Dec 23, 2016

Create your own system

Everyone has to create their own system to safeguard or protect their interests particularly when you are living in western countries like Canada, and what ever system I have created works only for me, meaning it helps me determine the situation for myself, so If someone thinks they can steal it and pass it on to their mean masters, :-) it does not work like that.

It is like Spirituality, it is custom made for everyone, one will have to find his or her path himself or herself, and what is available in books, guides, scriptures will take you up to certain point and after that it is your way, which means you are on your own, of course by then the spirituality itself will guide you.

So instead of wasting your time and money trying to steal other peoples ideas or systems, create your own system.

Yes! That would need some self introspection, self audit, determination, discipline, faith, and above all some divine help etc, and people who are already lost can not help you in this endeavour, :-)otherwise live your regular pathetic life stealing people's ideas, things, and money and brag. :-))

One should ask the cowards a simple question,

Why would I waste my little money (30$) to find out someone else's political future??  :-)) point to brood?? :-))

It seems cowards are trying to find an excuse why they have been running after me since I came to Montreal in 2001, :-) they should accept the fact that this is what pale skin folks do where ever they are the visible majority and the visible minority (except the paid slaves) are subjected to this kind of treatment because they can not compete, or due to their insecurity.

Now after 15 years they have found out that I am not a Muslim, :-) which must be a big setback for all those churning the terrorist drama in the middle east, :-) because being a Muslim is the first qualification, after that follows the regular radicalization program of the intelligence agencies. :-) and then the same intelligence agencies will run a propaganda how you were radicalized. :-)

And election of Donald Trump itself if a big setback for these intelligence agencies which have been running the terrorism drama in the middle east, now they came up with a new story that an Egyptian saw westerners men and women dancing on a song, "It is cold outside", and started the terrorism against the west back in 1970's, :-) and this story CNN is running with Fareed Zakaria. :-))

I f that man was in living in west he would start here and not go back and work against Nasser of Egypt, what an absurd story, and thenthe man was jailed and killed. :-)

There is no mention of Gates, Rumsfield, Dick Cheney other secretaries of defence and national security, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, George Bush senior and his role in CIA, Oil, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kuwait, OPEC, Iraq and Iran, it is only one Muslim guy who saw women in small clothes and he started all this, :-) I have never heard such a lame story then this and then the telecast was cut short. :-)

But one good point was made in this story that every religion has its fundamental or extreme side, and every scripture says kill the evil, destroy the evil, in Bible and Koran it is little more graphic, but that is the truth that evil needs to be destroyed and now it depends on your brought up and culture or country of your upbringing what evil stands for, :-)

In India evil is dark, black, huge in size, with horns, blood sucking, large hair, large breasts, large mouths, large teeth, one can say most ugly features of a person are evil, and no wonder India is the most racial country in the world, so evil is depicted as all ugly and black.

But my experience is I have seen people with most evil thoughts and deeds (Both in India and Canada and west) are the ones with pale skin, cowardly, clever, cold, no remorse, no emotions, no nothing, which more or less describes the pale folks in the west as the most evil of the all the races on this earth. :-)

I am sure they will feel proud for being called the most evil race as they already call themselves the predator race, :-) tey can add one more term, the greedy race. :-)

Black people just suffered back in the past and even now, they were and are always on the wrong side, :-) I think they can not wish for better then that, they end up wishing for pain, discomfort and slavery, don't believe me, just come out of your homes early in the morning and stand in any bus stand in Saint Laurent, Quebec, and watch black women with small kids in prams running behind buses to drop their kids in daycare centres, and then run towards their irregular jobs and work, which change every week, or go to any HRDC centres it is always them who are looking for EI, or go to Municipal courts it is them who get traffic tickets and they are challenging them now, :-) and go to any company or sweat shops in Toronto or Montreal, it is them on the floor or even below the floor.

And now the evil race is using them as proxy for their political ambitions, actually it is pale skin folks but they are using black people as proxy for some political party, Conservatives or Liberals I am not sure, :-) and I guess the plan is that even in this proxy game the black has to loose. :-) then the real people who are pale will get their rewards for running the proxy game with such perfection, and some unconcerned black people will be punished because they lost the proxy game, actually hardly any black person is a part of the inner coward circle who design these games, :-) the purpose is the pale skin has to win. :-) so that only pale skin people get all the benefits. :-)

Have  you seen the question period in Ottawa, how many black people you can see on both sides of the aisle, be it Canada, USA, or Quebec or even England, :-) but the two major parties are playing this game for quite some time Black and White or Left and Right, :-) and all those who design these games and enjoy the comforts are only pale skinned, not even brown. :-)

Then always in west be it U S A or Canada or Europe, when ever a dark skin person tries to rise above, he or  she gets tangled in all kind allegations, which clearly shows that the pale folks who man every forum of this world are insecure and cowardly. :-)

I don't expect them to do anything for anyone because they lack that ability, it is like asking the carnivore please stop eating meat, :-)) or asking the cattle please stop eating the grass, so instead of wasting your time expecting, I would suggest do something for yourself as fas as possible.