Oct 10, 2016

2nd US Elections debate, Establishment Vs Donald Trump, and the madness continues,


So it happened the second debate between the Establishment and the Donald Trump, :-) because I did not see Hillary Clinton there or any contestant from Democratic Party of U S A, I heard something about Michelle Obama, saying they go low we go high, but that was long back, Obama Vs McCain, :-)

So most people thought Donald Trump was finished, :-) including the Republicans who are ever ready to leave the arena and run at a drop of the hat :-) and blame Donald Trump for all the mess, I hope they are crawling back in to their safe comfort zones, :-))

For a moment it was like Anderson Cooper Vs Donald Trump, :-)

and then It was Martha Raddtz Vs Donald Trump, but actually the debate was between following people (Hidden to Cameras and knowledge of people).

Bitch from Hell Vs Donald Trump , Now again don't ask me who is this, She is also another hidden irritation to U S A Democracy, which is turning everything upside down, I guess BBC/CNN is playing along with her, She has a very big qualification, Mismanagement, :-))  If she has to show something very urgent and busy is going on she will make her puppets run in the corridor up and down, up and down, :-)) that for her is something busy busy busy going on. very lame, problem she never actually saw what life is, she lived like a frog in Toronto, stuffing her face with donuts and that is life for her or make some puppets run here and there. :-))

Leech the Demon Vs Donald Trump, Now don't ask me who is she.:-) She is another hidden Canadian irritation to U S A Democracy, which is also turning everything upside down, while the puppets scared shit less play along, she also has a very big qualification, Misunderstanding everything, :-) no one can beat her in this talent, she will misunderstand most simple things. :-) the best is Qualitative Analysis and Quantitative Analysis.:-)) and when something busy busy busy is going on or being staged this one will vanish in thin air, she will not be present. :-)

So one of these hidden irritations are with Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton, and it seems she has promised them that Hillary Clinton will be U S A President, but I was under this impression that people of U S A were supposed to elect their President and not some deranged women from Canada. :-)) this shows the sorry state of affairs of Democracy in U S A. :-) surprising thing is most elected people in U S A are playing along with them, :-) either they are so scared to confront or they don't want to loose their comforts.:-))

Then the other Canadian Irritation to U S A Democracy must be with Republicans, yes the one who was behind, Spanish Candidates and all those blocks in Salt Lake city etc. etc..

They had some plan to play with Donald Trump but someone backed out at the last moment, and Hillary Clinton who was expecting all that was surprised when it did not happen:-) otherwise Donald Trump would have faced more resistance from everyone present, for me it is not new because I faced similar situation when I came to Canada and it continued for 16 years, and these were the same women responsible for Donald Trumps problems. :-)

So I understand every move by these women like back of my hand, :-) but most surprising thing is Hillary Clinton has actually surrendered her campaign to these women and other working from behind the scenes controlling BBC, CNN, CBC TV, and may be other TV Channels,

But I am again surprised by the Audacity of Hillary Clinton, "Did you see last nights debate", She should have seen her husband last night, :-) during the debate and also family members of Donald Trump, mostly women.

I think Donald Trump did well, sometimes he was little frozen.

My suggestion to Hillary Clinton is please stay with the hidden Canadian irritation to U S A democracy and take all her suggestions, :-) she is really good with Misunderstandings and Mismanagement's, actually she is an expert in Misunderstandings and Mismanagement. :-))

And most important point, If Hillary Clinton did really did well last night, then Algerians in my neighbours apartment would not be so disturbed. :-)) they are like the nerve of Hillary Clinton and her campaign or even Democrats. :-))

Bottom Line: Donald Trump is fighting Democrats on one hand, natural but there is more then you can see, and Republicans on another hand, not because they have some policy issues etc. No because the two hidden Canadian irritations to Democracy of U S A, one is with Democrats and Hillary Clinton and the other one is with Republicans, so Donald Trump will have to identify them and deal with them, they are cowards, they could not do anything in a small scale, no product, no work, no money, no research, only mischief pharmaceutical company in Canada/Quebec.

Don't fight with the branches find the ROOT and destroy it before it eats you away, I am doing it my own way.

Actually Donald Trump should see the small company these hidden irritations to Democracy worked or rather mismanaged or misunderstood everything, he would laugh with his ass. :-)) this company had not more then 60 employees, :-))) and no turnover, may be they moved to California doing Clinical research. :-) people in California careful. :-))

And Hillary Clinton has surrendered her campaign to these women, :-)) 

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