Oct 1, 2016

Power struggle 2002- 2016, -Piggy, Pig, You ate like a pig.

Way back that is 12 years back I told Bitch from hell, about the Leech the demon that she was not a peer material, and I went all the way from Montreal to Markham Toronto, driving 5 hours, with my own expenditure found some place to stay for the night and dashed to the head office and demanded to see the CEO, R Keeler, this is after the Bitch from hell was screaming and shouting on telephone, when forcing the Leech the Demon as the "PEER", on me and she would not listen a word, even though I always BCC'd all my emails to her, so she knew that Leech the Demon had difficulty in understanding the difference between Qualitative and Quantitative analysis, so I went to see the CEO, I think it was Aug 2004.

Then as usual the drama started to find out who was the traitor who informed me about something, which I have no idea even today but the ladies were in deep pressure about something, so they tried to find out, they would not even say hello until they were allowed to say hello to me, and then all employees were asked to leave the head office, and the CEO and the Human resource manager Sin'd, sat in the conference room and asked me tell the reason why I was there.

I asked the Human resources manager to leave me and the CEO alone, :-)) and she left without saying a word.

The CEO with crazy smile on her face (because she was one of them mismanaging, I think she got half a million for leaving the company in mess)  heard me and handed me over to the Bitch from hell and company and they summoned Leech the Demon, so I left and stayed with a friend (who later lost his job he was working in Tor Pharma Toronto, I think its owner is Jew), the next day the Bitch from hell was getting down from her car, and I parked my car, she stood there in front of the office staring at me like If her eyes were LASERS she would burn me with them, I went past her and said, "Hi", she looked with out any response, and entered after me with her little cart and her small briefcase resting on the cart, she greeted the receptionist, and said Oh!! I like your shoes in her sloppy rather irritating accent, the receptionist was from Quebec, she didn't say anything, just murmured something, I waited in the lobby, and she went straight in to her corner office, :-)) there was one small conference room named Hut room, after Bitch from hell's last name, :-)) which basically suggested that the dark skinned CEO Keeler had no power or no say in the company she was CEO, but she drove a porches.

Leech the Demon arrived and our common supervisor, the dark skinned PhD from UK who remained in one position of a supervisor for more then 10 years  took me to the cafeteria where  Leech the Demon was making a cup of tea for herself and in her sickly and mean tone she said, Hi, How are you, I did not respond,  and then we also made a cup for ourselves and all of us went into a conference room not the Hut room, another bigger one, where Bitch from hell took the center seat, to her left was the Sin'D and I sat next to her, all the time Sin'D was pulling her small skirt with her both hands, :-)) and on the right was Leech the Demon facing me, with the expression like she has no idea, most innocent look I ever saw, :-))  followed by our common Supervisor, the dark skinned PhD from UK, who remained in one position of Supervisor for more then 10 years because of his dark skin. :-))))))))

After I set the tone of the meeting Bitch from hell was again screaming and shouting, this was an opportunity I gave her to take stock of the situation back in 2004, at my cost, and she played it against me and with in few days in August 2004 she and CEO got kicked out of the company, and I was put on probation for three months, and Leech the Demon and her Psycho friend in Quebec got all the freedom to do what ever they wanted which resulted in I loosing my top in late Nov 2004 and I was asked to leave by the Callous Lunatic Italian, the numb director, he was screaming too. :-) I have no idea why he was even working, most of the time he would sit with his legs on the table, all his life he worked in a cosmetic plant and what was he doing in Pharmaceutical, probably Bitch from hell  promised him some independent cosmetic company in exchange for all the mismanagement or cooperation. :-)). In fact our common supervisor a dark skinned PhD from UK, who remained in one position of Supervisor for more then 10 years was also a cosmetic guy, I am not sure what was he teaching Bitch from hell about. :-))

So after all that drama in that meeting someone had the audacity to ask me to drop Leech the Demon in Montreal, to which I refused and then our common supervisor, a dark skinned PhD from UK, who remained in one position of Supervisor for more then 10 years, took us for lunch to a Greek restaurant, in his car the Leech the Demon asked me, you know the what the number plate on the CEO's car mean, I looked at her absent minded, in fact I was thinking about my next course of action as I found out all were together in this mismanagement thing with the CEO and the Bitch from hell, then the Leech the Demon blurted out something like it is her Last name and her first name, etc, I don't remember what she said something like that, point is Leech the Demon knew why the CEO took that registration plate for her porches, so she wanted to show me that all were know to each other very well, and our R &D Director a Philippines lady who was not present in the screaming and shouting meeting, she came with us and she asked me what I wanted to order, we ordered Greek Salad, which we could not eat, and all that time the Leech the Demon was laughing about something and later she called her paramour Carlos on her cellphone.

Our common supervisor, a dark skinned PhD from U K who remained in one position of Supervisor for more then 10 years, bitch from hell's teacher, drove Leech to the airport after dropping me and the R&D director the lady from Philippines at head office, we stood there for few minutes and she was about to say something, the CEO parked her black Porches in her reserved parking on the left side of the entrance, and she got out, walked towards us, her skimpy black dress was showing all her assets and she came closer to me and said, I am counting on you, and she walked away into the head office with the same crazy smile on her face, then the R & D Director the lady from Philippines also walked inside after saying, we are with you, she had no clue what was going on. :-) I felt she was also an outsider, not a part of the Bitch from hell's mismanagement gang, so I took my car and drove back home to Montreal around 9 pm, and next day I went to the plant and no one discussed anything but nothing changed in their behavior the monkey business continued, except the Leech was having lot of fun with her psycho friend, she said, If I start this plant afresh he will be the first hire, :-) I said to myself wow!! really, and do what. :-)

While driving home I remembered the lady from Montreal who was QA-QC Manager, I met her when I visited Varennes Quebec in May or June 2001, she was later fired probably because she revealed to me that I was not going to be part of the company in Varennes Quebec, her gesture was like I was nothing to them, :-) when I joined on 03 Jul 2001, she was not there, on enquiry I found out she was fired, I think she barely worked for three months, her name was Sandra P something, her position was vacant for more then a year, then another Quebecoise with lot of hype, but he worked for 15 days or one month and joined some firm in Quebec city, when I went to that plant for audit I met him there, he was not very happy to see me.:-)

Bottom line: In all this unnecessary business, everyone was taking  home 40 to 50k or more, all of us put together we did not earn a dollar for the company which was paying our bread and butter.

