Nov 21, 2016

It is all about control-II, via Black Mailing

It  seems it is very shameful to be a part of any political party because the way people are hiding their affiliations to the political parties, be it Liberal, Conservative, Republicans and democrats, even NDP, :-) are they involved in shameful activities that they can not reveal their political affiliations,

Then there are people who can not travel alone in a lift of a building, :-) or can not sit straight while a flight takes off, are trying to install fear in people.

When I was a 3 year old, my father was posted 2000 km away and my mother was busy with my younger siblings, one of them with dysfunctional legs and My mother had a Cesarean, and my elder brother who was 3 years senior to me was in his school, and my Maternal and Paternal Grand Mothers were nasty women, who would not let me come anywhere near them, both had there own reasons, but my elder brother was their darling grandson, so in such a situation, I would be loitering the streets alone for the entire day till evening. :-)) and this wandering alone became a habit as I grew up.

Then there are people (Bitch from hell) who are talking big now but a decade back she could not sit in a meeting with the CEO of a small scale pharmaceutical company, which had no product, no sales, and no research, :-) and she called herself bitch from hell, :-) just because she misused people for fun or for fraudulent activities. :-)

Frustration of Indian Brown Cowards:

The Indian brown cowards took all their frustration through a movie directed by Anurag Kashyap, I think the title of the movie is Raman Raghav, :-) but it is good to know they also have frustrations, :-) because It is difficult to see frustrations in earthworms. :-)

Under Cong-I Indian Brown Cowards destroyed all my relations and tried to isolate me, all that hard work was done for some Bitch from hell they don't even know her, :-) and after 5 to 6 years of hard work and success, now they are trying to find some one who can connect with me, :-) actually Indian Brown Cowards should connect with Bitch from hell (Ruth) or Leech the Demon (Dominic) because these two are responsible for all the mess, and they are experts in creating mess not only in their lives but also in other peoples lives, :-)) so If Indian Brown Cowards are looking for mess, these are the two experts they should connect with.

Freedom from foreign pressure is only possible If they disconnect from the international network of puppet cowards, or keep changing the people who connect with the foreign  puppet cowards.

To Blackmail: Bitch from and hell (Ruth) and Leech the Demon (Dominic)

One should contact the owner of the company named Oxo Chemie in Switzerland, poor fellow it seems was looted of his shares by these women and for this deceptive work Leech was paid 75000$ all black money in 2004, which she used to pay of her car. I think given the mentality of Leech the demon, she must have spent a night with the guy to loot all his shares and for that service she was paid 75000$ by Bitch from hell, though the accounts show she invested 5 millions USD in Oxo Chemie shares, the story is something else and I am not sure the WF10 ever came into the market as a remedy for Cancer and HIV.

This is something which can be used to blackmail Bitch from hell, there are more, :-) after all she is 75 years old, and all her life she had tried only short cuts to get rich, so she is book of fraud or fraudulent activities, then she repeated the same exercise with Portugal based Jaba Pharmaceuticals.

Fiscal statement reads:

8 million from Issuance of debt and 5.2 millions from license agreements raised 132 Millions, :) it makes 13.2 millions and not 132 millions. :)

But the question is who will bell the bitch from hell ?? :-))

Puppet Narcissistic cowards, :-) they can only attack week innocent people who can not retaliate. :-) that too hiding from behind the walls with their electronic devices which are everywhere, thanks to people like Bitch from hell and Leech the demons, these electronic devices are everywhere. :-)

Whatever but one thing I am very sure, does not matter how hard she tries, she will eventually end up behind the bars, because all her life she was inclined towards crime as a means of getting rich and crime never pays.

