bharani 4   Krittika 1
  Krittika 4  Krittika 3  Krittika 2
  Rohini 1    Rohini 2    Rohini 3

Beginning from Aswini 1, the counting should be done forwards and backwards in threes as given above.

The unit ascribed for this Kuta is 8.

In the example considered above, both the constellations fall in the middle line and hence Nadi Kuta is completely absent.

Appendix 1 gives a table for measuring the agreement units. In the first column (longitudinal) the constellations of the bride are given.

In the first horizontal column, the boy's nakshatra is given. Take the figure in the column where the girl's and the boy's stars interesect. Suppose the boy's star is Mrigasira 1, the Rasi being Taurus.

The girl's star is Satabhisha 2, Rasi being Kumbha. Running down our eye from Taurus, Mrigasira 2 (horizontal first column) to the horizontal line of Satabhisha 4, Kumbha. we find the figure 26.5 as the total units of agreement. 

Total of 36 points are possible if all 8 Kootas match perfectly, so a good marraige is considered if they get more then 28 points, and above 18 is allowed as an average match, but less then 18 is not allowed particularly if Nadi does not match.

Marriage Match Making II follows Minor Kutas and Mahuratha.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala Montreal 31 Aug 2016

Aug 29, 2016

George Bush Junior

This is one person who was so presidential, :-)) but he could barely fit into those shoes....tch! tch! tch!


Stoop so low just claim

Tch! Tch! Tch!   It went on and on and on and on.........and it has come to this...


Aug 22, 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 and the Montreal Circus

Only at the fag end of the Olympics I came to know there was this popularity contest also at Rio Olympics 2016. and look who beat Zika virus.


In 1976, Montreal Olympics, Canada got ZERO golds.


I think even in Olympic Camp of Canada there is no such thinking, Canada is busy lock, stock and barrel in the coward communities Olympics, or you can say Circus, read below.....tch1 tch! tch!




Heard about people stealing signatures, identities, bank cards, accounts, personal details and now new thing has come up, people desperate to prove that they have some talent are claiming that the blog belongs to them, :-)))  well! I can understand when someone devotes their entire life of 65 or 75 years to all kind of short cuts and suddenly they have to prove that they have got some talent, so the shortcut is pick some blog or website and claim it is yours. :-))

OK! someone might claim anything, but how the person listening can just accept that what they are claiming is theirs, :-)) so both the sides are desperate or all involved are thieves. :-))


And poor things religiously followed the dictats......tch! tch! tch! and when nothing worked...
Recollecting a 16 years story, tch! tch! tch! Shows how people change with time, and situation.


Conclusion: In this world there are lots of people who wants to make a fast buck, some do it through drugs, some steal, some political fraud, some financial fraud, some are predators, some manipulate, some lie their way up, some back stab, but I think all these characters are only successful, when people like "Les Misearable cowards du Montreal", help them get where they want to go.

So the "Les Misearable cowards du Montreal", are responsible for this, you can call mis- understanding or mess or drama, but lot of people, children and innocent bystanders in at least four countries got hurt in this since 2002 and it continues, for just one despicable women.

If there is any shame left, :-))

Even they call themselves humans. Tch! Tch! Tch!

And please don't hide behind my customers, :-)) because I cannot scream at the customers, they are my bread and butter, look for some other hiding place, like a crevice or ask some cockroach they might help you find one. :-)

Left & Right


Aug 15, 2016

Olympics 2016 Rio-Someone has been Lochtying at Rio

Rio Olympics 2016, I expected Brazil will steal the show but it seems they do not have the guts to manipulate things in their favour like most western countries do, :-)) but it is good, it is better to keep everything clean, or you never know one day all the secrets of doping and manipulation might be exposed.

But after so many attempts by the disruptive forces, Zika this Zika that, :-)) Rio Olympics is a grand success and I think they did a great job, Bravo!1 Brazil.

I think there should be three Olympics, 

1) Doped Olympics, For all those countries which wants to run doped Athletes, free style no limits on doping, it be fun to see all puffed up with steroids try to win. like WWF.

2) Current one Olympics with very strict testing for all not just for Russia. :-))

3) New Olympics with or with out doping for all those countries (About 130) which can not win a Medal, like Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. etc FIJI is not included they won a Gold. :-))

I think the Athletes from these 130 countries suffer from low esteem due to ball bursting exercise the Western forces works on them when they go to any Olympics, and then they must also be intimidated at Airports, Olympic venues, and then at the qualifying venues, :-) because I know the Pale cowards in Montreal have been working on me since 2002, and it continues, :-)) actually I go the other way, donkey style. :-))

:-)) They are like small children who try to fool you with their small small cute antics, it actually makes me laugh. :-)))), It is like you are back in high school. :-))

That makes me think why Milkha Singh ( Flying Sikh) of India lost 400 Meters in 1960 Olympics at Rome, and came fourth, though he gave a world record in the heats, then PT USHA also in 400 Meters Hurdles came fourth in Los Angeles 1984 Olympics, :-)) they must have to deal with western ball bursting exercises in addition to preparing for their event. :-)) It is not easy, it needs a different mind set and mental ability to keep yourself upbeat in such an atmosphere,  I know the pale cowards are relentless 24/7 continuously they work on you. :-))

Hope India also attempts to host Olympics, because it is the only country in BRIC nations which has not hosted Olympics even once, it might help develop the sports culture in the country, but look at their Medals tally, Zero till now.

