Nov 14, 2016

It is all about control- I via Blackmailing

So after observing the pale cowards nerve center, yes, my neighbour, the Algerians apartment, I conclude that all this monkey business has nothing to do with any political party or politician, it has to do with some outfit in Montreal, I call them cowards.


This weekend it was all left, right, left , right, left, right, left, right and then few electronic kisses also, (Sharp pointed itch on your cheeks) sometimes left and sometimes right, that's all, right now the coward in this apartment is pacing from one end of the apartment to another apartment as I type, what ever it means, I have no clue.

So only conclusion I can draw is the Narcissistic cowards have lost their minds completely, so all that is being produced from that f'ed up brain is mixed noises.

Now he is running water in the bath tub, this is 1:36 pm in afternoon, I am home, doing nothing, just waiting for some calls, If they call they ask for a price and then they change this and that, and then they make me wait for few days, :-) and they vanish with out a trace, not just ordinary folks, but even University professors are doing, all under the spell of Narcissistic mindless and brainless cowards influence.

Yesterday we were watching a Amitabh Bachhan Movie, Pink, and in this movie it is highlighted why women do not support women, and why men end up taking advantage of women, while we were watching this movie, the coward in my neighbours apartment was very disturbed for 15 minutes, he kept throwing things every where and then left. :-)

Then I was thinking, when Sonia Gandhi was heading the Cong-I government and Shiela Dixit was CM of Delhi, there were too many and too frequent rapes in Delhi and all over the world India was highlighted as rape capital, now ever since Mr Modi in Center and Mr Kejriwal is CM of Delhi, rapes are not happening, like I said where ever and when ever a women is a head under her only women suffer. :-)

Hillary Clinton also lost because of these two women, One was directly responsible and the other indirectly responsible.

The one who was directly responsible had some 25,000$ hidden in Luxembourg. :-) and more in Mexico and Switzerland, I guess all black. :-) and she is indirectly responsible for discontinuation of 500 and 1000 Rs denominations in India by Mr Modi, :-) because I brought Rs 22,000 (440$) from my pension account in 2015, all were Rs 500, denominations and the network of cowards must be having a recorded video about this in India, taken by Indian brown cowards, :-) I was counting  22,000 Rs in my mother's bedroom directly under the electronic gadget in her home on 20 Nov 2016, that is when my mother passed away. :-) ( I think this would not be enough to blackmail me) :-)))

OK, Let me bring the cat out of the bag, whatever since 17 March, 2001, was created, circulated and distributed by everyone involved in India, Canada, USA, and may be UK, :-)) all this was created by one man, his name is Dr K Srinivas, a Veterinarian, reason is jealousy, he wanted to take my place in Indian Immunologicals Ltd, in Hyderabad, India, because he was doing nothing and was given a lame small one room lab with almost no work but he was paid more then me and was promoted and transferred from Ooty to Hyderabad a year before I joined IIL in 1995 and here after a lot of hard work I had created a small kingdom of mine and I was in the limelight, he just wanted to take my place and rule that kingdom created by me, and at the same time transfer me to Ooty Plant, but after lot of lobbying by him and his boss (Dr. K Anand Rao Vet, this guy visited Pfizer in Toronto in 2001 along with another Vet Dr Kamraj, I think the one on Birchmount road, which leads directly to Markham where our company headquarter was and they together dropped a letter in Markham office with all that Bitch from hell and her pets are looking for.) :-) it was a mischief, and Dr K Srinivas  could not take my place and meantime I left India in Mar 2001, even after I left he could not take that place. :-)), he and his boss got kicked out of IIL and they both joined National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India, and later I came to know that Dr K Srinivas was brought back to IIL by Indian Brown cowards as a spy, That's all so he took vengeance for his pathetic life, I did not give much thought to it then, because I was leaving India and I though west is more pragmatic, but unfortunately I found west more narrow minded then Indians, :-) Particularly the old pale women.  Tch! Tch! Tch! and now The west is stuck in Algerians arse. :-))

And given the condition of Narcissistic pale cowards mind and the two Narcissistic sisters mind, it is very difficult for them to get out of Algerians Arse. :-))

Homeless black Man,

A homeless black man has been visiting the Christmas Tree next to my apartment and using it as his urinating spot while smoking, :-)  I guess even this is some game for Hillary Clinton or Bitch from hell, or just another coward with deranged mind.

This is apart from broken bottles, Cigarettes butts, Condoms, being thrown near my apartment,

Today I saw him with his three other smokers, one women, :-)) He is not a homeless man, he is one of the School bus drivers for Summit School on Rue Grenet. :-))  He said sorry again, but he was upset that I did not listen to him why he had to pee on the christmas tree, :-))))) 

Hillary Clinton should have prepared little more, :-) and not loose her election, because with such backing from current government in USA,Canada and UK, and the entire coward community in USA, Canada if she lost her election, and the media CNN/CBC/BBC and many more :-))  either Mr Donald Trump is a superman, or she is a total dud.

 Because with such backing a lamp post should have won. :-)

Now what will Algerian family do more then making some noise.
Flood lights on Summit School, Quebec, (Summits schools are for chromosomally challenged people)

For more then a month the flood lights installed on Summit School in Saint Laurent, On Rue Grenet, have been ON all night, particularly one big white flood light, though I wrote many times to the responsible people in Summit School, it seems they are helpless, the lights are automatically controlled by some people not connected with the Summit School.

These were taken by me on 19 OCT 2016, the lights are ON all night till early morning, leaving our bedrooms well lit.

This one taken 13 Nov 2016,

I am not sure why the flood lights are focused on our residential buildings, all night.

In Saint Laurent, Quebec,

Then my neighbor who is also  proxy for someone I guess Leech the demon, keeps his balcony so clean that I could not resist taking a picture.

This is not Africa, this is Saint Laurent, Quebec, where there are so many bylaws but it seems none are followed because of the two women shown above. :-)))

Rue Decelles, Near Ecole Saint Germain, Saint Laurent, Quebec.

Parking for visitors was available for 10 minutes, few slots were available, then two guys from STM changed it and now the entire right side of the Rue Decelles is reserved for two Autobus which pick up kids to Cote Vertu metro.

Otherwise the traffic during 3:00 to 3:30 pm is like this.

So when the traffic is so tight during 3:00 to 3:30 pm, then parents were given traffic tickets by watching the dash cam on wandering police cars, :-) so actually the two guys from STM solved the problem by totally removing the parking for the visitors.

I will write about the Municipal court drama in Saint Laurent in another post. :-)

Algerian the proxy:

Well the entire cowards community in Montreal is resting on the small shoulders of one Algerian, this morning he was summoned in a hurry, so he ran like a 10 year old kid, :-) it has been always like this for the past 16 years, and in reality there is nothing there, only mischief. :-)

Tch! Tch! Tch!

But all cowards in Montreal and elsewhere should know that even they are proxies, to whom they will have to figure out themselves. :-))

Newtons third Law.

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