Algerian neighbour:

The coward in Algerians apartment remains quite when the Algerian family leaves the apartment and bursts in to action (Noise) when they return, :-) it seems Algerian family got stuck with the Pale Narcissistic puppet cowards so they have to let their apartment for background noise.:-)

Pale Puppet Cowards approach everyone but me, :-) I was told by Leech the Demon (Dominic Selim) in 2003 Dec,  that some people will come to see me and other employees of Dimethaid Manufacturing Inc in Varennes, and they did meet all the employees except me, and after Dec 2003, all employee's behaviour changed, they behaved like they are being watched and were scared of small small things and one of them kept an axe near his chair, but no one came to see me, :-) even today not one pale puppet coward approaches me with anything thing, :-))) everything happens in the background in Algerians apartment it is like their nerve centre.:-) or on the streets or places I visit, which is mostly monkey business. :-)

The coward (Not the Algerian family) in this apartment (No 3) and the apartment (No 5) above it, knows which channel we are watching so he increases the background noise for every dialogue spoken or said in movies or TV Serials, or Ad films, News, Documentaries, and I am surprised he does not get tired that easily, right now he is beating the kitchen floor. :-))

Basically the noise they make when ever some bad is screened on TV, I am not sure what it means, does it mean something bad is happening to someone, or something bad has happened, or will happen, to whom, there are so many parameters, like to Bitch from hell, to Leech the demon, to cowards in Canada, in India, in USA, in UK, etc. During debates between Hillary and Donald Trump, he was hyper active. but Hillary Lost her election.

But some coward should at least approach me with something, :) with whatever problem they have, :)

It has been 12 years since I left that shitty pharmaceuticals in Varennes, Quebec, but it seems the puppet cowards (Organized for Liberals) are still not done with that Minority Vs Party Quebecois politics, as claimed by Jack Parizeau, because that was the purpose of that shitty pharmaceuticals then in 2001- 2005. but now If you see, I don't work there anymore, PQ is no more in power, Jack Parizeau is also not there, Bitch from Hell-Rebecca-Dominic fraudulent team is also not there. :-)

Only thing I feel through noise is Pale Puppet Cowards from the Algerians apartment, that is all, or the stupid cris crosser, slow drivers on the streets and high ways, :-) or people who have no idea what all this is about trying to ape someone whom I might not even know. :-)) like the two Sikh guys in my office.

For sometime I thought it was about political parties but no it is all about some power struggle some where by someone for something, I have no clue. :-)
Some more from past, India  Sep 1995 to 17 Mar 2001, IIL Chapter.

As I have already touched the topic of two Vets, Dr K Srinivas and Dr Anand Rao, One created a dubious email account to connect with Bitch from hell and the other dropped a letter with filthy misinformation, and all that was swallowed with out a thought by the Bitch from hell and company, I will tell you why.

My eye caught Bitch from hell kissing an employee square on his mouth, :-) and she also saw me watching her do this, :-) so she asked for references from India after the appointment letter was issued, actually I thought that was part of the culture, though I never tried. :-)) but before she kissed that employee there was another women who also did it, I could not see her face, may be it was Sin'D Carter. :-))  this caused some uneasiness in her behaviour every time she came across me, she must have thought I might consider her a loose sexual canon, :-) a

Pigeons in my apartment in Toronto,

Then there was this situation, when she called me my home in 2001 after 19 May, I was breathing so heavy, she asked me, what I was doing, I told her cleaning pigeons crap, but since she knew that my wife and daughter had just arrived, :-) she might have thought, you know womens mind, but actually, the apartment I took from another Telugu guy who was moving to Guelph Ontario, belonged to a Telugu guy Mr Gopala Rao, who purchased a home and allowed new immigrants to take this apartment but had to pay the full rent (850$) to the landlord directly, so he was doing a social service, I could never thank him for that, and many people lived in this apartment on Kennedy mostly for short terms, Scarborough, Ontario, but no one ever bothered to open the balcony of the apartment on 7th floor, and the balcony for more then a decade was taken over by the pigeons, and the balcony had two feets of pigeon crap, I lived only two months in that apartment and I can't stand dirt or crap, my wife requested to clean it, so I cleaned it, washed it and made it useful again, I think 30 to 35 shopping bags of pigeon crap was lifted and thrown in the garbage shoot, it is then she called me, I was all out of any lung power and breathing very heavy. :-))

So the story of Vets from IIL, India.

