Nov 9, 2016

2016, U S A Elections results and some interesting facts.

So once again Hillary Clinton falls with her own mistakes and her badly designed campaign, which always showed that they are more concerned about Donald Trump then what she can do for U S A, basically we always heard Donald Donald Donald from both sides. :-))

And Deception was her Mantra, :-) and Deception never works, it might bring in some short term benefits but long term, never, don't believe me ask the LES MISERABLE COWARDS DU MONTREAL DU QUEBEC DU CANADA. :-) they know it very well. :-) they have learned the hardest way possible, few more neurons are left.

They plan something in the morning and fail in the evening, this they have been repeating for the last 15 years as far as my knowledge is concerned. :-)  but they don't learn, in fact they try very hard to teach this technique of loosing to countries like India and Pakistan. :-))

YES! you guessed it right they are mostly women, :-) one such women, Bitch from hell, it seems promised Hillary Clinton that she will make her President, WOW!! and this promise it seems she made not because she is extremely talented, Naaaaa! she could not do a thing in a very small scale pharmaceutical plant with no product, no sales and no research, only monkey business, and If you see carefully in Hillary Clinton's campaign with open mind and open eyes, not like paid correspondents of CNN/BBC/CBC TV, like a scientist, you would see her campaign was based on mischief and only mischief.

So which means right from the day one her chances of getting anywhere near white house was very remote and she made it more difficult with her negative approach.

Like I said, no matter how many times you change your time of birth, you will get only what you deserve. :-)  I know it must be very hard for her to digest the fact that Donald Trump with no experience in politics won hands down, it is not because he ran a very exceptional campaign, of course he worked double harder then her for obvious reasons and good thing he did not give up or depended on cowards for turning things around  for him. :-))

                                                        TRUTH CAN STAND ALONE. :-)

They keep proving it over and over again. :-)

Factors responsible for her failure. (I am not paid it is all free service)

1) Deceptive mentality, we are living in a social media world where people express openly with out any reason, and few women from past are still living in some lost world.

2) Too much dependence on cowards ( Manipulative agents who belong to none) :-)

3) Her Sun in Libra, which is debilitated, and Her Sun Maha Dasha,

4) His Strong Sun in 10th house, and  Jupiter Maha Dasha, with 9th House dhristi on his 10th house.

( It is like Feather weight Sun of Hillary Clinton pitted with Heavy weight Sun of Donald Trump and then Jupiter dasha triggered in 2016 with its Antara dasha also in effect. :-) 

Bernie Sanders would have matched him in this fight brick by brick, but who will tell people with shut eyes, shut ears, and shut minds, only mouth is open, blah blah blah blah, yes they have electronics to hurt innocent people. :-) smaller the better for the pale cowards.:-))

5) Hurting innocent people, like children as proxy, this is a big factor she lost twice because of this.

6) Too many puppets and parrots working in one direction, not one was using his or her brain or knowledge, they all followed some stupid women, the reason why all polls, debates fell flat on their faces.

7) "Let us make America great again", his Mantra, this nailed her campaign, instead of ignoring it, she got entangled in to it pretty badly with over confidence.

8) Women, Women, and Women, were insulted, exposed, and ridiculed openly on national TV by Hillary Clinton, she thought she was smearing Donald Trump, she forgot one simple fact, he was not some politician from some corner like Alaska, he runs 300 companies around the world, and he must be so immune to Media taunts. :-))  so here Hillary Clinton appeared like a novice with no experience with women. :-)

9) A negative picture of Donald Trump created by CNN/BBC/CBC TV, actually helped Donald Trump, people who would normally not look his way also got attentive.

10) Me! LES MISERABLE COWARDS DU MONTREAL DU QUEBEC DU CANADA, were too much focused on me and my personal life, my earnings, my Income Tax, then Hillary Clinton, :-) even after the elections it is same they are still focused on me, :-) I have yet to figure out WHY so much focus on me, what is at stake. :-)

11) The game plan of cowards helping the establishment, back fired, I think the cowards planned that all states will be equally divided between Hillary and Donald Trump and suddenly they will release California 55 electoral votes in favour of Hillary, she will be catapulted to a number above 270.:-) but it seems their focus was too much in that area while Donald Trump pulled all key states one by one under his carpet.

I am surprised, they could count California in a jiffy, CNN did not even show California once with some countring, they just announced 55 for Hillary,(again DECEPTION failed) , while they took 7 hours to count New Hampshire, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pannslyvania. :-)

But any way:


So I remember a poem from my kinder garden. :-)






Does it mean she will be tried and put behind bars for national security, like Mr Trump said or he will go back to his old friendship and take the advice of cowards and burry the hatchet.

People were put in Guantanamo bay for tress passing, but this was a national security issue, who knows ISIS might have all her emails, why they (Terrorists) were so up to date, the Hay processors never caught them, maybe she was informing them...anything is possible, where there is money anything and everything is possible, and please see that bitch from hell also goes with her. :-)

Actually Hillary Clinton should not feel bad, three times is a charm, she can try next time in 2024, Sarah Palin will not contest, how many times her husband will get into an accident :-) or any other women of substance will not contest from any parties, even Bernie will not be there, Donald Trump has already won, only she and her guide, :-)) can run alone, will they still win. :-))

But make sure, you get rid of Chief Political Correspondent Gloria from CNN, she and her friend Paul were responsible for she and her campaign team not getting the real picture.

And please both DONALD TRUMP and HILLARY CLINTON  should not forget our neighbours the Algerians, Cameroonians, etc. who worked very hard, but it is very difficult to tell from whose side or on whose side they are, but they and their entire families worked very hard, particularly on debate days.