Then there was this sad part of human behavior, Involving L King Vs Yulia Efimova of Russia, in this case L King was the aggressor, commentator called it heroic...Tch! Tch! Tch!

and then between M Phelps and South African swimmer Chad De Clos who was shadow boxing, but the commentator was on USA side :-)) and M Phelps was like a kinder garden kid trying to avoid him, I think humility also comes with greatness, whatever it was M Phelps was worthy of lot of praise for his humility.

And this was described by the commentator as very bad, :-))

Then in the swimming events many times this was observed by me that few swimmers were able to suddenly jerk their speed like some electric motor was started with in them...and they crossed the leading swimmer in the last 10 or 15 feet's,

Is this real or some kind of electronic doping, because I experience this almost every day, thanks to the pale cowards, particularly on Mondays, when I suffer from diabetic symptoms, :-)) only on Monday, like light headed, sudden lethargy, week knees and week limbs and arms, and only after I take shower and I know in my case it is all artificial created by the pale cowards in Montreal.

So I was thinking, may be similar kind of electronic doping was being injected to give an extra kick to the muscles in the last 10 or 15 feet's and I am sure this must be allowed by the organizers for only few top countries like USA, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, China,  Hungary, France, Canada, :-)).

And electronic doping can not be tested like chemicals can be tested, but the sudden kick in the muscles can be observed with naked eye and one should have knowledge and experience to observe such jerks.

But there is doping for sure, only it is not being tested properly, one day it will come in to open, then I am afraid how many Olympians would be able to take it with out any backlash or guilt.
What happens in India is:

Hello!! How R U?

Hello!! I am very good, so every thing good and happy!!

Hello!! Yes every thing good and happy.

Hello!! So what do you think about Rio Olympics.

Hello!! What will happen, some people are going, let them go and enjoy, anyway they will not win any medals, it is all set and arranged, Gold medals have some price.

Hello!! How about Bindera, he is gold medalist.

He got GILLED after he won gold medal in Beijing, so no chance this time.

OK, this will go on, how about Tea and Samosas, sure sure!!

There is always another Olympics every four years,

How about your Son,

My Son is a doctor, another one Engineer, and daughter is going to get married to a doctor or an engineer or a USA settled silicon valley techie.

And your Bungalow and Car,

Yes, Big Bungalow, lot of gold for my daughter, and a Car, Tata.

Yes, what is in sports, why waste our time and money, just watch Virat Kohli it is enough, or Salman Khan, it is enough for us and Mr Modi is already there with his Man Ki Batt. People are happy with Cricket, Cinema and Politics, what else they want.

Please take Tea and Samosas!!

Sure! Sure!, they are good and fresh, and how about properties,

Yes!! 10 plots in Mumbai, 10 in Delhi, 10 in Palam, looking for more in Pune and My son is trying to go to USA,

Very good!! Very good, more Samosas and Tea,

Sure !! Sure!!

But why more land ?

Oh!! for my great grand children, :-))

So USA Michael Phelps is very good, 23 gold medals,

Yes! Yes! He is good, lot of technology, help from government, facilities, and our facilities are useless, only frogs float in them,

But you are responsible,

Yes! Yes! but we diverted the funds for our Minister's daughters wedding and private function, so no Michael Phelps in India. :-))

Particularly the uniformed cowards in Montreal want to know, I say, it is easy just take a plane ticket to Delhi and stay their for a month or so you will learn. :-))

This is what happens in India and I am not sure how much Modi is able to change, but yesterday's Aug 15 speech looked promising.

What Modi has to do is round up all these lousy guys in government and use them as fuel to boil water. :-)) first the brown cowards in intelligence needs to be destroyed.

Look Modi Ji, Kashmir is in trouble..


Did you see the NBC TV CAMERA shows only the USA athlete, exception is U Bolt.

This is what is needed for all nations to follow, your nation first and then the rest.



USA 1904 St Louis alone has more Gold and total medals then Canada's entire Olympic history from 1900 till 2016.

What is the difference, USA with tons of gold medals and Canada always 1 or 3 gold medals, this time 16 years old Penny Oleksiak  brought home 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze and the Trampoline guy wins one gold every Olympics.

The difference is the culture. Canada needs to add more color in the pale fabric of Olympics and sports.