Dr K Srinivas, his work place was not in good stature, though he was promoted year before, in his home his wife could not bear a child, so they have to resort to artificial insemination, :-) and then during regular medical checkups by the IIL, he was found to have Hepatitis C, which made him unfit for Immunological :-) and I had no such issues, :-) and he lived in the quarter diagonally opposite to mine, many times he spoke with my father-in-law also I never asked either of them what was it about. :-) but Dr Srinivas would run towards him and talk with him. :-)

Dr Anand Rao, though he was around 45 in 2001, but was treated like a doormat by his boss Dr Srinivasan, PhD in Vet, :-) so in year 2000 when Dr Anand Rao visited USA, :-) he took his bio data and circled around statue of liberty to find a job, :-)) someone told him to so for a job in USA, he wanted to run away from that situation he was in so badly, and when he returned from USA, he was taken to task by his boss for being a dud in USA as well, :-) so he was given a final task, his job was to pull me down before I would stand first again in the yearly assessment, I was standing first since 1997 till 2000, which was not liked by the Vet community, they wanted a Vet to stand first, :-) and in 2001 even before Dr Anand Rao could pull me down, I got my landing papers on 01 Jan 2001 for Canada, :-) OK, standing with above 90% for more then 3 years was a requirement to get promoted, and I did, then they changed the rule, and said from now the rule applies, I again did, they changed the rule again, :-) basically they dit not wanted me to get promoted as there were seniors.

So Dr Anand Rao paid the heavy price for not able to pull me down, Dr Srinivasan was blamed by the CEO team in the head office for loosing genius like me, :-)) so Dr Srinivasan has to kick somewhere and he kicked Dr Anand Rao.

Little more in Dr Srinivasan PhD, past.

He joined IIL as QC Asst Manager, and created lot of problems for the GM, what he would do is reject safety tests of vaccines, because he found little dung on the walls, :-)) each safety test required 17 cattle, that costs money and If for every batch of vaccine produced safety test is repeated, you can imagine the cost, so the GM was kicked out of the company for high costs by the top boss, and he was replaced by Dr Srinivasan as new GM, the top boss was Mr Barua a London bred brat, Mr Barua wrote in Dr Srinivasan's PR that he lacks administrative skills, so he could not become CEO, when Mr Barua left IIL in 1996, the year after I joined, :-) he put a young IIT educated from Tata group as CEO.

Bala Subramanium was a rascal in his own rights, :-) he tried to exploit all those employees who were not happy with Dr Srinivasan style of functioning, so the tiff between the old school and new geeks, I got stuck between them, :-) my style. ;)

Frustrated Dr Srinivasan, who had three or four brothers in USA, could not go to USA, because his education is not recognized by USA, he could not become CEO, Barua spoiled it, He had a daughter who had a tumour in her brain, and he had a wife who wanted to be a high flying socialite, so frustrated Dr Srinivasan created a system to avoid someone replacing him, minimum 7 year strict promotion policy irrespective of performance, and most peoples probation was extended over and over again, but he kept close relation with toppest boss, Ms Patel of NDDB, that saved him from problems, and worked as brakes for Bala Subramanium and his team of geeks, who wanted to occupy IIL.

And here I was who made Dr Srinivasan so impressed with my work that even he wanted to promote me after my probation of 1 year, so he called old boys who were hanging with thin threads for years with out any promotion or growth and in front of them he quipped, little more effort and I would promote you, while giving me my probation confirmation on time, this is in a situation where everyone else had their probation's extended repeatedly, but I felt that actually he was telling the old boys what are you doing, how come he is able to even work here, do something about it or I will promote him and he might surpass you guys, and the old boys worked over time on me and the promotion never came in 6 years.

In 1997, The new team of Bala Subramanium offered a post in international marketing for internal candidates with promotion, I wrote the exam, then interview followed, and I was selected, my name was listed on the notice board, :-) the promotion was in my hands because it was already listed, and many started to literally cry and Dr Srinivasan threw his spanner and the Bala Subramanium team back tracked and refused to give me the promotion, again, and offered 5 increments instead, which I refused and I remained in QC under Dr Srinivasan, :-) so you can imagine, :-) I have done these kinds of things many many times, but the bloody promotion never came to me in 16 years of my pharmaceutical career.

