Oct 1, 2016

White men and women wants just priority over your family members

My Algerian neighbour working so hard 24/7 or fighting, not for some Algerian priority, he is working for the priority of some white person, whom he has not even seen.
The fellow who makes noise stays quite in some corner of the Apartment till the kids and teh burka clad women returns and once they return he starts his noise program and continues till they stay inside the home and once they leave he stops and again sits in some corner watching.


What I have observed is most colored person when he gets an opportunity like recent example is Lester Holt instead of making best use of it and grow on it, they blow it and fall back in to their original place, this is why colored folks are always struggling in their own countries and obviously in countries where visible majority is pale skinned. :-)

If you see visible majority in west they speak just one language or may be little French or little English but they fight tooth and nail for the people who look like them, hence they are successful in every sphere of life in their country and as well as in your country, look at Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, in his own country, he has been the president of Zimbabwe for 32 years, but the white men and women from UK/Canada want priority in his country, and see his and his country's condition, and like the white men and women helping each other for even small small petty things, the remaining african countries do not or will not help him and his country because they look alike or their skin color is similar. :-)

Imagine Robert Mugabe was a white man, by now U S A, Canada, Australia, UK, Newzealand or some Europian country would have got them out of trouble and raised their per capita income to 32,000$. :-)) Finland, Swedan, or Norway would have done it. :-)) and he might as well would have been nominated for Noble prize in Economics. :-)))))

But unfortunately colored people don't think like white (Pale) folks, and blindly commit to each other just because they look similar or their skin color is same.

Best example is India: :-)) The intelligence agencies and its agents are so good in intelligence :-)),
If an Indian (brown colored, exception is Neel Nitin Mukesh, :-) Hindi Speaking) with a Canadian Passport with barcode and an Indian Visa Sticker printed and stamped by Indian High Commission Ottawa it has a picture of the applicant, :-) travels to India, and behind him follows the Canadian intelligence information that this guy is from Muscat and ask them to keep an eye on him.

Question: Indian intelligence will depend their decision on which information?.

a) The VISA Sticker printed and stamped by Indian High Commission Ottawa which has a picture,
b) Canadian Passport with barcode and picture and signature,
c) Looks and speech of the Target,
d) Facial features matching the photo on VISA Sticker and Canadian Passport with barcode,
e) They will ask for blood test, finger prints, eye color and scan and match with their records, :-)
f) They will take 500 copies of finger prints and supply them to entire world for criminal check and wait for the results, this they do for all E-Visa entries.
g) They will check his anal dimensions and match with their relatives anal dimensions,
h) They will look into his baggage and see for dollar store stuff, 
i) Information passed by Canadian/U S A/U K intelligence agencies to keep an eye on him or her or many white people posing as them might as well travel with the target to Indian cities like Delhi/Mumbai/Bengaluru/Hyderabad/Chennai/Kochi and inform the Indian intelligence agencies that he or she is most wanted. :-))

Answer:  Obviously the Indian Intelligence agencies will depend blindly on option i, ( Reason the information is provided by intelligence agencies of country where visible majority is pale skinned like Canada/U SA/U K,)  :-))) this reason is enough to lean on it 100%. :-))

This was the only reason why British Monarchy ruled India with 600 million people for 300 years, with just 1,00,000 men and women, and just one man ( M K Gandhi) has to overcome that weakness and they left.

Note:Pale skin is the highest qualification in Indian subcontinent also, not just in west. :-))

Tch! Tch! Tch!

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