Aug 15, 2016

Olympics 2016 Rio-Someone has been Lochtying at Rio

Rio Olympics 2016, I expected Brazil will steal the show but it seems they do not have the guts to manipulate things in their favour like most western countries do, :-)) but it is good, it is better to keep everything clean, or you never know one day all the secrets of doping and manipulation might be exposed.

But after so many attempts by the disruptive forces, Zika this Zika that, :-)) Rio Olympics is a grand success and I think they did a great job, Bravo!1 Brazil.

I think there should be three Olympics, 

1) Doped Olympics, For all those countries which wants to run doped Athletes, free style no limits on doping, it be fun to see all puffed up with steroids try to win. like WWF.

2) Current one Olympics with very strict testing for all not just for Russia. :-))

3) New Olympics with or with out doping for all those countries (About 130) which can not win a Medal, like Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. etc FIJI is not included they won a Gold. :-))

I think the Athletes from these 130 countries suffer from low esteem due to ball bursting exercise the Western forces works on them when they go to any Olympics, and then they must also be intimidated at Airports, Olympic venues, and then at the qualifying venues, :-) because I know the Pale cowards in Montreal have been working on me since 2002, and it continues, :-)) actually I go the other way, donkey style. :-))

:-)) They are like small children who try to fool you with their small small cute antics, it actually makes me laugh. :-)))), It is like you are back in high school. :-))

That makes me think why Milkha Singh ( Flying Sikh) of India lost 400 Meters in 1960 Olympics at Rome, and came fourth, though he gave a world record in the heats, then PT USHA also in 400 Meters Hurdles came fourth in Los Angeles 1984 Olympics, :-)) they must have to deal with western ball bursting exercises in addition to preparing for their event. :-)) It is not easy, it needs a different mind set and mental ability to keep yourself upbeat in such an atmosphere,  I know the pale cowards are relentless 24/7 continuously they work on you. :-))

Hope India also attempts to host Olympics, because it is the only country in BRIC nations which has not hosted Olympics even once, it might help develop the sports culture in the country, but look at their Medals tally, Zero till now.

Then there was this sad part of human behavior, Involving L King Vs Yulia Efimova of Russia, in this case L King was the aggressor, commentator called it heroic...Tch! Tch! Tch!

and then between M Phelps and South African swimmer Chad De Clos who was shadow boxing, but the commentator was on USA side :-)) and M Phelps was like a kinder garden kid trying to avoid him, I think humility also comes with greatness, whatever it was M Phelps was worthy of lot of praise for his humility.

And this was described by the commentator as very bad, :-))

Then in the swimming events many times this was observed by me that few swimmers were able to suddenly jerk their speed like some electric motor was started with in them...and they crossed the leading swimmer in the last 10 or 15 feet's,

Is this real or some kind of electronic doping, because I experience this almost every day, thanks to the pale cowards, particularly on Mondays, when I suffer from diabetic symptoms, :-)) only on Monday, like light headed, sudden lethargy, week knees and week limbs and arms, and only after I take shower and I know in my case it is all artificial created by the pale cowards in Montreal.

So I was thinking, may be similar kind of electronic doping was being injected to give an extra kick to the muscles in the last 10 or 15 feet's and I am sure this must be allowed by the organizers for only few top countries like USA, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, China,  Hungary, France, Canada, :-)).

And electronic doping can not be tested like chemicals can be tested, but the sudden kick in the muscles can be observed with naked eye and one should have knowledge and experience to observe such jerks.

But there is doping for sure, only it is not being tested properly, one day it will come in to open, then I am afraid how many Olympians would be able to take it with out any backlash or guilt.
What happens in India is:

Hello!! How R U?

Hello!! I am very good, so every thing good and happy!!

Hello!! Yes every thing good and happy.

Hello!! So what do you think about Rio Olympics.

Hello!! What will happen, some people are going, let them go and enjoy, anyway they will not win any medals, it is all set and arranged, Gold medals have some price.

Hello!! How about Bindera, he is gold medalist.

He got GILLED after he won gold medal in Beijing, so no chance this time.

OK, this will go on, how about Tea and Samosas, sure sure!!

There is always another Olympics every four years,

How about your Son,

My Son is a doctor, another one Engineer, and daughter is going to get married to a doctor or an engineer or a USA settled silicon valley techie.

And your Bungalow and Car,

Yes, Big Bungalow, lot of gold for my daughter, and a Car, Tata.

Yes, what is in sports, why waste our time and money, just watch Virat Kohli it is enough, or Salman Khan, it is enough for us and Mr Modi is already there with his Man Ki Batt. People are happy with Cricket, Cinema and Politics, what else they want.

Please take Tea and Samosas!!

Sure! Sure!, they are good and fresh, and how about properties,

Yes!! 10 plots in Mumbai, 10 in Delhi, 10 in Palam, looking for more in Pune and My son is trying to go to USA,

Very good!! Very good, more Samosas and Tea,

Sure !! Sure!!

But why more land ?

Oh!! for my great grand children, :-))

So USA Michael Phelps is very good, 23 gold medals,

Yes! Yes! He is good, lot of technology, help from government, facilities, and our facilities are useless, only frogs float in them,

But you are responsible,

Yes! Yes! but we diverted the funds for our Minister's daughters wedding and private function, so no Michael Phelps in India. :-))

Particularly the uniformed cowards in Montreal want to know, I say, it is easy just take a plane ticket to Delhi and stay their for a month or so you will learn. :-))

This is what happens in India and I am not sure how much Modi is able to change, but yesterday's Aug 15 speech looked promising.