As a result of this mess, the negotiating Personal Manager had to leave IIL,:-) another frustrated man, his Canadian immigration application was refused because his 4 year old son was handicapped, he left with heavy heart and joined coca cola and suggested that for me only Canada is the right place. :-)) he did not visit Canada so he had no idea. ;-)

So now I was faced with a situation where Dr Srinivasan and his team of managers and officers stood against me, it was kind of open non cooperation, and they saw me as a traitor, who dared to cross, :-) and Bala Subramanium and his team except one, saw me as an opportunity, :-)

I regained back my position and kicked ass because that was the only option, and reached again for promotion, this time both sides were against me, and  I was also the general secretary of the employees club in 1999, actually this was given to me to tarnish my image, because they knew that in my work I would not give them a single opportunity, but they had no idea, I made Dr Srinivasan praise me all around the company for my work in office and in the club on 31 Dec 1999, so things once again were looking up but Dr Anand Rao, Dr Srinivas, and many more all Senior to me by years were continuously attacking at every opportunity to which he again succumbed, and he wanted me to join his team of puppets who were treated by him like doormats, I refused to be a puppet so I ruled my little kingdom with hyenas all around me looking for an opportunity to pull me down, (but most  lower cadre employees in all departments loved it, they were all with me).

Then came a new factory manager, and Dr Srinivasan and his team prepared him for me, they told him I was the only hurdle towards a comfortable life ever after, :-)), he did not tell me others did, one of them K Rama Rao said, it is only days, we don't have to do anything, the factory manager will take care of him now, and from the day one he started attacking me, but he was an experienced man in his late 50's, it took him few weeks to realize that it was me who was on the right track and not them, because I never played politics with my work, my company and my employees, so he joined me and we together kicked ass, :-) K Rama Rao was having nightmares about me kicking his ass, it was a joke making rounds about him and me, people would ask me, one more kick and he will be out of the campus, but I always kept my humility, he was 15 years senior to me and I gave him all the help he needed but he was working for the MD of my first company, which means he was paid for his services, that is another interesting story, whatever, it was only for a year or two but the two sides pulled the factory manager down using Ms Patel of NDDB, I left for Canada in Mar 2001, he left a week later.

(Thank goodness there were no women directly involved), there was one indirectly involved who worked with Dr Srinivas, she was also a Vet Dr Sheela, she left for USA in 2000 as her family lived there, and her probation was also extended due to poor performance, this women did not like, me hosting a 1st birthday party of my first daughter in a hotel in Dec 1996, :-) thought my probation was cleared on time before the party in Sep 1996, still she felt I was doing it to gain influence and she did not join the party, so did Dr Srinivasan, and Dr Anand Rao. :-)

I donated blood to a baby relative of Dr Anand Rao when he asked for help, :-) she did well after the surgery, :-) then I donated blood to another rascals wife when she needed blood, :-) people asked for my blood as reference, because my blood was considered very clean with out any toxins etc.:-)

So when I left India, there were lot of folks who wanted revenge for many flimsy reasons , mostly because they got kicked back in their political games, and stupid Bitch from hell provided that opportunity to every asshole in India to take their revenge and they used Canadian pale cowards indirectly. :-)

Bitch from hell asked for Indian references after she checked Canadian references, (who were later used by Bitch from hell to spy on me,) :-)), and gave me the signed appointment letter, so I had to give Dr Srinivasan's name, and MD of my first company, Mundala M Reddy, another rich asshole who worked for 5 years after I left his company, to pull me down in IIL through K Rama Rao-Saidappa, was also waiting for an opportunity to take revenge. :-)

His story sometime else.:-)) i.e. June 1990 to 1995 Sep. Virchows Chapter, India, this has more filmy happenings, :-) when I joined IIL I was already experienced to deal with assholes, :-) I learned in Virchows. :-))

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