So much preparation, mischief, blaming, allegations, false witnesses, noise, games, pain, arthritis, sore lips, insomania, traffic jams, garbage, condoms, flood lighting from summit school, useless people, puppets, parrots, bitches, drama, drama, drama  and drama and the

END RESULT: Mr Donald Trump is 45th President of U S A. Congratulations!!

AND you know Mr Donald Trump gave U S A its first women manager Ms K CONMAN of any presidential campaign in the history of USA.


Mrs Shrimavo Bhandarnaika, Head of Sri Lanka, 1960 till 2000, (First women head of the state in the world).

Mrs Indira Gandhi, 1966 till 1984, Prime Minister of India,

Mrs Corazon Aquino, 1986 to 1992, Head of Phillipines.

Mrs Benajit Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan,1988 to 1996,

Ms Sui Kyi in Burma is in a way heading the state,


U S A:  K Conman: First women campaign Manager of presidential race.

UK: Margaret Thatcher: PM of England, 1979 to 1990.

CANADA: Kim Campbell,  Prime Minister of Canada, June 24 to Nov 4, 1993, :-) (5 months)

AUTRALIA:  Julia Gillard: 2010 to 2013, PM OF AUSTRALIA. (three years)
Question: Women in East are advanced (Liberated) or women in West are advanced (liberated)

Answer: Try to convince yourself.

Question: What will Hillary Clinton do now, since she lost the elections twice, :-)), everyone was aksing Donald Trump this question.

I think she should open a MAFIA ORGANIZATION named "There will be consequences", bitch from hell and Leech the demon can join her.

And then she should collect all the useless filthy cowards from Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Canada, USA, India, Pakistan  and then do what shs is good at doing, threats, blackmailing, and LES MISERABLE COWARDS DU MONTREAL DU QUEBEC DU CANADA are anyway available who are so useless, even doormats might appear useful, at least you can wipe your feet on them, and then run her, there will be consequences, mafia organization. :-))

Imagine such a women was the first President of U S A, wow!!  Mr Donald Trump knows, he tasted it in the first and second debate.

I wonder what must they be thinking when they pursue something like that.. :-))

Let us see what Mr Donald Trump will do, will he be able to do anything he said that he will do. :-))

09 NOV 2016

Algerians noise language,

Let me guess, what I understood since yesterday,

Frustration, Anger, helplessness, misery, like some one has lost his or her mind completely, and  more misery.

Fine whoever it is should change her or his course of life, the current ways are not working for her or him, and if it is the miserable cowards, then what is the problem, ??? I dont understand, cowards are expendable, doormats are more valuable, so If few of them loose their minds, that should be ok, there are many more replace them. :-)

Because the kind of activities cowards are involved in that leads to only one place, lost mind city. :-)

And I think they are OK with it because they have already made reservations in the three Summit Schools in Saint Laurent. :-)

I was thinking why there are three Summit Schools (Schools for Chromosomally challenged) in Saint Laurent and all people are white (pale skin) and they come from out of Saint Laurent, why in Saint Laurent, are Cowards hiding something from the white populations also.

These pale miserable cowards dont belong to anybody.
11 NOV 2016,

Algerians noise language.

Frustration, Misery, helplessness, and same thing I have seen and heard for the last 15 years,nothing new.

Ya! Pale cowards have lot of trust in Algerians, what ever is the reason, are they helping them anyway in middle east to carry out their hillarious terrorists programs.

Time will reveal it.

Nothing new same old same old.
11 NOV 2016

The basic problem:

The real, and only problem that is bothering the folks because Donald Trump got elected, is,

Cowards (UK/Canada/USA) have no control over him, (So they will rely mostly on their electronic brain control gadgets, which have the ability to cause speech control, frequent reversals in stands, because the Coward holding the keyboard can reverse statements, :-) President of the most powerful country in the world, U S A, is controlled electronically by cowards based in Canada.) :-)) this is democracy in the west. :-) and they are selling this democracy to the world and only country which seems to buy it is India. :-))))))))).

Donald Trumps business is not like my business, 100 clients and 25,000$, where cowards can go and control them with money, threats and medical problems, which in way controls my business and my income, so cowards have been controlling my income for the past 12 years and kept my income way less then lower wage, 10:50$ per hour.

But with Donald Trump it is not possible for the Cowards to control his multi billion US $ business, and he was rubbed in a very wrong way by the Washington DemocraticRepublican Establishment, Media, and other influencial people from both sides, left and right.

Now right has no choice but to tag along Donald Trump but left must be in real situation, :-)

Whatever, one thing which is very important to me and this world is by electing Donald Trump we have defeated the evil or negative forces planning for third world war, so now with Donald Trump, those forces will have to take back seat and stay frustrated. :-))

And now the terrorist drama rum by hillarious groups from USA/Canada/UK/France will have to change their plans with their puppet terrorist groups like ISIS etc. etc.

So defeating Hillary Clinton was very important for the safety of the world and I think we have saved the world from much hate and unnecessary troubles. at least for four years.

Have a nice weekend. Bon Fin De Semaine.
12 NOV 2016.

Algerian Noise Language,

Well like every weekend, Algerians spoiled my mood with their early morning daily commotion.

And it seems the loosers are again blaming each other for their loss. :-)

I am surprised at the argument of people who voted for Hillary Clinton,

Their argument is : Hillary was supposed to win, how come Donald Trump won,? :-)))))))

which raises a question that did someone tell them that Hillary Clinton is bound to win 100%, who are those people who told them. :-))

WOW!!  Hillary Clinton was supposed to win, someone should ask them WHY?? :-)

And irresponsible media (CNN/BBC/CBC TV and other channels) continues to telecast every non sense, except the responsible 4th estate is supposed to telecast. :-) it seems any garbage is telecasted as long as it is against Donald Trump.

This is how it looks now.

So based on this model, yes the question looks appropriate, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win??.



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