Dec 14, 2016

Beganne Ki Shaadi Mein Abdullah Diwana- and I don't understand

"Beganne Ki Shaadi Mein Abdullah Diwana", this is an old adage which means, Abdullah goes bonkers over a strangers marriage (ceremony), :-) and today as I see it, many people are feeling like such Abdullah's, and the Les Miserable Cowards du Montreal du Quebec du Canada think I am also one such Abdullah. :-)) but then why are they following me 24/7.
I think this adage became very popular after an Abdullah of Mumbai wanted to buy the "Wailing wall" or western wall of Jerusalem in 1850, :-).

The reality is no one is sure who is getting married (having ceremony) but lot of people are behaving like Abdullah in beganne ki shaadi.:-)

India as country is the biggest Abdullah in this Baganne Ki shaadi, don't believe me, watch any TV Show on any Indian Channel all are based on one game, 1, 2, 3 and 1 ,2 and 3 are sometimes blue, sometimes yellow and sometimes Red. :-) well to explain I will have to write a complete separate post on this, then there are.....

BBC/CNN/CBC TV  and then....

All my clients... who purchase Airline tickets and Travel Insurance....... now they are in total control of cowards so my business has gone down........ to cowards useless level. :-)) but for me they are just clients nothing else and If I have earned money from them they will get service no matter what, irrespective of what cowards or their mean masters think.

My neighbours from Cameroon, Algeria, Italy etc.
Maxi Cie staff and clients, and my cards, debit or credit both do not function in Maxi Cie and I always see a Police Car next to Maxi Cie whenever I visit,
Super C staff and clients,
Provigo Staff and clients,
St Germain Ecole staff and visiting parents,
Ecole Enfant Soleil Staff and visiting parents,
Walmart staff and clients,
Dollarama staff and clients,
CIBC bank, NBC bank,
Costco Staff and clients,
Canadian Tire Staff and Clients, :-)) many many more more or less where ever I go cowards make sure that the 1,2,3 game is played out does not matter who is playing, but it has to be 1, 2, 3 game and I am not sure where I figure in this game which is played 24/7 but then the cowards say I am Abdullah in the Begaane Ki Shaadi. :-))))

Then I see hundreds of these cowards all over the streets just blocking traffic, driving slow, increasing the pollution, but then I was thinking who is paying them for the gas, cars and their time, obviously it is Canadian or Quebec's government, because these are the people who keep the divided society of Canada/Quebec divided and in status quo.

And the plight of the les miserable cowards is that they are trying to find one clue which can lead them to understand the situation, after they have created such mess because of their interference in all most everything in Montreal, including Judiciary also. :-)

I am doing nothing, I am just staying in one place, I have lived in one apartment  for the last 12 years and worked in one office for the last 9 years and the cowards have been watching me 24/7 to get one clue so that they can pass it on to their mean masters, :-) though they have not left any stone unturned, so that they can help their mean masters who ever that is. :-) and see who has enjoyed the power.........

Stephen Harper took power and left office after 10 years,
Justin Trudeau took power and has already completed one year,
Narendra Modi also took power and has completed two years in office,
Obama also took power and completed his two terms in office, :-)
Donald Trump is standing at the gates of white house with his team, and might as well complete his two terms in office,

And Les Miserable Cowards du Montreal du Quebec du Canada are looking for clues in my home and my life. :-)))))) someone help them from this miserable thinking. :-)) It is not their fault all their thinking comes from a women's brain, :-) hence the misery. Tch! Tch! Tch!

My recent visit to Municipal Court of Saint Laurent for a dubious traffic ticket, I saw three women acting like Judge, Middle management and the Lawyer were actually performing racial profiling sitting in an government building with government money. :-) and a Punjabi guy (Most Punjabi guys come directly to Canada from some village in Punjab and might not have even seen the Taj Mahal) who had no clue about Indian Society as a whole, was sitting in the audience to vouch for our nationality or mother tongue, while I was repeating " we are fine with English", but like always the white women had to read and act out her script like a TV AD FILM. :-)  this behaviour has become a routine for me since a long time, I think since 2002, so I am not surprised but my wife was little surprised her first ever visit to any court in her life. :-))

But rest assured, the pale folks who think they are above law can sleep with out any qualms, because

No country on this earth can beat India in two things, being racial and in corruption, I am still trying to understand  why would someone who wants to stop corruption, stop denominations of 500 and 1000 and then immediately release denominations of 2000 Rs, :-) and now they are catching people with new denominations of 2000 Rs in millions and billions, how someone can get that many newly released currency notes in millions and billions, :-) or was it a plan to protect the top classes of Indian divided society which Modi and his team could not imagine. :-)

India should learn from Canada, how to keep people below certain class of citizenship completely free from corruption both ways give or take, only the top classes who are above law are allowed free corruption. :-)

While In India, I could never understand how few thousand of English Men and Women were able to rule India of 600 millions for 300 years, I came to Canada, I worked with pale folks in Toronto and Montreal, few from Switzerland, apart from bad behaviour there was nothing that helped me understand how few thousands of English Men and Women could rule over India for 300 years, then I joined this Travel Agency in 2008, Owner is a Sikh, self made guy after few Initial struggles which is common in Canada for all Immigrants, and a Gujarati, and another Punjabi worked as external agents along with me, no pale skin person worked here till 2015, but it is here in the absence of any pale skin person I understood how few thousands of English Men and Women could rule India of 600 millions for 300 years, :-) after working here it became so clear that why thousands, few hundreds were enough to rule India not just for 300 years in fact If they wished they could have ruled for ever, even in presence of M K Gandhi, because Mr M K Gandhi was non violent and he would just ask with folded hands, please leave our country and W Churchill was a first class English Rascal like any other pale skin person who had no value for non violence or dark skin color.

