Aug 29, 2016

BuBa Bu Bu Bu baa baaaaaa buuuuuuuuu continues

I heard about proxy games, and how people claim and try to feed on others credentials like a parasite, but this is heights, thanks to "Les Misearable cowards du Montreal". :-) anything, person, and any issue is a proxy.....:-))

Tch! Tch! Tch!   It went on and on and on and on.........and it has come to this...

    And the Algerian family is confused, :-))

   Now the Algerian family is more confused,

   my goodness, "Les Misearble Cowards du Montreal",

   I think Hillary Clinton should seriously think of using them for her sagging political image,

   they will do wonders, but there is a problem, they don't know where to stop, when to stop. :-))

   But the Algerian family appears very scared, and children don't go to school, rather they stay home
   to work for the misearable cowards.


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