Oct 17, 2016

Democracy takes a nose dive-Desperate ladies..Tch! Tch! Tch!


She is not able to see his pain..........what will she see yours....

In my mother tongue it is called something like when power gets to head nothing is visible........


It seems he (Obama)  has already handed over his government lock stock and barrel to Hillary Clinton and her establishment folks.

And Mrs President with all due respect, "she said every day in schools and college campuses in U S A girls are abused and groped", then Madam, Why can'y you take it up with your husband, he is no ordinary man, he has been in white house for the last eight years, even then it did not stop, so do you think Donald Trump he might do something about it.....Tch! Tch! Tch!.

With all due respect. :-)) or I might be attacked for insulting a women, we are so eqqqqqqual...

The Utopian Dream:

Fare and Square elections with out any manipulations is not possible in current situation with all government agencies being digital savvy, and every agency has aquired hacking ability in such a way that no electronic or electrical based equipment is secure  from hacking, :-) these hacking equipments are available with local police stations also, my neighbour in Apt No 3, 1480 Rue Crevier in Quebec is having all these equipments, :-)), so talking about free and fare, fare and square elections with out fraud is an utopian dream. :-)

Never before democracy has taken a nose dive like now, and the best example is US elections 2016,  as per Democracy Index listd by  Economist Intelligence Unit, U S A is already listed as a democracy on margin of full and flawed democracy, :-) where the establishment and media, surprisingly media particularly CNN has been very vocal against one candidate and pro towards another, :-) and it is being done openly with out any shame, :-) and BBC and CBC TV are also doing but not like CNN, just because Donald Trump called CNN disgusting, yes it is disgusting to see journalist licking the soles of political parties for small small favours.

And who ever is in charge of this Anti-Democratic process is very desperate and by any means want Hillary Clinton as the President of U S A, :-) first women so close to white house and she is not depending on her virtues but she is depending on her connections in the government, and she has kept foreign powers from countries like Canada before her country U S A, which means for her becoming president of U S A is more important then the sovereignty of U S A.

So I called them desperate ladies. 

China is another country which has proved that democracy does not work, and as long as they allow people to do what ever they like Capitalist or Socialist or Communist, it should be ok, because as of today only China appears to be going in right direction.

Whatever system China is following to govern their country is not very different from what western countries are following, only difference is like an elephants two tusks, the western countries have created two set of political parties which are mostly involved in fooling people, :-) they have no power whatsoever to do anything like the two tusks of the elephant they are only for showing and decoration, and like the actual teeth of an elephant, the governments in western countries are run by handful of people with unlimited access and power, and they run the  federal, state and even municipal governments, :-) in simple terms you can say they are police states.

China has the same system but they do it with out the two tusks or any artificial show, both of them nominate the people mostly on hype. :-)

I think only country which is experimenting with democracy with out any results is India, :-) 40 political parties sit in the parliament house of 540 seats, and it looks like a zoo and nothing works, even though Mr Modi is trying to do something but the benefits reaching people is like drops of water in hot Indian summer, and on top of that you have the solid network of intelligence agencies which are mostly involved in terrorism. :-)

So it is high time India should think deeply If they want to continue their experimentation with democracy and 100 political parties, or follow China with one set of nominated people but then Chinese are different then Indians, :-) Indians suffer from Inferiority complex and do not think twice before hurting their own country, and they will fall at the feet of a white person like leaves fall in fall, :-) Chinese are not easy to fall, don't believe me come to Markham, or go to any little China in any western city, including Montreal,  have you heard of Little India in any city of any western country. :-) a small country like Pakistan is creating so much tensions in the hearts of these Indians, all they do is plead or complain with corrupt western minds controlling Indian subcontinent, those Indians who look at the western countries and expect for some tightening of the lease on which Pakistan is tied live in fools paradise, why would a white person think about your benefits, white man will think for benefits to his people who look like him, have you seen seagulls fighting for the rights of pigeons or vice versa, Indians will have to think about their benefits and no one else will or should. 

There is Chinese system with out any show off or any hype about democracy, and then there is similar western system, with lot of hype of democracy, human rights, blah blah blah, blah blah, white man has created lots and lots of such blah blah, but hardly any one is followed, drop of a hat they break all those rules,particularly If they have to satisfy one white person, like to day it is Hillary Clinton, because following the laid out protocol is very difficult and it will not yield desired results, and  for people who are used to do things as per their whim and fancy it is a big hindrance, and it makes sense also as long as it works for your country and people, how doers it matter democracy or no democracy.

I was looking at first  Prime Ministers of many countries, :-) all claim to be democratically elected after winning freedom from British empire, all of them ruled their respective countries till they died, Nehru in India, Nasser in Egypt, Tito in Yugoslavia, Sukarno in Indonesia, Khwame in Ghana, and all of them had something special with ladies, it is very difficult to see democracy anywhere.