Now the daily dose of violence given or extended by BBC/CNN/CBC TV to millions of westerners is an addiction, it is like a drug :-).

It is only because of Hitler and Gandhi, who played two different tunes India got its physical independence, Hitler was playing extreme Violence on one end and Mr M K Gandhi was playing extreme non violence on the other end that confused W Churchill and the British monarchy, they could deal with only one thing at one time and violence was chosen by the British, and they left, otherwise If Hitler had not shown up, India would never have gotten independence from British, even today mentally they are still slaves to any pale skin person. :-)

One of our French colleague who recently visited India was so surprised to note that many Indians on the streets in India wanted to take picture with him and he kept telling every other french visitor to our office how Indians wanted to take pictures with him, because they behave very badly with any colored visitors, I visited Quebec City in 2001, :-) (I will tell that story some other time),  I wanted to tell him it was his pale skin color and nothing else, the Indians are so obsessed with pale skin that I have seen mothers call their kids as Goru (White) and Kalu (Black) just because they had pale and dark skin color, my  own father who was very pale before he was exposed to snake poison, he used to call us Kalurama, it was a comedy for him like Kapil Sharma Comedy show, where mostly face of person is the topic of laughter, because we all brothers and sister were brown to dark skinned including my mother. :-)

It is not the pale skin person who needs to change as far as India is concerned, it is the Indians point of view towards skin color that needs a change very seriously.

Yesterday I saw an Ad film and there was this gentleman from south India, but living in Montreal, he was asked, "what one thing you would like to change in Canada", poor fellow called himself yogapreneur could not come up with one thing he wants to change in Canada, :-) all he had to do is watch question period of the parliament. :-))))  this guy was obviously paid in that ad, like all actors of ad films are paid, so he would say what he is told or no money, it is ok. :-)

Covering the issues or problems with sheets of lies or distraction does not resolve the issues they boil to a greater degree and explode on the face with no solutions, best example is Syria.

A simple issue of ego between the wife of Syrian President Assad and British Intelligence turned Syria into a hell, with millions of people displaced, killed and lost, and Countries like Canada, U S A, and other European countries took part blindly bombing innocent civilians and now they are saying Sorry. :-) but it has been a big and long plum business for BBC. :-)

I guess push and say sorry is ok, but here it is kill, murder and say sorry which is not at all OK.

The Ball is in your court:

Either punish that one, two or three or even four despicable women, or millions of cowards (Male or females) and their families all around the globe would be punished for working for them or supporting them in their evil activities.

Punishment will be very severe!

And one might ask why the families, that is because it is Cowards policy to go after the families.

So It is cowards choice, the ball is in your court.


Options :-) running after my few dollars, :-)

Yesterday I received a link from Push Money, and for the past few weeks I have been getting many such links on my phone and I just deleted them, but this one I thought I will try and I saw the video and got registered, but while I was still registering with them I got a call from Morgan Options, a broker and he also registered me with Morgan Options, and we tried to deposit minimum 250$ but it did not work, :-)

The today I got another call from TorOption, :) I guess this is another such a borker, last time I entertained one such broker and he kept calling for days, months and then stopped. :-)

I think they should ask all the rich to invest because banks, brokers everyone is designed only for those who have money, even banks don't entertain those who have no money but the banks make more money from those who have no money. :-))

Now all banks are giving 0% interest on balance transfers but nothing for current card holders with balance, :-)

Anyway, let me see where this goes, It might end up like Legalaid, :-) the representative from Legalaid kept pressing for will, he wanted me to make a will, :-) then I had 20$ in my bank account and will for what?? then he lost hope and left, I think it was 2007 or 2008. :-)


Old Joke, :-)

Father to Son who is working in a distant land, : I am old and I can not till the land for growing potatoes this year.

Son to father:Are you crazy, don't let anyone touch that land I have you know hidden ........

Father OK!! as you wish......

Next Day....

Father to Son: Hey son someone dug up our entire land yesterday night..

Son to father: Pop!! I think you can grow your potatoes now. :-))

Coward in my neighbours apartment:

Poor coward in my neighbours apartment has been pacing up and down the apartment in hard sole shoes since yesterday, :-) someone tell him to take rest, poor fellow might loose his mind like rest of the cowards over nothing.

I think we should stop calling the organ in cowards cranium as brain, it is just a tumour. :-))

It is a tumour!

which runs after the rumour!!

It will only grow in size sooner!!!

It just a humour!!!!


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