Nov 2, 2016

Why is the WORLD so boring- Asked my little daughter

On 31 Oct 2016 night while taking my younger daughter (13) for her Halloween, Trick or Treating like every single year since she was three, we were half way finished, suddenly she quipped, there should be more festivals, this world is so boring, I agreed and said, she was right, this world in fact is so boring, I didn't want to dampen her Halloween spirits by saying few old women were responsible for this sorry state of our world. :-)

And where ever she met a old women she got just one candy. :-))

And the major cause has been the white man (women) who has turned this world in to a one way traffic packed with his (her) greed. :-)

If you hand over your world to the white man, he (she) will turn it into Aleppo, because it feeds his (her) hunger for carnage, indirectly it is feeding the Satan. (The dark invisible force which takes over your mind, If you make your mind eligible) :-)

The white man/women are fighting tooth and nail, well not directly, :-) advantage they suffer from inbuilt cowardice, :-)) they look for people who can carry out the dirty work for them, like now the Algerian family in my neighbouring apartment are carrying out whatever they want for few more dollars. :-) and they hide behind their small small children.

Interesting thing this week was from Indian home minister who was screaming that proxy war is not acceptable and India will not buckle under International proxy pressure, :-) I was surprised, the BJP is catching up with current affairs and I did not expect this from them so soon, in two years they are getting it that India like any other country is not run by the elected political party, it is run by the network of intelligence agencies, and the elected folks have been giving them more and more and more powers and money and loosing their control over their own country.

The same India which was so enthusiastic few years back (2008-2012) when they as proxy were leading, because of their white master, so it was all well, now since their white master is loosing in the proxy war, they are worried, so making noise.

Every time I see the news that Pakistan has broken the promise and fired at Indian side killing few soldiers, it reminds me of a kid in my 4th grade, Susheel, he was also Telugu and we were in Ambala, and their family and our family lived in same building few years back in Shillong also, so I knew him, and as I joined late, so I was given a seat next to him and his tormentor a bulky dark skinned kid, Pramod, whose father was a railway diesel engine driver, and the drama was:

Pramod would slap Susheel, (Like Pakistan does every now and then with India)

Susheel: Touch me now and see what I will do,

Another slap,

Susheel: Touch me now and see what I will do with you.

Another one,

Susheel: Now, touch me... with grimace,

Another slap,

Susheel: Now, Now, Now, touch me,

Another slap,

Susheel: Now, you #$#$%$ Now,

Another slap, this continued for few hours, and I could not take it any more, my first day in a new school, I took Pramod down on the floor and pinned him down, when he made a promise not to touch Susheel again, I let him go, :-) that was when we were 10 years old.

When we left Ambala in 1977, Pramod was the only person who gave me a slab of glass paper weight made out of the windshield of the diesel engine, I kept it for few years when another bulky man with deranged mind in Agra threw it from third floor and it broke apart in to millions of pieces, but I still remember it like it happened yesterday, but that was 40 years back. :-)

Indian will have to do what I did in my 4th grade, or continue with this nuisance called Pakistan, think how one small country with so much poverty and under development and divided governments, external controls, internal strife, can take up something like this, it is like the Algerian family with 7 kids can take up some thing an ordinary family would never take up, :-) It is only possible when someone powerful is behind them. :-)

In Pakistan's case it is the west, U S A, UK and Canada and even Saudi Arabia.

In Algerians case it is the local police station, and few cowards from Liberals and Conservative party, even Democrats from U S A, :-)

Yes! thelocal police station which is working for some sick women is protecting the Algerians and asking them to make noise. :-) actually they are challengingme what I can do, :-)) because I am a common man, :-) Iunderstand one simple thing when someone's end is near they end up like this, it is called Vinasha Kaale Viparita Buddhi.

U S A 2016 Elections:

How does it matter who wins, the country anyway is run by the Intelligence agencies, :-) Hillary Clinton said, there are 17 of them, :-) that is little too many to handle for a country of 350 millions, I am sure no one keeps track of what they are doing and where they are doing, and how they are doing, so they do what ever they want to in the background and this little democratic drama is played out in the fore ground to satisfy the people. :-)

We did not see any change in Canada, when power was transferred by Conservatives to Liberals, or Harper left and Trudeau entered, it is same old same old, Police state.

We did not see any change in Quebec, when power was transferred by Jean Charest to Pauline Marois to Philippe Couillard, nothing changed, same old same old , Police state.

Blackmail is the only language the west or its so called democratic leaders understand, so India If you want something from the west against Pakistan, find out something about west and use it to blackmail them, WHITEMAN (WOMEN) understand only one language, BLACKMAIL. :-) but that would need some guts, :-)) A brown coward from India and guts are two separate things. :-) they can only screw themselves or their own, like they can only screw old helpless people in their late seventies and eighties.

And so called 17 intelligence agencies are busy doing this 24/7, fishing and collecting data for all future blackmails, so that they can keep their control and do what they want to do with this world turn it in to an Aleppo.

Understand it this way, when an elected Official as high as President agrees for sexual misconduct, that means he actually was stuck with something more devastating for a country then just sexual misconduct, so the agencies instead of raising it they bury it for the sake of national security and instead ask the person to accept some lessor crime like sexual misconduct. :-))

The reason why Hillary clinton has been so quite about sexual misconduct of her husband BillClinton, because she knows the truth, or she is ok with that kind of husband. :-))

The main reason why Hillary Clinton has been so desperate to take over Oval office, there were too many loose ends left dangling by Bill Clinton's presidency, which need some tiding up. :-)

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