Oct 20, 2016

Elections 2016 U S A

So finally after a lot of pressure the ladies tried to debate in a normal and democratic fashion but like old habits die hard, they tried to revert back half way and I think the moderator did a good job, Chris Wallace, a democrat by registration and his reason to be  democrat is that it is difficult to be any thing else other then democrat in heavily democratic  Washington, but he voted for both parties in the past, that is one journalist trying to keep his balance. anyway good work and I hope CNN/BBC/CBC TV and their so called journalists will learn something from Chris Wallace about moderation.

It seems more then Donald Trump, for Hillary it is a big issue when it comes to wearing dresses for the debates, other wise on regular days she dresses ok, but for the debates her dresses are near horrible, :-) she could have put some ordinary dark suit like Donald Trump but this time it was like,

The red dress did not work......Tch! Tch! Tch!

How about white dress it works when nothing works......:-)

Yes! It suits the occasion......


When it came to the debate, which has come a long way from The Bait....

Good thing family members on both sides were kept in the background.

One question about Bill Clinton and his philandering was not answered by her rather she pointed at Donald Trump and his scores of lady fans trying to get some cheap 10 minute fame.

Overall after quite sometime a close to normal debate and lot of that credit goes to moderator, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the 17 Intelligence agencies, they would never relinquish their power for some civilian, so they will keep searching for some Hillary every now and then. :-)

Bottom Line:

Like many seniors in U S A believe that Donald Trump can be educated but Hillary Clinton can not be educated because she had been on the hill too long.

Donald Trump has some original ideas, and thoughts, they are not perfect but they can be upgraded with more information and knowledge, and on the other hand Hillary Clinton has all borrowed ideas, so she struggles to answer every question, this is the big difference, otherwise both are LEO's :-)

"Lets us make America great again", this has been Donald Trumps main campaign line, and Hillary Clinton could not come with her one liner all this time and all she did is tried to run around his one liner, like sometimes it was, Oh! we don't have to make America great again, we will make it whole again, then sometimes it was American is already great, even yesterday in the conclusion she was hanging with his one liner and she could not come up with her original one liner, this is the big difference in original ideas and borrowed or stolen ideas.

Another big difference in attitude:

Hillary Clinton's attitude right from the beginning and even yesterday has been, "How to pull Donald Trump down", and Donald Trump on the other hand has been like, "How Can I go up", 

And this is the only reason why he could clinch the nomination from 16 other contenders whose attitude also was somewhat similar to Hillary Clinton.

Yes Donald Trump needs to be educated about the Gun violence in U S A, Hillary understands this but it appears even that she borrowed it.

So thankfully people could get to see some real issues and how both of them answered, now it is up to the people of U S A what they want, a new thinking in form of Donald Trump or same old same old like another 4 years of Obama, but one point Hillary Clinton made I agree with it, whatever Obama has done he is not getting credit for it, and it might take a while before people will realize what he has done in these 8 years, they might appear like nothing but I know, it is difficult to express in words.



I am surprised how people are impressed if you flatter them with the way they live, I am not impressed If people follow me blindly, or ape my mannerisms, or my ideas, or flatter me, or even execute my ideas borrowed or stolen, :-) because I think as long as a good thing happens it does not matter who executes it, I don't feel bad If they are stolen from me, because I believe in multiple ideas and not just one or two, :-)

And I am also not perturbed by over anxious drama lot of people put up, like running the corridor up and down etc. I always try to see the end result. :-)

And the purpose of life is way bigger then just living on this Earth, or spending your time on this Earth where no one is free from troubles, :-)

When it comes to ideas, I don't have to hire Algerians and make them sit with electronic devices all night and record every thought and analyze them and pass them to your people, :-)) I am an ocean of ideas. :-)

In one sitting I was able to plan 300 experiments so there is no worry If one or two are stolen or borrowed. :-)  and to reach at particular point there are millions of ways, so why worry, If few old ladies try to show that it is only through them it will work or not. :-)

If I had any problem with that kind of thing I would never have left India at first place and I would have caught the feet of the first millionaire and lived like a flea on his mercy. :-) but rather I showed him few things which shook his soul and there is one more thing I have to show him that is lawlessness, because he pays lawlessness. :-)


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