Now look at UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, all are Monarchies, and head of the states is Queen of England, :-) I am no sure how much say she has in all these countries, like the political parties (two tusks) even she has become redundant, basically which means Chinese system is supreme out of all the systems at work in various countries, look at Russia, Mr Putin, he was President, then Prime Minister, then President, it is possible only with Chinese system of governance, though Chinese are not doing such foolish things, they are very disciplined in this regard and I am sure even Russia is  following the Chinese system but with less discipline, it is good If it works for the country and its people.

What is the use of keeping a system like India, which does not work for the country and certainly it does not work for the people, at least it has not worked for them in the last 65 years, today If you go around the country it look like one grand slum, :-) but there is democracy to its extreme with out any discipline, people are free in fact more free then any western country to do anything, they need to move to the center.

For Iraq, Saddam Husein was the right system,
For Libya Gaddafi was the right system,
For Syria, Assad might be the right system,
For N Korea, Kim Jong Un is the right system,
For Russia Putin is the right system, 
For Phillippines Duterto might be the right man,


For Canada, Justin and For USA Obama till now, 

similarly Donald Trump might be the right person for U S A for 2016 and after, .

Point to note is none of them are perfect, ask me I have been living in Quebec/Canada for the past 16 years, it is worse then India in many areas and it is way better then India in many areas, but it is not perfect, it might be perfect for the visible majority, white people but not for everyone, anyway it appears like it is just business for all political parties, two most important items of democracy, country and people never figure in their calculations.

From time to time it becomes very clear that democracy is being rooted apart because it will not work in favor of certain person, like for Hillary Clinton in this election and Media is in the front to do so, like CNN, :-) same CNN was totally different in 2008, when they elected Obama, it is white mans nature to be biased in favor of  people who look like them, it is ok, don't expect Seagulls to fight for the rights of Pigeons or ducks, they never did, they will never do, and they should never do, If they do then their tribe will be in trouble. :-))

How many black, and colored people have fought for a right of a white person or a native person in U S A or Canada, ok they might say white people never fall in that category but Native people do all the time, white people don't fall in such category because they don't expect other people to do any thing for their tribe, they do it for themselves and they fight tooth and nail to protect their rights.

They don't plead or complain to someone like India, India has been doing it for last 65 years, even they know that nothing will come from western countries when it comes to Pakistan, they why expect or even plead or request or complain, do what China would have done, or USA would have done,

Yesterdays news was some British or USA destroyer fired some missiles as defense to some attack on it, then they said the raddar system was defective, but then what about the people who got killed, they would just say sorry, this is white man's logic.

White man in Canada/Quebec has created various apartments with complete surveillance abilities, electronic and others, and every now and then they lure someone in to them, mostly when some  person with rotten brain requests it, like the thief,  Bitch from hell requested it in my case, and once in they keep that person trapped till he or she accepts superiority of the person requesting it, :-) even though hundreds and thousands of cowards might pay a heavy price for doing so, they will keep them because this is their democracy. :-)

With out such effects the fat women with fat brain can not move an inch, :-) even she is incapable of effectively stealing anything with out troubling hundreds and thousands of cowards. :-)

and cowards are paying such heavy price for one despicable women. It is their democracy.
Democracy Index by Economist Intelligence Unit: :-)

Ist country listed as full democracy is Norway-- Where a Monarch appoints the government according to his own judgement is listed as first full democracy.

2nd Country listed as full democracy is Iceland--ok, Head of the state is elected for 4 year term,

3rd Country listed as full democracy is Sweden- Again the head of the state is a hereditary King.

4th Country listed as full democracy is New Zealand- Where the head of the state is Queen of England.

5th Country listed as full democracy is Denmark- Where the head of the state is Queen Margreth II.

6th Country listed as full democracy is Switzerland-Federal council of Switzerland OK

7th Country listed as full democracy is Canada- :-) Head of the state is Queen of England, Crown.

8th Country listed as full democracy is Finland-It is OK President is elected for 6 year term and for two terms,

9th Country listed as full democracy is Australia- Queen of England is the head of the state of Australia. :-)

10th is Netherlands again a Monarchy, 11th is Luxomburg again a Monarchy,

12th Ireland is a democracy, then Austria, Malta, are lised as full democracies,

United Kingdom is listed as Full Democracy at no 16, :-)))))))))))) May be Queen is elected here, but she did not change for the last 64 years, and before her it was her mother. :-))

Last country listed as full democracy at number 20 is U S A, :-)) Obama must say something-Common.....give us a break the greatest democracy is listed as marginal case.

Then, Japan, Italy, Israel,are listed as FLAWED DEMOCRACIES. :-))

And the largest democracy India is listed at number 35 as FLAWED DEMOCRACY. :-))

The reason for such listing is http://www.eiu.com/home.aspx  it is based in LONDON. :-))
 now it makes sense.

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