Nov 24, 2016

Elections USA 2016-Backlash

It seems the people who thought Hillary Clinton would win hands down given to all the negative propaganda by Media (CNN/BBC/CBC TV) and government sectors, even cartoons were 90% against Donald Trumps, Satire TV shows 100% against Donald Trump, :-) but now everything is over and it seems Donald Trump is slowly turning USA into USA Inc. :-) even though the feeling still exists that Hillary Clinton should have won, :-) I am not sure how she earned that entitlement. :-)

I think If California and Virginia votes are recounted he might get close to 340 electoral votes.

And one thing very sad is Blacks, Latinos and Asians were/are on the wrong side like always, :-))

My neighbour Algerian is still very upset due to Hillary Clintons loss. :-)) I am not sure what connection they have in common.

May be he wants bombing in his country or more interferance in his home country.

Democrats should understand that Hillary Clintons chapter was over in 2008 itself, when Obama from out of the blue took the nomination, that should have been the clear indication that Hillary stood no chance to enter white house. :-)

What will a misdirected Algerian do to change that, noise does not change anything. :-) If it had any impact on how we think and act then les misearable cowards have been making noise for the last 12 years from Algerians apartment. :-))

But wishful thinking is also something that keeps people hopeful and yes one should not loose hope, because already our lives in the west are under the control of mesearable cowards electronic gadgets and on top of that If you loose hope then there is no hope. :-))


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