Bitch from hell would often say, Ah! it is CEO's responsibility to get money for the salaries, who cares. :-) this women is such waste she could not do anything for the company she was operations director. :-)) I often thought why these women are so secretive, what kind of shameful deeds are they involved in that they can not do anything openly, even today they cannot reveal which political party they are with, is it so shameful to be a part of the political parties.

You ate like a pig:

After one such previous meeting our common supervisor, a dark skinned PhD from UK who remained in one position of supervisor for more then 10 years, whom the Bitch from hell called her teacher,  took us to Frenchies, a buffet in Markham, and Leech the Demon was frequently jumping the queue to pile up food particularly meatballs on her plate, so after the lunch, outside all three walking towards his car, She and him in the front and I trailing behind them, I asked lazily, how was the food, to that the Leech the Demon exclaimed, Ya! you ate like a pig.

This issue when I raised (she called me a pig) in that screaming and shouting meeting in Markham, our common supervisor, a PhD from UK who remained in one position of supervisor for more then 10 years,  refused to confirm it ever happened. :-) What a dickhead he was treated like a doormat by all these women which he confided in me when he was in Montreal, then Leech the Demon refused to join us for lunch, and that day when I went to drop him at the Montreal airport, I got a hefty 220$ traffic ticket.


And the sorry state of affairs in the so called greatest democracy of the world, and I did not expect  Lester Holt of NBC to play his own biased game in the debate....I think even journalists are scared shit less to stand against the system or establishment in west, CNN is so hillarious....tch! tch! tch!.

After seeing this debate, I think U S A looses its any right to even talk about democracy, :-)) they should get Duterte instead he is little ahead of Hillary Clinton in methods not the purpose, his purpose is good but methods are like Hillary Clinton. THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.

Imagine what she would do once she becomes the President this is the sorry state of affairs even before the elections have even begun, but one should appreciate her judgment in marrying Bill Clinton or else she would be a pathetic lawyer working against small 12 year old girl victims for her bread and butter. :-)) 

Tch! Tch! Tch!


Look how the establishment thinks, Bill Clinton as the President of U S A and while in white house he had all the fun with models and interns while his wife was busy with something we don't know, until she wiped Osama bin Laden from the face of this earth, :-) this is what her VP nominee Mr Tim Kaine said in the debate, :-) but then recently in one of the documentaries Hillary herself said she had no idea If he was alive or dead, :-))and the media is looking in to the history of Donald Trump who was responsible for many Miss universe and Miss world pageants. :-)

So what I understand is, it is ok If women dress in skimpy clothes for their career in the beauty industry but people like Donald Trump who make those happen does not behave like saints, is not ok, and at the same time a President like Bill Clinton who should be presidential and statesman like while in white house gets low with models and Interns  that is also ok. :-)) we never heard Hillary Clinton talk about her husbands philandering. :-) someone should ask her opinion and what she did to help those women who could not refuse a president of the most powerful country on this Earth.

Some establishment logic this.
08 Oct 2016, Donald Trump is a Saint compared to Bill Clinton.

I am surprised: Donald Trump surrounded by women all the time, who are ready to do anything to make a career in the beauty industry like he explained and we hear and see about them all the time, and he is the maker of such careers, did only that, trash talk about women, then he is a real saint, because it is like living in water surrounded by all kinds of fish and you dont eat them but trash talk about them, wow! that is some control on his senses. :-) 

Because living in a cave away from women and talk big like Anna Hazare is easy, because no one knows what goes  in their minds, but living among them with all the freedom and money and do only that, wow!!

Bill Clintons case is like a priest who trashed women in a temple.

Donald Trumps case is like a visitor to a bar who trash talked about women visitors. :-)

Sigmund Freud, Whose 18 volumes of Psycho Analysis which are followed by so called doctors of the mind and brain all over the world particularly in the west, painted naked painting of his own daughter, to me that is deranged mind, If that is acceptable to the western high society then Donald Trumps trash talk and Bill Clintons trashing of women should be as well acceptable.

And in a society where promiscuity is a way of life or culture and men and women get involved in sexual relations with at least 20 to 25 people before actually getting married, or have children even before they actually get married, Donald trumps trash talk is like a Saints sermon telling people how to do it, Billy Bush was all awe and learning :-))  common guys I expected some thing more startling, I have heard old women both in India and Canada talk more trash then this, :-)) Donald Trump is like a child learning to trash talk. :-))

All men talk trash about women when they are alone, mostly they brag about scoring, when I was 28 such trash talk by other men about scoring even effected me for a moment and I felt like I was doing something wrong by not doing anything in that direction, but before I got in to any thing like that I got married, actually they took me to an apartment to show me my first blue film, :-) I waited till night 11:30pm and the film would not run, so I gave up and left, next day they told me it worked around 1:00am, :-))that was nature's way of keeping me out of all that trash. :-)

Then it did not make any sense, but today it all makes so much sense.

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