Nov 3, 2016

I don't think like that, this is white man's thinking.

Someone is very frustrated in the power circles, :-) and this person wants to show me that she is above law, :-) that is only possible for her because Law and Order is being taken care by puppet cowards, :-)

It is very important to know how to use power.:-)

If you give power to  a monkey, it is like giving a flower to a monkey, it will wipe its ass with it.

If you give power to a dog, it will not stop wagging its tail, even if it sits on a throne.

And it seems that frustrated individual is still living in 2003-2004, someone take a base ball bat and hit it hard on her head, and tell her this is 2016. :-))))

Past few years everywhere there were Martins, Martins, Martins, now every where it is Ruth Ruth Ruth, by the way Ruth is first name of Bitch from Hell, but she prefers Bitch from hell.. :-)) Tch! Tch! Tch! look at her plight, not the proxy, the real one, the Bitch from hell,:-) at 75 she has to use a proxy to convince me (I am 50) that she is a people's person, :-)) nothing can be more pathetic then this, particularly when I know her inside out. :-)) well some poor puppet coward is trying very hard. :-) Les Miserable!!!

One of my client bought a ticket from me her name was Ruth, she runs a yoga center, nothing unusual about her.

Then there is this TV Ad, which says, Ruth has recipe for every thing, :-) then what is the problem??

In Indian Beau Village (Restaurent which is selling left overs as take out, and chicken appeared like a small bird may be a Sea gull and Biryani was made out of raw chilly powder. ) there was this painting, which is signed Ruth.

I went to my Landlord, and there was a Ruth who finished the meeting in a jiffy and signed it, blah blah blah, blah.....not with me, with some Spanish meeting was with a Muslim women, she first forgot that there was a meeting and then she was in a hurry, it was her office who gave me the appointment, :-) then after my persistence she heard me, but she acted promptly, and I am surprised at her prompt action, but after I met her, when I came back home I found a message in our voicemail, which read, we are waiting for you, you never appeared. :-)

Ok let me guess the message was for me by some political party or some coward, then they should also leave an address or a telephone number, how would I know where I was expected. :-))

Then I was surprised, in Saint Laurent, Quebec, how she could act, which did not happen in past 12 years, :-) where even Policemen (women) don't act or work, today a policeman was sleeping in his car on Rue Grenet/Tasse at 3:20 pm, while a red car from Rue Thimens jumped red light almost hit my car, I honked the horn, the Police man was in deep sleep, it is called Samadhi. :-) hope at least they get some spiritual benefit.

We have a new person in our small Travel Agency, Ruth, she is also trying very hard to show that she is a people's person. :-) But I still fail to understand, why all this drama in front of me, :-)) I am not easily flattered, it would take 100 years of such relentless endeavour, but white men (women) wants every thing in a jiffy when it comes to their benefit, white men (women) should understand visible minorities in USA, CANADA, UK, Europe etc. have been waiting for more then 100 years for their basic rights to be respected by the visible majority. :-))

I think someone thinks that If you have problem with one Ruth, then you should hate all Ruth's. :-)

I don't think like that, this is white man (women)'s thinking.

Just because one Algerian is stupid, it does not mean all Algerians are stupid, but most are otherwise they would not let their countries being torn apart by white men and women.

Just because one Muslim from Middle east is stupid all Muslims are not stupid, but most are because the way their countries are torn apart by the west or NATO, it is only possible if they are stupid.

Or If one Sardarji is greedy and stupid, it does not mean all Sardarji's are stupid and greedy.

Or If one Asian or Chinese or Pakistani or a Muslim misbehaves all are to be hated.

Again I don't think like that, this is a white man (women's) thinking particularly Les Miserable du Montreal Du Quebec Du Canada. :-))

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