Oct 14, 2016

Desperate women politics, :-) Is a debate so frightening,

The bait, Is a debate with Donald  Trump so frightening  that women are so despearate....possibly because he kicked 16 of them in the republican primaries and Hillary knows it all that she stands no chance to stand with him and debate fare and square... but it is good let the skeletons fall........:-))
So this is how desperate women play their politics, Tch! Tch! Tch!
I was thinking as a solution for this rhetoric from democrats, Donald Trump has a great defense against this madness, his own wife Melanie Trump, because she too was one such model and she was a foreigner not born in U S A, who later married him, she can tell her story how she met him, and how he treated her, and later how she got married, this will rest all the madness and we can have some good debate with some real issues.
By the way just for the sake of discussion, I was thinking, it is technically not possible for a man as bulky as Donald Trump to even move around in those air craft seats leave alone do anything with a women in the next seat with out her cooperation, In economy it is impossible to even pull your seat belt if it stuck behind you, :-) ok business class might have some room but inserting fingers in to someone's private parts, with out resistance from Air Craft staff, other people in the cabin, then he must be having some extra invisible hands, :-))
Then while he was doing all this with small hands, what was the women doing sleeping or was she heavily sedated in the business class of an Air Craft. it does not hold water. :-)) I am interested how much money was paid to her to say such a stupid thing on national TV.:-)
I know women are very desperate to have Hillary as their president, but the truth is Hillary will be more harsher President for women folks then Donald Trump, just look into her history with out any bias.
One such desperate women back from past..........now troubling D Trump,

2016.....Tch! Tch! Tch!

Long time back someone sent me this cartoon, I don't remember who but it makes lot of sense in todays world,

And the story of pale cowards: Les Miserable with Aigu, :-)

After loosing their minds completely, I guess few neurons are left, for Les Misearble cowards du Montreal du Quebec du Canada, everyting normal or any normal activity of a family man appears crazy. :-))

Like If you sleep in your couch or bed, in your home, you are crazy,
Like If you relieve ( used euphemistically) yourself in your washroom of your home, you are crazy,
Like If you brush your teeth in your washroom in your home, you are crazy,
Like If you take a shower in your washroom in your home or don't, you are crazy,
Like If you eat your breakfast, or make a cup of coffee, you are crazy,
Like If you go to your workplace, you are crazy,
Like If you do not go to work and stay home, you are double crazy,
Like If you make money, you are crazy,
Like If you do nto make money, you are doble crazy.
Like If you drive on left side or right side or middle of the road, you are crazy,
Like If you go to drop your kids at school, you are crazy,
Like you go to pick up your kids from school, you are crazy,
Like If you cook your food, you are crazy,
Like If you eat your food, you are crazy,
Like If you don't eat your food, you are crazy,
Like If you wash your dirty dishes in your kitchen sink with your soap, you are crazy,
Like If you do not wash your dirty dishes in your kitchen sink, you are still crazy.
Like If you watch TV, you are crazy,
Like If you don't watch TV, you are crazy,
Like If you cut your hair, you are crazy,
Like If you clean your home, Vacuum, wash, sweep, you are crazy,
Like If you throw garbage, recyclables, you are crazy,
Like If you visit any social media, like blogging, Facebook, Twitter, you are crazy,
Like If you support Hillary Clinton, you are crazy,
Like If you don't support Hillary clinton, you are crazy,
Like If you do anything normal, any normal activity, for them you are crazy,


If you waste you time criss crossing on busy roads in a black car, even though you might not have any business on that street,
If you waste your time watching a sleeping man, or relieving man, showering man, eating man, 24/7,
If you make noise for every dialogue spoken on neighbours TV or every normal activity, :-)
If you wear Burqua even thogh you might not be a muslim, :-)
If you run tap water for days, months and years,
If you play stupid small small games, :-) this is funny even grown ups are forced to do them, :-)
If you scream and shout for no reason,
If you blindly and in a crazy way debate on a stupid point for hours on CNN/BBC/CBC Tv,
If you appreciate anything said by the deranged women,
If you dress in dark blue, red, orange, black, or any other gaudy colors, like the flags of Democratic and Republican party. :-)) take a look at CNN/BBC and other TV Channels, :-)

and there are more such meaningless and unproductive, things which are considered sane today....:-)

The real problem:

The real problem of Les Misearable (Pale cowards) is they are lost completely and they have no clue where I am playing, so they are not leaving any stone unturned, which means they are processing tons of hay, but htey are not getting any handle, but they have realized it changed, yes indeed it changed long time back, in 2015, :-)

So now the challenge for the Les Misearable is find where I am playing, this is way above their league adn reach. :-))

Electronic toys cannot reach there. :-))

Best of luck.

Suggestion for Les Miserable with Aigu, :-) du Montreal du Quebec du Canada du America, :-)

Play this game you will never loose,

Claim that after 7 am there will be day light and
Claim that after 7 pm there will be night darkness, :-)

So Hillarious, you will never loose this game. :-)

And my neighbour Algerian:

The coward in his apartment is some time running water in the bathtub with a whistling noise, sometimes running empty washing machine, sometime throwing things on the floor, sometimes, asking kids to jump and run the apartment, I know some one is very frustrated adn falling apart, but then one should not bite more then they can chew.

There is a possibility one can choke to death. :-)

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