Too much illegal Surveillance and too much interference by Pale cowards is the problem, all swimming pools in Canada/Quebec are under illegal surveillance where children can barely breathe, electronic toys can break your cycle of breathing and breathing is very critical in swimming.

Canada at Olympics:

1900, only 2 Athletes took part and medals tally was 1 Gold and 1 Bronze, :-)

1984 Los Angeles, 407 Athletes took part and Medals tally was 10 Gold, 18 Silver and 16 Bronze,

( This is the highest medals tally for Canada since 1900 till 2016 and also highest number of Athletes took part till now)

2016,  Rio: 314 Athletes took part and Medals tally is , 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 9 Bronze, and few more days to go.

USA: 1904 St Louis, 78 Gold, 82 Silver, 79 Bronze, Total medals are 239

Canada: From 1900 till 2016: 62 Golds, 52 Silver, 58 Bronge, Total 172 Medals,

2016 Rio: 28 Gold, 28 Silver and 28 Bronze, still counting.

Again it is the culture that is responsible for this big difference, Canada is run by cops, and USA is run by FBI, :-))

Future of Olympics:

Given the use of electronic toys to boost the muscle movement and causing lethargy, future of Olympics looks like all hamsters from 200 and odd countries would take part and each country will try to throw the opponents athlete on the ground or cause lethargy in them like Ganzebe Dibaba was struggling to run yesterday, while they are running, and at the same time try to boost the muscle movement in their Athletes, good going.........

But even in this the Medals will be won mostly by USA, CANADA, CHINA, UK, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, the high tech nations. :-))

Did you see the poor athlete from Haiti who fell with his first hurdle, common even a school student would do better then that, but he must have been attacked by all the top western nations electronic toys and he fell with his first hurdle, :-) Haiti has no chance in the medals tally, India is not having any place. :-)) Haiti should not even dream for a bronze.

The possible location for these toys is the scores of Cameras positioned close to the ground, because these toys needs to be focused on the athlete to cause the positive of negative effects.

Tch! Tch! Tch!

Now everyone in hurdle races are falling with their hurdles, :-)) even US athletes, men and women, and the commentator says, this is common with hurdles, :-) JA!! REALLY, JA!! REEEALLY!!!! :-))

This cover up and this is a perfect coward mentality, whatever they do immediately they will try to cover it up, :-)) don't worry, one day all lies see the day light, like clouds, one they have to fall on the ground, just wait for your lies to see the light. :-))


Pale Cowards in Montreal:

I have no idea but pale cowards in Montreal appear very happy and upbeat, something they won in their coward Olympics which goes on 24/7 .:-)))))

But no matter what they win, they can not live with out me. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) because they are so obsessed, sick and useless. :-)))))

RYAN LOCHTE and his friends at Rio,

Imagine Ryan Lochte was an Indian from East India,

The US and Canadian Government would have asked Indian government to screw that Indian and put his entire family under radder or face sanctions. :-)) and brown Indian cowards would have obliged with great happiness and would say," Hum Is Se Jaida Kuch Nahin Kar Sakte".

Imagine Ryan Lochte was an Indian in Canada or US, :-))

He and his community would be made to move from one place to another till they perish. :-))

Imagine Ryan Lochte was a black man,

He and his friends would have been shot and the cops would say, "we saw a gun in his hand|".

Imagine Ryan Lochte was a Muslim,

He and his friends would be in Guantanamo Bay for ever, :-))) I think Guantanamo bay is needed by Canada more then USA.

But he is a white boy with blue eyes and blonde hair, so,

" Boys are having fun, life goes on, it is OK, lets move on." :-)))

Another situation:

Imagine Ryan Lochte was telling the truth, then

USA government would have put the entire Brazilian government under tremendous pressure to find out who the two robbers were who robbed their highly decorated international swimmers, and Hillary Clinton would be very vocal about it in her campaign, "That makes them wrong", and I will see that they pay for insulting our swimmers", but now I am curious what she is going to say about Ryan Lochte and his friends for such disgraceful behavior. :-)) Hello!! I don't hear the glass ceiling cracking", it is Lochtying. :-))

AND the pale misearable cowards in MONTREAL Quebec Canada, would have gone on a victory lap and would ask their colored pets to screw their countrymen and women from their apartments and electronic toys.

But now Montreal's Misearable cowards  hiding behind Auto service station employees have to feel more misearable. :-))

I thank RYAN LOCHTE and his friends for exposing themselves in such a stupid way, good work Ryan Lochte good work, the 130 countries which are screwed by the white boys for small small things like he laughed at my father, e.g. Iraq.

They will stop at least for a moment before they bomb the cities of innocent men, women and children and might think ( I am saying might think) that may be our leaders are LOCHTYING. :-))

What a way to end the week. :-))))))))))))))))))))  and look who is laughing.............