What Modi has to do is round up all these lousy guys in government and use them as fuel to boil water. :-)) first the brown cowards in intelligence needs to be destroyed.

Look Modi Ji, Kashmir is in trouble..


Did you see the NBC TV CAMERA shows only the USA athlete, exception is U Bolt.

This is what is needed for all nations to follow, your nation first and then the rest.



USA 1904 St Louis alone has more Gold and total medals then Canada's entire Olympic history from 1900 till 2016.

What is the difference, USA with tons of gold medals and Canada always 1 or 3 gold medals, this time 16 years old Penny Oleksiak  brought home 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze and the Trampoline guy wins one gold every Olympics.

The difference is the culture. Canada needs to add more color in the pale fabric of Olympics and sports.

Too much illegal Surveillance and too much interference by Pale cowards is the problem, all swimming pools in Canada/Quebec are under illegal surveillance where children can barely breathe, electronic toys can break your cycle of breathing and breathing is very critical in swimming.

Canada at Olympics:

1900, only 2 Athletes took part and medals tally was 1 Gold and 1 Bronze, :-)

1984 Los Angeles, 407 Athletes took part and Medals tally was 10 Gold, 18 Silver and 16 Bronze,

( This is the highest medals tally for Canada since 1900 till 2016 and also highest number of Athletes took part till now)

2016,  Rio: 314 Athletes took part and Medals tally is , 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 9 Bronze, and few more days to go.

USA: 1904 St Louis, 78 Gold, 82 Silver, 79 Bronze, Total medals are 239

Canada: From 1900 till 2016: 62 Golds, 52 Silver, 58 Bronge, Total 172 Medals,

2016 Rio: 28 Gold, 28 Silver and 28 Bronze, still counting.

Again it is the culture that is responsible for this big difference, Canada is run by cops, and USA is run by FBI, :-))

Future of Olympics:

Given the use of electronic toys to boost the muscle movement and causing lethargy, future of Olympics looks like all hamsters from 200 and odd countries would take part and each country will try to throw the opponents athlete on the ground or cause lethargy in them like Ganzebe Dibaba was struggling to run yesterday, while they are running, and at the same time try to boost the muscle movement in their Athletes, good going.........

But even in this the Medals will be won mostly by USA, CANADA, CHINA, UK, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, the high tech nations. :-))

Did you see the poor athlete from Haiti who fell with his first hurdle, common even a school student would do better then that, but he must have been attacked by all the top western nations electronic toys and he fell with his first hurdle, :-) Haiti has no chance in the medals tally, India is not having any place. :-)) Haiti should not even dream for a bronze.

The possible location for these toys is the scores of Cameras positioned close to the ground, because these toys needs to be focused on the athlete to cause the positive of negative effects.

Tch! Tch! Tch!

Now everyone in hurdle races are falling with their hurdles, :-)) even US athletes, men and women, and the commentator says, this is common with hurdles, :-) JA!! REALLY, JA!! REEEALLY!!!! :-))

This cover up and this is a perfect coward mentality, whatever they do immediately they will try to cover it up, :-)) don't worry, one day all lies see the day light, like clouds, one they have to fall on the ground, just wait for your lies to see the light. :-))


Pale Cowards in Montreal:

I have no idea but pale cowards in Montreal appear very happy and upbeat, something they won in their coward Olympics which goes on 24/7 .:-)))))

But no matter what they win, they can not live with out me. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) because they are so obsessed, sick and useless. :-)))))

RYAN LOCHTE and his friends at Rio,

Imagine Ryan Lochte was an Indian from East India,

The US and Canadian Government would have asked Indian government to screw that Indian and put his entire family under radder or face sanctions. :-)) and brown Indian cowards would have obliged with great happiness and would say," Hum Is Se Jaida Kuch Nahin Kar Sakte".

Imagine Ryan Lochte was an Indian in Canada or US, :-))

He and his community would be made to move from one place to another till they perish. :-))

Imagine Ryan Lochte was a black man,

He and his friends would have been shot and the cops would say, "we saw a gun in his hand|".

Imagine Ryan Lochte was a Muslim,

He and his friends would be in Guantanamo Bay for ever, :-))) I think Guantanamo bay is needed by Canada more then USA.

But he is a white boy with blue eyes and blonde hair, so,

" Boys are having fun, life goes on, it is OK, lets move on." :-)))

Another situation:

Imagine Ryan Lochte was telling the truth, then

USA government would have put the entire Brazilian government under tremendous pressure to find out who the two robbers were who robbed their highly decorated international swimmers, and Hillary Clinton would be very vocal about it in her campaign, "That makes them wrong", and I will see that they pay for insulting our swimmers", but now I am curious what she is going to say about Ryan Lochte and his friends for such disgraceful behavior. :-)) Hello!! I don't hear the glass ceiling cracking", it is Lochtying. :-))

AND the pale misearable cowards in MONTREAL Quebec Canada, would have gone on a victory lap and would ask their colored pets to screw their countrymen and women from their apartments and electronic toys.

But now Montreal's Misearable cowards  hiding behind Auto service station employees have to feel more misearable. :-))

I thank RYAN LOCHTE and his friends for exposing themselves in such a stupid way, good work Ryan Lochte good work, the 130 countries which are screwed by the white boys for small small things like he laughed at my father, e.g. Iraq.

They will stop at least for a moment before they bomb the cities of innocent men, women and children and might think ( I am saying might think) that may be our leaders are LOCHTYING. :-))

What a way to end the week. :-))))))))))))))))))))  and look who is laughing.............


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